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Noble K10 Universal Appreciation thread.

  1. Frank I
    http://headphone.guru/noble-k10-universal. For those interested here is Chris thoughts on the amazing K10 Universal.
  2. Aaranu
    Im looking at purchasing the universal k10s, anyone have anything to say about them?
  3. bangkokkid

    I am not sure if this thread has caught on yet. I would pose your question in the main thread as there are several members that do have the K10 universal.
  4. Aaranu
    I wrote here to try and encourage people to start using this tread!, but i shall also do the same, which is the main thread? 
  5. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio - The Wizard Returns!
  6. Aaranu
  7. ExiledHearts
    anyone that using Noble K10 stay in seattle? i want to hear those.. want to upgrade from fitear parterre still struggling buy 334 or k10 :frowning2:
    looking for between one of them to pair with my RWAK 120 II XD

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