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Upgrade cable for Noble K10?

  1. drewhaj
    Hey everyone, got my K10's in a month ago and need advice on a good upgrade cable to match these. I listen to mostly hard rock and metal. Need smoother, less sibilant highs and better bass as most of these recordings are poorly mastered. I'll be running it through my rsa intruder balanced. Thanks in advance!
  2. spook76
    You cannot go wrong with the copper litz from Ted Allen at Headphone Lounge. Reasonably priced, great build quality and fast build time. The copper tends to tame the highs and give better bass impact. I assume you are going balanced with your RSA Intruder.
  3. drewhaj
    I am. Thanks for the info!
  4. ojkid
    Hello All

    I would like some advise on Noble Audio Kaiser 10 Universal Aluminum K10u K10UA.

    I have just purchase a second hand pair and they have a upgrade ALO audio SXC8 cable fitted.

    My question is it better sound to go for a balanced cable (if it would fit) or stick to the SXC8 cable which is not balanced.

  5. drewhaj
    Hi ojkid,

    Always go with balanced if possible. Only downfall is you want to use the cable with multiple audio sources and only one is that type of balanced connector.
  6. Occy
    I picked up a Wagnus "Parhelion" Diamond Dust cable last year and it's exceptional! Really great quality cable. Flexible yet very durable, and I found it made a huge difference to my K10's sound quality wise.

    At the time I was debating whether to swap my Sony ZX2 for the Chord Mojo, but I much preferred the sound of ZX2/Wagnus to the standard Noble cable with Chord Mojo. Wagnus can put whatever terminations you want on it too. I had them install a balanced connector to suit the ZX2, but I've since sold the ZX2 and reterminated the cable to suit my RSA Intruder.
  7. ojkid
    Hello Drewhaj

    Thanks for the info that balanced cable would be better.

  8. ojkid
    Hello Occy

    I am going to look at balanced cables and will have a look at the Wagnus "Parhelion" Diamond Dust cable.



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