1. Hawaiibadboy

    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

          THE BEST IEM FOR BASS ARE.. .       The 10 Best....(impact)     Hawaiibadboy's list   1.  Sony MDR EX800ST/ 7550 *taped vent + 500mW max input. Studio tuned,mids stay relatively clean with elevated bass - Need to tape vent, stock cable SUCKZ * I own this     2. Aurisonics...
  2. Thracian

    New Shure IEM. 9th May.

    Just received this in the electronic mail. Anyone getting hyped up yet? :P Hope these aren't too expensive :X        
  3. Cotnijoe

    Ranko Acoustics RIE 1020 iem

    Hey guys! I recently got a chance to try the Ranko RIE 1020, an iem priced aroud 1300 USD. The iems are fairly new, released in late 2012. Although all i had with me at the moment was my iphone 4s as a source, the iems sounded gorgeous to me with a wonderful signature that ive come to adore...
  4. burningv

    1plus2 or UERM for Death Metal?

    Hello there fellow head-fiers,    I'm currently on the fence when it comes to buying either one of these iems. Death metal is the genre I listen to the most and I'm primarily concerned with treble detail and instrument separation. I know that both iems excel in separation and soundstage, but...
  5. D


      Hi everyone, I am glad to say that I received my beautiful 8-wire Hybrid  "Copper(Type 2 Litz) - Clear sleeving 26awg/SilverGold (black sleeving) 26awg" 2 weeks ago. Hence bare in mind, below are my initial sound impressions that don't take the Burn-in period into account. As always when...
  6. Eugguy

    Tralucent 1p2 vs Shure 846 vs Roxanne Siren?

    Has anyone had the opportunity to test the Roxanne against the Shure 846 and Tralucent 1+2? Sound comparisons? Bass quality, impact? Soundstage? It is a bit hard to find "relative" comparisons of each. However, any absolute responses/preferences are welcome, as I am interested in one of the...
  7. karistep

    If you have to keep only one...

    If you have to keep only one high grade universal iem... Tralucent 1plus2 Fitear togo 334 melody 3dd Jvc ha-fx800 Flat-4 sui Rhapsodio rdv+ v1 Akg k3003 Heir audio 5.0 Tdk ie800 T-peos h200 Earsonics sm64 Which one will you keep ?
  8. cyph3r

    Hybrid IEM comparison requested: Astrotec AX60, DUNU DN1000, TPEOS H200

    I am reading a lot recently about hybrid IEMs given I am looking into buying a pair. Some reviews on individual products quote great performance for some mid range products.   Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison with the main products in this category?   Astrotec AX60 DUNU DN1000...
  9. SoundFreaq

    The New Age of Portable Audio

    The new age of Portable Audio   The rise of universals and the slow decline of custom IEMs   There is a paradigm shift occurring with universals that is shaking portable audio to its core. The old-schoolers are having trouble wrapping their brains around what’s happening, and the new...
  10. Poetic

    Spiral Ear Se 3Way Vs Heir Audio , Unique Melody Miracle, Tralucent Audio

    Lately I've been looking around at IEM threads, and I haven't been able to find which IEM would best fit me. I even bought the Hifiman He-6 with the Emotive Mini xa100 because I couldn't decide which IEM. Well im down to my last amount of music spending Money and I want an IEM that Covers all...
  11. Tinola

    Should I get one over the other??? (High end IEM - fit ear/ westone)

    Just getting back in the hobby right now, so I don't have any equipment right now. But I'm looking for a portable setup that I can bring anywhere(from my house to the library etc.) So I'm kinda stuck with two or three options(Can't do custom iem): Either get the FitEar To Go 334 without a...
  12. meiaen

    Help a heartbroken man in toronto decide for his first CIEM

    First off I have a westone 4R although i love the mids and the soundstage i felt that the high is kinda boring and the low is a bit slow so i decided to ditch it and sold it today now I dont know what to do im looking for a custom IEM or Univesal IEM but my budget is around 600-1000 and there is...
  13. LemanRuss9

    Tralucent audio 1plus2

    anyone heard of this? its a universal IEM with a price around 1295 $ with a silver cable.Anyone had tried this baby before?
  14. cravenz

    Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 Review (caution: long read).

    (caution: this is a long review (I know this because I just typed it out in Word and it spanned 7 pages!)   I think this is a long awaited review of the 1Plus2s. I've had the stock cable for some time, but of late, I've had the new upgrade cable. I've had them for little over a week now (two...
  15. Swimsonny

    Rhapsodio - A Unique Place Indeed - Product Impressions Thread

    Rhapsodio - A Unique Place Indeed   I am going to start this thread by saying i have no affiliation with this company whatsoever and just want to share with you guys what they offer. I don't normally have a disclaimer like this but i feel it would be a bit odd not to in this circumstance...
  16. URHYNS

    Turn my back on Apple? Looking for a new phone/source, advice.

    Hey guys,   The contract on my iPhone 4, runs out in a couple of weeks, so I will be getting a new phone. I've had iPhone's for a while, and whilst I do like them, I'm not too sure whether I want the new iPhone 5, or branch out and try something else. I have access to Sony, HTC, Samsung...
  17. PChoon

    Custom IEM for Bassheads

    As the topic says,   i have been hunting around for a Custom for quite sometime to replace my Superfi EBs...   but i'm having a hard time in finding the correct replacement(upgrade)...   Could anyone point me in the right direction?   As i really love my EBs, the sub bass rumble...
  18. lee730

    Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

    Hello folks I know some of you have been curious regarding the Custom Hybrid IEMs that I had introduced earlier. Well I have been given the Ok to release more information regarding the company. The companies name is "Tralucent Audio". They are based in China and should be live for sales on...
  19. jbuuby

    MusicaAcustics Portable Headphone & Gear USA/ Canada Equipment Audition Tour

    MusicaAcustics of Japan will be at 2013 CanJam in Denver October 11-13.   There is an opportunity to audition an array of interesting new Headphone Equipment from around the world at CanJam as well as at your home (USA & Canada only) for any serious headphone enthusiast.   If interested...
  20. flymetothemoon


  21. SoundFreaq

    I WANT... the Best universal on planet Earth

    I WANT to have to not worry about getting the right custom fit   I WANT to be able to take 'em anywhere and have fantastic sound and not worry about durability   I WANT to be able to lush out in bed without hauling a bunch of equipment with me    I WANT an isolating top-tier IEM with...
  22. eke2k6

    [REVIEW] Aurisonics ASG-2 & 2.5 (with many comparisons)

    Update: Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Revision (main ASG-2 review below)                       After more than a year since its release, the ASG-2 has been officially updated to a new revision. Dale and co. listened to customer feedback about the original, and have tweaked it accordingly. ...
  23. Tralucent Audio 1Plus2

    Tralucent Audio 1Plus2

    1 dynamic and 2 BA drivers in each side