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JH Audio Layla vs. JH Audio Roxanne

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  1. cwfour
    Hello guys and gals,
    After reading 8 or 9 pages of the JH Audio Layla review thread (http://www.head-fi.org/t/746964/jh-audio-layla-and-angie-head-fi-tv) I felt compelled to create a profile and share my thoughts. I work in music for a living and recently decided to ditch over the ear cans for tracking/mixing when I don’t have access to the near fields I prefer. Because I do a lot of tracking in live rooms (amps present) I have to wear cans and after hours of wearing them I get headaches. Plus I never bring my own and always end up using whatever is in the studio I’m working out of. I wanted a custom in ear that was flat but not sterile. That being said, I’m willing to compromise a little neutrality for listenability.
    If you’re familiar with the B&W 800, 802, or 805 diamond series speakers then you’ll know what I’m talking about. I reference off of the 805’s at home because I know the sound signature incredibly well. I know the EQ curve isn’t neutral but I also know how music is going to sound on other speakers based off of how they sound on the diamonds. And the 805’s make me want to make music and for me that’s what it’s all about. I know that the majority of you all have ears much better than mine so I’m not going to go into the detail that a golden ears type would.
    All I will say is last week I went down to JH Audio’s office in Burbank and went back and forth between the 13’s, the Roxanne and the Layla. The 13’s sounded great but after comparing all 3 they were the first to go. I didn’t know the price point of the Roxanne or the Layla nor did I know anything about the sound signatures or technology behind them so there was no bias on my part. I wanted to let all of you Roxanne owners out there know that you should feel no regrets. I don’t feel like the Roxanne and Layla are competitors (maybe I shouldn't have put vs. in the title). In fact, to my ears the Roxanne was much more fun to listen to. Huge soundstage, tons of detail, I loved it. The Layla was exactly as its been described. Flat but not sterile flat. I didn’t mess with the bass on it so I’d be curious to hear what it sounds like after some adjustments but if you’re buying IEM’s to listen to music and not work on music I’d personally go with the Roxanne’s every time.
    I ordered the custom fitted Layla’s only because they were more unforgiving. I know I’m contradicting my monitoring philosophy by saying this. Maybe I should have gone with the Roxanne’s. They were honestly more fun to listen to, but I had to tell myself that I’m buying these to put to work and the Layla’s will probably be a better fit for what I’m going to be using them for. If I can make music sound great on the Layla’s hopefully some people will have a blast listening to it on the Roxanne’s. Well those are my humble thoughts.I hope this helps ease the pain for some of you Roxanne’rs that feel like you got a bum deal. I’m sure many will disagree with me on my assessment but that’s what the forum is all about. If anyone else has compared these monitors side by side I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. My best to you all. 
  2. goodvibes
    First, paragraphs are your friend if you want someone to read that. Wall of text = never mind.
    If you're more serious about mixing than listening, get the best tool for that job. For me, the Layla would be better for both. It's also a better choice than the 13s or Angie in that situation where a little more fullness is needed for the environment. Others need a bit more of an enhanced sound. As you found out with your home speaks, familiarity is almost everything but that almost approximation is the last little bit where the very best can be lost. Depends if you care about that last bit of goodness that most won't ever notice. Your post looks like your trying to justify buying the less good tool for the job. If you're serious about your work, it should be an easy choice.
  3. cwfour
    I bought the Layla's. What are you talking about? I'm merely saying from my limited experience with both, the Layla's seem better suited for work and the Roxanne's better suited for play. 
  4. goodvibes
    Sorry, I guess I got lost in the wall of text. Congrats on the right purchase.
  5. cwfour
    Hahaha. No problem. I went back and paragraphed it for you. You were right. It was a wall. :)
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  6. nardkumz
    Hey, thanks for starting this threat.
    Currently I'm about to pull the trigger on Roxanne for stage usage, I'm playing Bass in the band, and would get Roxanne as my 2nd IEM (the first one is UM Miracle).
    do you think I should get the roxy or should I save a bit more and go for layla? As far as I know the pricetag for layla do exceed 2k.
    your input on this would be highly appreciated :)
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  7. cwfour
    Personally I'd go with the Roxanne. As I understand it, the Layla wasn't made with stage use in mind. It's more of a reference monitor for studio use. The Roxanne sounds great and with the ability to adjust the bass I would think it'd kill for stage use. 
  8. kenz
    The Layla and Roxanne couldn't be more different.

    Layla definitely for studio monitoring purpose and flat out natural for easy listening.
    Roxanne has amazing headroom and staging, coupled with energy to rock the stage.

    To some extent, hearing them blind and you'd never know they came from the same company.
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  9. nardkumz

    Thanks for your input, i'm also thinking about getting roxanne instead of layla. Anyway, now with ACS releases Encore (with 1 week turnaround time), i'd also take encore into consideration, moreover ACS is well known for stage usage.
    It's tough call, what do you guys think?
  10. goodvibes
    This may sound odd, but for stage use, as long as there's enough bass and reasonable clarity and linearity, you're likely good enough. A JH5 would be fine unless you couldn't get enough gain in the bass for the environment. If it were me, I'd pick whichever one I preferred listening to on playback or as a personal device.
    That said, the bass control is probably a godsend for some. You do need a bit extra in louder environments and how much is needed to be spot on will likely vary by venue.
  11. cwfour
    Fully agreed. Well said. 
  12. nardkumz
    well, it does sound odd :D so basically you are saying that i can just take my favourite custom to the stage and rock with it? 
  13. goodvibes
    If you can adjust the bass to need and it plays loud enough without distress, ya. Just be careful as live sound is a lot more dynamic and random in amplitude so there's a greater risk of overdriving a single driver range type.
  14. nardkumz

    The overdriven driver thingy happened quite often actually. In the end, i'd say i wouldn't have any problem if i do decide getting roxanne for stage usage, would I?
  15. goodvibes
    Nope and you have a great reason for getting a more drivers unit.
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