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JH Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Impressions Thread

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  1. VisceriousZERO
    This is where we post impressions of the Roxanne as they come in...
  2. bearFNF Contributor
    The CF part of the case looks warped???
  3. Sauntere
    Probably just reflection making it look that way. I know everybody is just receiving them but i am really looking forward to more comprehensive impressions... I am sure they will come... 
  4. pekingduck
    You guys do know there's a "Subscribe" link right?
  5. matthewh133

    I do, not sure where it is on the mobile site though!
  6. ikilledversace
  7. AnakChan Moderator
    That's not entirely true. Click on the top right & a menu with Subscribe should appear :-

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  8. ikilledversace
  9. Currawong Contributor
    Guys, just a reminder: To subscribe to a thread, there is a link above the first post. Posting "subbed" is just spam.[​IMG]
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  10. Shini44
    maybe i should order a universal Roxxane so i compare it with the Unique Melody Mentor :3 , can't demo it cause i am located far away :< 
  11. AmberOzL
    Looking to read detailed impressions of VZ, especially compared to his other TOTL ciems. I am very curious about how they rival against MH335DW.
  12. Kunlun
    I'd like to read more impressions.
  13. Currawong Contributor
    My quick impressions were that they sound rather like an IEM version of the Audeze headphones. Also, the effect of the bass and treble adjustments weren't always that noticeable. It was subtle and very track-dependant. Once I get the universal loaners from Anakchan I'll compare them to my JH-13s. I have guidance from Jerry as to what to dial in to match my JH-13s, so I'll probably focus on that for the most part.
  14. VisceriousZERO

    Its just the reflection, dont worry :p

    Posted this in the other thread:
    I'm drawing a few initial impressions here, its definitely a darker sound than the 13s, with the highs just a little bit laid back. Bass is, of course, variant. When I first popped them in they were set to full bass, and I immediately toned it down to around the 10 o'clock area, where there's enough bass and enough detail in the highs (the sound seemed like the highs were pushed back by the bass) that made me enjoy. I do immediately note that they're not as warm as the Kaiser 10s (which are amazing for vocals), but they're more accurate and probably a bit more honest as well. As I noted in my preliminary notes on the Kaiser 10 they're balanced but not neutral. The Roxannes are more in the area of neutral while the balance is probably up to the guy tuning them. I'm going to spend a few more days with them and come back to you guys
  15. Trogdor

    That would make perfect sense actually (Audeze comparo, I switch back from my LCD-3s and JH3As with ease).

    However, I would suspect that the Roxanne's have better treble response but less headstage (orthos vs IEMs).
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