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SoundStage/Theatre/Bass/Power [Need help assuming unlimited budget]

  1. johntheman123
    Assuming an unlimited budget, I'd love to get some of the experts on here to chime in..
    -- Although the budget is unlimited, the person using these IEM's won't be willing to buy or carry any other accessories other than his iphone 5 (no amp or whatever). Purely the budget is for the IEM'S---
    The user LOVES powerful and BASS you can FEEL. He wants to feel like, if listening to Tron soundtrack for example, that he's in the movie theater or even better: he's Tron himself. 
    If he's listening to the Batman soundtrack, he wants to again - feel like he's in the theater, or feel like he's actually batman (don't laugh). 
    He wants the sound to be separated (sound-stage) and very 3D in feeling. 
    Headphones I've considered but would love your input on either these listed below, or general recommendations:
    UM Merlin
    Westone ES5
    The issue with this type of purchase is there's no way to try these things. I bought Shure 535's and thought they were terrible. I'm terrified I'll get some custom and be sucked in the hole for something I don't like.
    I currently own Westone 4R's and preferred the bass within those to the lack of Bass, in my experience, in the UE 900's. I hated the shures. Would love to get the clarity of a UE 900 and the bass of a Bose over ear headphone.
    Thanks for your input!

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