1. LouisArmstrong

    JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

    Hello all. I am new to Head-fi and I wanted to celebrate something by registering on Head-fi, which I read from time to time but never posted on. Today I got myself a pair of JH Audio Layla. It came sooner than expected as the main lot was expected to arrive at the end of the month but it...
  2. cwfour

    JH Audio Layla vs. JH Audio Roxanne

    Hello guys and gals, After reading 8 or 9 pages of the JH Audio Layla review thread ( I felt compelled to create a profile and share my thoughts. I work in music for a living and recently decided to ditch over the ear cans for...
  3. Astell&Kern JH Audio Siren Series Layla

    Astell&Kern JH Audio Siren Series Layla

    The siren series In-ear monitors are named after famous rock songs about women. Jerry Harvey Audio produced a special version of the Roxanne tuned for the Astell&Kern in 2014. The collaboration was so successful that the two companies will now release two more models. The first new model is...