1. Drsparis

    New to CIEMs - Seal

    Got my first pair of CIEMs (UM miracle) a few days ago and they sound glorious. I do have seal issues though, mostly with the right ear. This is my first pair so I have no idea if I am being picky and it's normal or if I actually have an issue. When I walk there seems to be a... Don't know how...
  2. jtai117

    Custom IEMs :D

    So! I've been running with a pair of Shure SE535 LTDs for a couple of years now (I actually have 2 pairs of 535s. Long story) and I've been really happy with the the clarity and the sound signature in general I guess. I tried out a universal pair of JH16 Pros at Jaben Audio and was blown away by...
  3. johntheman123

    Hybrid (Balanced and Dynamic) IEMs?

    Other than the Unique Miracle Merlins, what other universal and or custom IEM's out there have a hybrid Dynamic and Balanced setup?   Thanks!
  4. OmsJtmz32

    Help me finalize my decision on my purchase.

    Hi, Just needed some help to decide on what to get. Here are my choices: Asg-2, SD-3, Merlin, Miracle or any other recommendation for less than 1k. It would be best if you can give a short summary of the sound sig of these earphones i mentioned.
  5. IA64

    Need help deciding between JH16 pro and Unique Melody Miracle

    Hello guys,   So I have decided to register after literally spending the last 17 hours reading this forum ( took day-off at work - haven't slept yet ) looking for an answers to how does the JH16 pro compare to UMM.   I read all 274 reviews (...
  6. lin0003

    Unique Melody Miracle 6-BA CIEM Review

    A while ago, when I was in a dilemma (mind you, it was a good dilemma) of choosing what CIEM to get, I read many reviews on the UM Miracle, JH13, ES5, JH16 and the Rooth LS8. Of those, I narrowed it down to the Miracles, JH13 and LS8 since I was after a more balanced sound signature. I then...
  7. yufeng23

    (ADVICE NEEDED FOR CIEMS) TF10 x 6, UM Miracle, LS6 or JH13?

    Hi guys,    I've been surfing this forum for the past 2 days for at least 12 hours and I found many of the reviews on CIEMs extremely useful. I've read up on average_joe's reviews as well and I'm really thankful for his critical and constructive feedback.   Now I'm faced with a...
  8. yh0438

    Um Miracle vs Um merlin

    I have a merlin and I will buy Miracle. Is it good choice? IsMiracle better than Merlin? ;)
  9. HardTech

    Brand new Unique Melody Miracles, best way to change the artwork?

    I just recently purchased a new set of Unique Melody Miracles and had asked to put some custom lettering on them. I'm not too happy with how it turned out and would like to just remove it. What are the best ways to go about doing this?
  10. HardTech

    Lost my pair of Unique Melody Miracles T.T

    I went to a hotel lobby yesterday to get some work done. After staying for a few hours, I packed everything up and put my Unique Melody Miracles in an old Meelectronic clamshell case and put it in my briefcase. After I got home, I put the briefcase down and did other things. This morning, when I...
  11. LogicalDisconnect

    Cheaper headphones that do what high-end headphones don't

    Hi everyone. I've had a variety of fairly high-end headphones, including the Beyerdynamic T1, AT W3000ANV, Alessandro MS-Pro, HifiMan HE500, AKG K701 and Unique Melody Miracle. All of them have good points. Some have great detail, others great energy and dynamic response, others in theory a very...
  12. Dahaka

    Best Audiologist for ear impressions in Leeds (or Manchester), UK

    I'm looking to get some Miracles reshelled, I can go to either Manchester or Leeds. Has anyone had any luck with any audiologists in either of these places? Thank you in advance.
  13. paulomario77

    Shure SE846 or Unique Melody Miracle?

