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  1. DarkchilD
    Hi everyone, I am glad to say that I received my beautiful 8-wire Hybrid 
    "Copper(Type 2 Litz) - Clear sleeving 26awg/SilverGold (black sleeving) 26awg"
    2 weeks ago. Hence bare in mind, below are my initial sound impressions that don't take the Burn-in period into account. As always when dealing with the unknown I had my doubts. So many existing variables; things to go wrong- with certain aspects bound to disappoint you... but siting here being nothing but blunt, I cannot think of a single negative remark...
    [Note: I do not benefit from making this review. It is merely some feedback I wish to share with you all]
    I made the order for the custom cable less than a month ago and it came into possession a week and a half later (including the shipping period). The turn around time was very impressive! It is advertised to take a max of 3 weeks. I guess its to give them some leeway in case of complications. Mine took just a week for construction. They're one of the only companies I know that provide such a large range for customizability plus shipping options. They're very lenient towards your needs and are there to answer any concern you may develop. As for my first thoughts about the cable...
    Cable, 1+2 & C4   (Sorry for lack of clarity)                          Cable & 1+2.
      CablePic1.jpg      C1.png
    I took the cable straight out the package before work. Images barely do justice to the real thing. The two colors blend nicely together- the gloomy black and the gleam of the transparent copper.
    The square-braid of the 8 wires is also eye catching, almost like a bracelet type weave. It definitely has good aesthetic value- yet I was now worried about fit and comfort...?
    I had ordered it as an upgrade for my 1plus2 monitors, and their cables have a right-angled plastic enclosure over pins. To my relief, the hybrid cable fits great- better than my other aftermarket cables. It doesn't seem to have memory wire, but instead is pre-bent- which suits my earphones very well.
    As an 8-wire, due to its braiding and construct, it feels very durable, from the pins to the terminal. Almost so that you could use it literally as a swing rope, or a noose, if music was no longer a great enough escape for you... kidding.
    As for the sonics...? Which to me was a BIG gamble, especially for a premium wire... surprisingly immersive- in terms of feel of realism & an IEM's attempt to reproduce the sound of good speakers. Well everything in this world is never truly objective, if not relative, so I can only compare it to what I know and whether I am satisfied with it.
    Using the same IEM (1plus2), DAP (C4) & source (16-24 bit Flac); I took time A/Bing with a Silver Ray Hybrid "Copper/SPC" & a 'Pure Silver', both from Chris_Himself. I also compared it to the upgraded Tralucent SilverGold cable & their older SilverGold (all these are 4-wire) ... So how to define the Copper/SilverGold? (with the 1plus2 that is)...?
    The sound possesses properties of the old Tralucent SilverGold, the Pure Silver, and slightly- the Silver Ray Cable. It is not an addition of all these cables' characteristics, subtracted, added and evened out, but a unique signature which takes aspects here and there from each of the cables.
    It is a sound transparent, with highs smooth and not harsh, as due to the SilverGold; yet a touch less transparent than the SilverGold. The Mids play similar to that same cable (old Tralucent SilverGold) but are placed a tad bit back, being filled and having added weight- which to me adds even more realism to the vocals than the SilverGold cable does. In terms of Headstage, the 8-wire Hybrid has improved width, in terms of Mids and treble, yet the bass is the same width. Getting to the lower frequencies, due to Copper, it has greater quantity while remaining closely, almost as refined as the bass-detail created with a Silver or more so, SilverGold cable.
    What I noticed with SilverGold is that the silver stretches out the sound, making it sound a lot less veiled, more open and more transparent (these are good things mentioned) but in doing so it makes it seem thinned out (IMO). Don't get me wrong- the SilverGold & Silver cable paired with the 1plus2 are amazing. The Hybrid Copper/SilverGold just adds more to something already superb. Instead of 'thinned out', I might use descriptions such as, 'less deep' & 'the depth is not as solid' or 'prominent', so it overall sounds 'spacious' but not very big- in a way that it stands out (again, this is my impression). The Copper/SilverGold, despite having a slight descent (marginal to my ears) in transparency and bass detail, has a bit more depth, yet with fair more emphasis on it,
    So the sound is less 'thin', or to be more correct is perceptually bigger (with better soundstaging, 3-D imaging). Massive in the sense that it gives the feel and power of full-sized headphones! This is on top of the fact that the 1plus monitors already sound like expensive Over-The-Ear Headphones. This cable just creates a much fuller illusion than the others I have do! The fact that its 8-wire, hence more surface area, so more potential current due to less resistance; could take part in this bigger sound. I'm not sure (that is just a guess).
    For a cable alone to have such an obvious sonic impact, and to perform with the perks of both the Copper and SilverGold whilst giving up minimal sacrifices- it is incredibly amazing & trust me, a hell of a joy-fest (a very fun sound)!
    The cable sports good build, aesthetics; sonically is exactly what I was looking for, and has become the perfect upgrade for my IEM! Hats off to plusSound- they have given me a very nice art-form and a new addition to my growing Head-Fi.
    Need I mention also Christian's incredible customer-service through and out? It is nice to see such companies retain their client service, even as they develop and bloom :)
    Final Thoughts:
    I will soon try an 8-wire Silver/Copper Hybrid for comparison with this cable. Initially I was skeptical, harbored doubts- as I'm sure other people would too when lacking knowledge on a product (there were no reviews on an 8-wire Copper/SilverGold Hybrid anywhere)- but I'm here to tell you it no longer has to be left to the imagination. I can confidently say that It's a superb hybrid cable, if you own a similarly neutral-leaning Earphone/Headphone & seek clarity, smoothness, 3-D imaging, a big Headstage & 'A more powerful low end having near matched quality of a SilverGold Cable.'
    (Please be reminded that this is my opinion, based on my own ears. That said, I do hope that it may benefit others with a curious eye for a cable upgrade)
    Thank you     [​IMG]
  2. HaruHaruHarHar
    Glad to see atleast one Review on this cable =D Was also planning to gamble and try out the cable for my Westone ES5, W4 and UM3X. Well, it's more of like I broke the UM3x's cable connector so I have to order a new set of cables for it.... And while doing so, might as well get a Good one anyway XD Could share it with the other two anyway. and if I like it, perhaps order another set? XD
  3. goodvibes
    Nice review but I wouldn't call the 1+2 neutral with a neutral cable. It's hard to put into words but try a stock Westone/JH cable on it sometime and you'll understand how well Gavin has taken care of the cable IEM interface for his customers. Of course maybe those stock cable aren't very 
    neutral either.[​IMG] They tend to like mid warming cables from my brief experience. Silver/gold alloy types really fill the bill.

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