1. nutties3

    Finally taking the jump

    So I finally booked my impressions appointment this morning at North Shore Audiology in Sydney. They seem pretty expensive ($100) from what I have read on these forums, but they are really close to my office and I have taken convenience over price...I know some will say this is stupid, but I...
  2. JulesK

    Recommendations for full-sized headphones for use with an iPhone?

    All - I've enjoyed this site tremendously, and it led me to the purchase of my Westone ES5.  I went with a custom IEM because I've been completely deaf in one ear since birth.  I could get a single IEM with a custom-cable that combined both channels, so I saved quite a bit of money.  As much as...
  3. spazz

    Problems with ES5. No Bass

    I had my Westone ES5 for little over 2 years now and I use them everyday, mostly to listen to audio books.  Whenever I listen to music, they sound very tining, with  no bass on both sides.  I don't listen to them loud at all.   Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Alanaudio

    Is there any store can try LCD , IEM, or other excellent headphones in Los Angeles or San Francisco ?

    Hi, I plan to spend my chrIstmas vacation in LA, and San Francisco. Anyone know where can I try LCD3, jh13, es5 or the other top headphones(full size) in there?
  5. johntheman123

    SoundStage/Theatre/Bass/Power [Need help assuming unlimited budget]

    Assuming an unlimited budget, I'd love to get some of the experts on here to chime in..   -- Although the budget is unlimited, the person using these IEM's won't be willing to buy or carry any other accessories other than his iphone 5 (no amp or whatever). Purely the budget is for the...
  6. lin0003

    Unique Melody Miracle 6-BA CIEM Review

    A while ago, when I was in a dilemma (mind you, it was a good dilemma) of choosing what CIEM to get, I read many reviews on the UM Miracle, JH13, ES5, JH16 and the Rooth LS8. Of those, I narrowed it down to the Miracles, JH13 and LS8 since I was after a more balanced sound signature. I then...
  7. ucrags84

    1964 Ears V6 versus JH13 monitors, equal?

    I'm strongly considering ordering the 1964 Ears V6, they appear to be an incredible value. Add-in their discount for previous 1964 ears customers and this is a true value proposition. Problem is I haven't found enough reviews to take a careful look at this, the appreciation thread doesn't have...
  8. tamngoman

    Looking to go into CIEM, any recommendations?

    I have been using the same setup for about a year now Q701 + Schiit M stack. I want to transition to IEM, but more importantly custom iems. my budget is 500, and i just want the best for the price. do any of you guys have any recommendations?
  9. BerryTwoC

    Need help choosing CIEMs for female vocals, mostly in pop/ballad/rock genre.

    Hello ! I've decided to replace my existing universals, and will be transitioning to CIEMs, need some recommendations..   Here are some more details...   Budget : My budget will be about US$1450. This doesn't include the costs of ear impressions and shipping.   Usage : I'll be mainly...
  10. romnation

    Best cost no object IEMs for subway use?

    I have my custom ear molds made already, so I would love to get some custom molded monitors. Half my time listening to them will be walking, the other half will be on the subway train. What are some IEMs I should consider?
  11. knopi

    Which universal model is the most similar to Westone ES50?

    I have always wanted ES3X then ES5 and now ES50 but from my experience with JH13 I do not want customs again due to the possible sale in future.   They have new models W40, W50, UM Pro 50...   Thanks for help
  12. darkinners

    IEM upgrade from Westone 4

    I just sold my Westone 4 and looking for upgrade. I have few targets in mind, Budget is under $1,600 But I don't NEED to spend 1,600 though, so any price range under my budget is ok. Universal Fit 1. Heir Audio 4Ai 2. Heir Audio IEM 5.0 3. EarSonic SM64 Custom Fit 1. JH13 Pro 2. Compact...
  13. ChrisSC

    Westone Style UM56 custom sleeves for universal IEMs (REVIEW)

    For the last couple months I have been enjoying these and thought I'd give them some love by dedicating a thread to them.   Here's a link to show you some of the options, etc. http://www.earplugstore.com/westone-um56.html (you can also purchase them direct through Westone, which is actually...
  14. spazz

    Sensaphonics 2max

    I'm getting ready to order new iem's again.  I've really enjoyed my Westone, but this time I've decided to go with the 2max from Sensaphonics.  I like how their silicone feels in my ears.  I've been using their products for a long time and whenever I use my earplugs from Sensaphonics, the...
  15. Tyll Hertsens

    What if you could only have one headphone....or two. What would you choose?