    Hi folks,   Just to give you some background information, I live in Brazil. I own a Shure SE846 and, although I love the phones, I was looking for Sensaphonics Custom Sleeves for better comfort and seal. The 846's were bought online at Earphone Solutions, shipped to a US address, and the...
  14. mottykytu


    Hi everyone, I just purchase the UM Miracle Now I want to continue to upgrade my DAP I'm using the Ipod nano gen 7 and somehow touch 4 and Iphone 5 I want to looking for the new DAP which cost about 200-350 USD I prefer clear, detail, forward and mid focus DAP, I do not need too much bass...
  15. dvada191

    Good IEM for electronic?

    I've narrowed it down to 3 contenders: the Heir Audio 8.A, The Unique Melody Miracle, and the Jerry Harvey JH16. My preferred genres are mostly drum and bass (neurofunk like Spor and Phace and some Pendulum), house, and the occasional dubstep track. Would the new Roxanne from JH also be good?  ...
  16. Foocup

    SE535x6 vs JH13, UM Miracle, ES5

    I'm looking to upgrade my current 535 and I'm stuck between getting it molded to a custom and adding three drivers or selling my 535 and just getting a custom from JH, UM, Westone, or another company. Adding three drivers would be much simpler but by adding drivers I'd expect to get at least...
  17. Dahaka

    Best Audiologist for ear impressions in Manchester, UK

    I'm thinking of getting some second hand UM Miracles reshelled, so I'm wondering if anyone has an experience with audiologists in Manchester (and the surrounding area, if they're worth leaving the city for).    Any information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. ksimm033

    Custom with ER4 treble and a little more bass?

    I've noticed through my IEM journey that I'm a fan of treble, clarity, vocals, deep bass and punch when need be. What custom best suits that? I'm looking at all price ranges with of course the cheaper route being preferred; I don't want to skimp and lose out though, if something else is better...
  19. Poetic

    Spiral Ear Se 3Way Vs Heir Audio , Unique Melody Miracle, Tralucent Audio

    Lately I've been looking around at IEM threads, and I haven't been able to find which IEM would best fit me. I even bought the Hifiman He-6 with the Emotive Mini xa100 because I couldn't decide which IEM. Well im down to my last amount of music spending Money and I want an IEM that Covers all...
  20. kimvictor

    Negative Aspects of Top CIEMs

    Well, while I was on my search for my first CIEM, I found it easier for me to look at the cons about CIEMs to help me decide. I went for a UERM, but I thought this might be interesting.   The rules are: Only post negative things about CIEM that you researched or own You can also post to...
  21. sonickarma

    Suggested upgrade from PFE 232

    Can anyone suggest a Universal upgrade from PFE232   I have already previously owned:  Westone 4, Heir 4A   Would fitear f111 be an upgrade?
  22. UniqueMelodyAus

    Free Ear Impressions for Unique Melody AUSTRALIA clients.

    FREE EAR IMPRESSIONS AND POSTAGE for Aussie customers!   Starting Wednesday 20th of July and running for one week, Unique Melody Australia will pay for your ear impressions and postage to our head office for every set of Unique Melody Custom in ear monitors ordered. Please note, this is...
  23. meiaen

    Help a heartbroken man in toronto decide for his first CIEM

    First off I have a westone 4R although i love the mids and the soundstage i felt that the high is kinda boring and the low is a bit slow so i decided to ditch it and sold it today now I dont know what to do im looking for a custom IEM or Univesal IEM but my budget is around 600-1000 and there is...
  24. Vicks7

    Balanced Cables for Unique Melody Miracles

    Hi All,   I am looking for recommendations for a balanced cable for my UM Miracle custom earphones and would appreciate any recommendations including where to purchase.   Many thanks   James
  25. davidjearly

    Replacement cable for Unique Melody TF10 remould.

    So, now that AmpCity have stolen my money and are no longer replying to emails about my order, I need to get hold of a replacement cable for my custom TF10 that they remoulded. Cost is an issue as they've already taken money off me and there is no sign of getting it refunded. I would...