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Is it bad to jump straight into expensive customs?

  1. bobby12
    I've never owned a CIEM before. Would it be a bad idea to buy a $1000+ CIEM from the start or should I start with something smaller? I have a general idea of what I want, but not exactly since I don't have that much experience yet. I want something like like the se846 with good mids/bass, but maybe a bit warmer? Something musical and fun to listen to and isn't tiring after a while. My playlist is filled with female vocalists btw. I've been looking at the noble k10 and I've read nothing but good reviews on it so I'm leaning towards that. The UE PRM seems nice too, but it seems like too much work.
    I'll have them on like 10+ hours a day so universals aren't cutting it for me because they hurt after a few hours. I don't really like headphones either since they aren't as portable.
    Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.
  2. Ivabign
    My "playlist" is filled with female vocalists as well [​IMG]
    Seriously - so much of any response has to be based on a little more information than you have revealed. What is your audio experience? Do you have a crackin' home stereo that you are looking to equal? What is the quality of the other parts of the signal path? If you are looking to spend 1K on something to listen to 128bp mp3's on your iPod shuffle (I know some like the shuffle - I am trying to make a point - sheesh!) then you may be disappointed. What universals do you have now? Is the jump to K10's from a Skullcandy Titan? Or a Westone W2?
    Help us help you - lol.
  3. bobby12
    I'm fairly new but I have some experience. I'm using the ibasso dx90 with se846 and silver cables. I have the ak120 also, but I prefer the dx90 better. Using lossless/320kbps. Mostly 320kbps. I'm just looking for something I like which I kind of explained earlier when comparing to the shure se846.
    I've used shure se215,425,535,846,tf10, and a ton of other crap earphones. I also tried the roxanne universal version, but I didn't really like that. It was only for a brief moment so I don't remember that well. I think it was because I didn't like the mids.
    I tried reading some reviews of other top CIEMs but they seem to be all over the place sometimes so it's hard deciding.

    Oh, and I found that se846 with white filters and silver cables to be a bit too bright for me sometimes. Currently using the blue filters. Didn't like the black one.
  4. drewhaj
    No its not a bad idea.  Might as well just get them first.  If i did this, I would have saved a ton of money and all the times I wondered what the high end CIEM's sounded like.  Got my K10's a month or so ago.  So far so good.  Just make sure you get excellent impressions.  Email Noble with photos of them before you ship to get their approval.
  5. Ivabign
    Agreed - you may want to consider buying a TOTL used CIEM and have it re-shelled so you are not quite jumping in to the high-price pool - more like a pool of jello, the discount on a used CIEM breaking your fall somewhat if you aren't thrilled with the signature...[​IMG]
    The SE846 is a great headphone - but a great custom will still surpass its performance IMO....
  6. Headiest
    I jumped from the Apple Ear Buds to the Klipsch S4's to the Westone W4's to the Noble K10's.  Just go for the K10's.  They are incredible.  Do note that in my personal experience, wearing customs takes a bit of getting used to, but they become very comfortable.
  7. Headiest
    Also, buying used and re-shelling may be a good idea.  You may find yourself wanting a high quality DAC.  I've found the rabbit hole to be deep.
  8. hockey_magnet
    If you already have the 846's take a look at Sensaphonics custom sleeves for the 846. They have gotten some good reviews here anf I'm considering them for my 846's. Would cost you about $250 including impressions and you retain the ability to easily re sell the 846's

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