    Spurred by a thought from another thread, I came to the conclusion the answering the following questions might be the most important thing we could do for consumers at large.   And I thought it might make a great topic for an article.   And I also thought it would be a great topic for a...
  16. tomscy2000

    People Seen with CIEMs

    Post pictures and/or videos/stills of recording artists, celebrities, sports figures, etc. wearing custom in-ear monitors (or non-IEMs as well) on stage or elsewhere.   Commentary is welcome, including, but not limited to, what brand of customs they're wearing, what have they worn in the past...
  17. squirrelboy1210

    how good are ciems?

    I currently own a pair of se535s and whilr the luscious mid range is to die for I can't help but want for a little more treble sparkle and a larger soundstage. I was wondering if ciems around the 500 dollars mark like jh5 and 1964 v3 could deliver. Also, how do these compare to full size phones...
  18. Noah99

    Sennheiser HD800 sound matching Custom In-Ear-Monitor

    Hello, I need help figuring out which of the following will deliver the most concert and roomy feeling in custom IEMs while playing classical, rock, jazz, and pop music genres. I own the Sennheiser HD800 and I need to know which of the following will near replicate its sound. All Universal...
  19. D


      Hi everyone, I am glad to say that I received my beautiful 8-wire Hybrid  "Copper(Type 2 Litz) - Clear sleeving 26awg/SilverGold (black sleeving) 26awg" 2 weeks ago. Hence bare in mind, below are my initial sound impressions that don't take the Burn-in period into account. As always when...
  20. The Closing

    Westone Elite Series or Ultimate Ears Pro Recommendations

    Unfortunately my EarSonics SM3s just wonked out after less than two years of careful use. I've narrowed down my next IEM to either the Westone Eilite Series or Ultimate Ears Pro models. My main use for these will be for drum performance and mixing purposes, so I prefer them to be as neutral as...
  21. 13th

    Need help (ipod touch + DAC/Amp?)

    Hi to all! Could you please recommend a portable DAC/Amp or DAC + Amp for my Ipod Touch 4, which will ensure the BEST sound. Headphones : Logitech UE900, Sony mdr-ex1000 (UM Merlin, Westone 5 in plans) Musical preferences : ambient, classical music, metal. Budget : 700-800$
  22. Foocup

    SE535x6 vs JH13, UM Miracle, ES5

    I'm looking to upgrade my current 535 and I'm stuck between getting it molded to a custom and adding three drivers or selling my 535 and just getting a custom from JH, UM, Westone, or another company. Adding three drivers would be much simpler but by adding drivers I'd expect to get at least...
  23. Kunlun

    Westone ES50, A Make-over of Westone's Flagship Custom IEM

    Westone is upgrading their flagship ES5 custom iem to the new ES50.   In the Head-fi Winter Gift Guide, Jude reports that the new ES50 keeps the warm ES5 sound while adding both the bass presence and improved clarity overall.   There's a new, more secure socket connection and new options for...
  24. Bikeracer661

    iPhone Cable for Westone ES5

    New to Headfi here, so let me begin by saying this is a great resource.  Although this is my first post, I've read thousands of posts before recently making the decision to order a pair of Westone ES5s - thanks to Miranda at Rockstar Ears (Los Angeles).     Here's my question - will the JH...
  25. prashant

    What difference do number of drivers make in CIEMS?

    I see a lot CIEM manufacturers showcasing their new products with number of drivers inside   JH Roxanne with 12 drivers Noble Audio Kaiser with 10 drivers JH 16 PRO with 8 drivers Unique Melody with 6 drivers   Then there is Westone ES5 sticking with 5 drivers Sensaphonics 3MAX with 3...