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Spiral Ear Se 3Way Vs Heir Audio , Unique Melody Miracle, Tralucent Audio

  1. Poetic
    Lately I've been looking around at IEM threads, and I haven't been able to find which IEM would best fit me. I even bought the Hifiman He-6 with the Emotive Mini xa100 because I couldn't decide which IEM. Well im down to my last amount of music spending Money and I want an IEM that Covers all the bases. I've looked at Jokers MULTI IEM review thread and I've seen that the Unique Melody Miracle is extremely good for the price. My budget is $1,100, and if need be it  can be extended $1,200, but prefer in the $1,000 dollar Ranger of IEMS
  2. Jazzyfi
    SE5 is out of your budget by hundreds of dollars considering the exchange rates (currently the price is $1660). But I can assure you it is worth the money. One other drawback is that Spiral Ear don't ship outside EU.
  3. Poetic
    Yes at the time I was looking at the SE3way *
  4. lin0003
    Tralucent 1plus2 is slightly out of your budget at $1300 for the base version. You should get the UM Miracle + cheap aftermarket cable or the JH13 Freq.
  5. bengrace
    Is the sound of Tralucent 1plus2 really excellent?
  6. elnero


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