1. Exiled

    Suggestions for first IEMs?

    Hello I've looked at a few IEM threads on here and still can't decide on a suitable pair of IEMs.  I would like to go with a high end/top tier IEM from the start.     Price: ~$300 ( Possibly +$50-$100)     Music:  Mostly female vocals ( Techno, Trance, and Pop).  Occasionally some...
  2. D


      Hi everyone, I am glad to say that I received my beautiful 8-wire Hybrid  "Copper(Type 2 Litz) - Clear sleeving 26awg/SilverGold (black sleeving) 26awg" 2 weeks ago. Hence bare in mind, below are my initial sound impressions that don't take the Burn-in period into account. As always when...
  3. EyeDoc

    FS: Ultrasone DJ1 (HFI-580)

    Selling my Ultrasone DJ1 (HFI-580)  in 9/10 physical condition, performs perfectly.   I am the original owner.   PM if interested   Price lowered to $95 shipped CONUS.
  4. btaki

    Brand New Shure SCL4

    Brand New White Shure SCL4 with all the original accessories (case, Filters, Eartips). 110$ + shipping (I don't charge any fees for PayPal).
  5. Danosaurus

    Shure SCL4 White IEMs

    Up for sale is a set of Shure SCL4s in good condition. I've had them for a few years but just haven't listened to them much. They have been stored carefully in the case, and the only blemish I can find is the matte coating has flaked off one corner of the left housing but it's hardly noticeable...
  6. SteveSatch

    New in wrap Shure SCL4

    Shure SCL4 new in wrapper.  Bottom line price is $125 plus $10 shipping to any of the 48 states.  Payment by paypal (no fee if you do it the no fee way). Thanks, Steve
  7. SteveSatch

    Shure SCL4

  8. LuigiPichardo

    Replacing Shure SCL4s (complicated)

    Hi everyone, this is a slightly complicated situation. I have a pair of Shure Scl4 IEMs and am looking to replace them. This is due to the top part of the cable being slowly ripped away. I talked to a Shure representative via email and he said that the store I bought the earphones from (Steve's...
  9. sonickarma

    Original Rare Sought After Shure SCL4-W

    Original Rare Sought After Shure SCL4-W   earphone in great condition You can buy new here for £212 so my price is less than half: Original item and not...
  10. graffixnyc

    Anyone know how much it is to replace the wires on Shure SCL-4's?

    Does anyone know how much it is to get the wires replaced on Shure SCL-4's? Is Shure the only one who can do it or are they other companies that do wire replacements? Thanks in advance
  11. vegaobscura

    Replacement/Upgrade from Shure SCL4 - Under $200

    My Shure SCL4s have finally kicked the bucket after a botched repair (We were so close...then a misapplied needle-nose ended that progress irreparably.)    While I'm considering the out-of-warranty replacement to SE425s for $155, I'm thinking about full-size options as well. I like the...
  12. nickd75

    Recommendations: something like Ety HF5 but bassier?

    Hey guys, been a while since I've posted here...   I've been through a handful of IEMS: Shure E3c, E4/ SCL4 (x3), and now Etymotic hf5s. I was a pretty big fan of the Shures, but all the E4/ SCL4s broke; by the third pair I got fed up and switched to the Etys 18 months ago. The sound is...
  13. RS232

    Shure se425: Spotty Sound Quality

    I received my se425s after sending my 6 year old E4Cs into Shure... Awesome CS, BTW. The sound on the SCL4 seems to be better overall. The se425s completely fall apart on cymbals and snares - most of the time you can barely hear cymbals. When you can they sound like fingers-on-a-chalkboard. I'm...
  14. Amsterdamned

    Time for a change I think :-)

    I very rarely post on this site but do pop back, every now and again.   My personal choice of IEM has been Shure, for quite a while now, since I bought my first pair (E4) back in November 2005, after reading quite a bit on this forum; you guys did a good job, as I eventually purchased a...
  15. mas5acre

    Need replacement. Haven't listened to much music in a while, think it's because my shure scl4's are messed up.

    Hi everyone!  This is my first post here.  I have a pair of white Shure SCL4s that i bought a little over two years ago so they are out of warranty by like a month.  I absolutely loved these headphones, even though I found them uncomfortable at first.  The rubber that covers where the wire...
  16. waterwagen

    Replacement for my Shure SCL4s?

    So, my second set of Shure SCL4s have cracked wires and I'm out of warranty. Replacement cost with Shure is $109, which I'm tempted to pay because I LOVE the sound of these earphones. However, I'm tired of this cycle of cracked wires. Can anyone suggest some current earphones that have similar...
  17. dgl227

    Shure SCL2 replacement?

    I'm new here and under dire circumstances. My beloved scl2, that I have had for a years, are on their last leg. I've had to splice one of the earbud back in at the Y-junction. So, I need a new pair. I want to know what would be a get set to replace them with. Hopefully something as durable and...
  18. Fantasysage

    Fake or broken Triple Fi 10?

    Long time lurker first post.    I am vexed. My Shure SCL4's cable finally went and I was not buying another shure with their terrible build quality. So I did a little reading and got a set of UE Trople Fi 10's off of amazon. SO I get them today and jack into my PC to test them out. Now while...
  19. et10yl

    Help identifying IEMs - Shure SER020??

    Hi all,   I had to send in my trusty SCL4s due to a break in the cable house that was exposing the inner wire (thank god they were still under warranty!), and just received the replacements. I'm wondering what they are though... They _look_ like my old SCL4s, but the shipping form and the...
  20. SolidVictory

    EarSonics SM3: A Thorough Review

      I’ve had the EarSonics SM3 for about two weeks now, and I think it’s time to give them a review (pictures can be found at the end).   Packaging   The EarSonics SM3 comes packaged in a rather small box (I was surprised to find the size of the box to be much smaller than the huge...
  21. gibson5469

    a nice addition to my scl4's?

    I hate to buy some more phones so soon after getting my scl4's but I can't help being curious about something with a more "fun" sound. With the current sale on Altec's rebranded 3 (uhp 336) I was thinking about picking those up, I have $30 off from so they would only cost me...
  22. gibson5469

    Can anyone give me (and noobs) some cliffs?

    It's been awhile since I stayed up on IEM's, 2008 to be exact. ER6i and 3 were the defacto standard sub $100 offerings, and other smaller brands were just making an appearance. Still have my SCL4's, which I'm quite happy with. Got in the logitech 3 deal, and just kramer modded...
  23. clickclickw00t

    FT: Shure Scl4

    I've had a set of SCL4s for about 2 years now. I have some tips and the carrying case. They have been my backup so rarely ever used. Mostly used my se530s. Just got a set of jh13s so these are up for trade. I may consider selling them, but mostly wanna trade for some cool headphones. Shoot me...
  24. Benaiir

    Shures, shures, and shures (Great deal on em')

    I was checking around for the new midnight deals just a minute ago and O-M-G - Shures! SE310. Check it. HoopStick - Stick of the day (Yes, they're a legit company) I don't know the quality of these Shure's in particular, so don't blame me for this it's crap. Please keep this thread UP so...
  25. gibson5469

    SCL4 Nozzle Replacement

    How long have the nozzles on your Shure IEM's lasted you? Can't recall the last time I used my SCL4's but they certainly worked fine then and when I went to use them today the sound out of one side was lower so I swapped nozzles and they the problem was now in the other side. Clearly the nozzle...