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Negative Aspects of Top CIEMs

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  1. kimvictor
    Well, while I was on my search for my first CIEM, I found it easier for me to look at the cons about CIEMs to help me decide. I went for a UERM, but I thought this might be interesting.
    The rules are:
    Only post negative things about CIEM that you researched or own
    You can also post to argue a point about a negative feature
    Update 5/15/13:
    You should disregard my opinion on most ciems besides UERM and JH13 as those were the only ones that I could demo for some time and own. I was just trying to start off the tread with some examples.
  2. kimvictor
    I'll start.
    JH16: Less detail and soundstage compared to JH13, Bad build quality.
    UM Miracle: Slight U-shape sig
    ES5: Rolled off highs
    UERM: Harsh treble
    Any new CIEMs and more opinions are welcome.
  3. Jazzkammer
    1964 Ears V6: not expensive enough for head-fiers to take seriously as a contender against other flagship CIEMs, which is a shame, because it truly is a contender.
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  4. rjklein4470
    This thread is for Haters
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  5. Jazzkammer
    in this case "hater" is short-hand for not being a mindless fanboy
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  6. Tom Yum Goong

    Very interesting thread! Could be a lot more useful for comparing CIEMs than with the standard "fanboy-threads" :wink:
  7. Spyro
    Can we try to make the thread more constructive?
    I sent JH Audio my perfectly fitting JH5's to make molds for JH16.  They suggested this is best way to ensure a duplicate good fit.
    The fit was great but I had an unbalanced sound favoring the left channel.  Sent them back and they assured there was even sound coming out of both channels...they claimed to have touched up the fit but when I got them back nothing sounded any different.
    It was as if rather than center (6:00pm) the sound was coming at me from about 7:30-8:00pm.  As great as it sounded the imbalance was undeniably too distracting.  Really scared me off customs moving forward.  Might try UE18's next time around.
    If you achieve the right fit there is nothing bad or negative about customs.
  8. kimvictor
    That is like a universal thing about customs. Bad fit=terrible sound. JH Audio is known for that kind of issue too.
  9. kimvictor
    Well, while I was looking for my customs, I just found to be easier to look at the cons. I mean, most customs are great, but I just don't see how anything could be "perfect" as some head-fiers describe them.
  10. Spyro
    A good fitting custom is "perfect".  They just twist and lock right into place.  The added bonus is a very cohesive sound.  My $399 JH5 dual diver has a dual sound bore and still remains the best overall sounding IEM I have ever purchased (including W4).
    There is not any one main thing it is superior at but EVERYTHING it does ranks in that B+ to A territory and I consider myself very picky.
  11. Dissonant
    Well, I was eying an entry-level custom at one point, but for me, I would leave customs at home. CIEMs don't strike me as particularly durable for the most part. Another thing is the price. With impressions and shipping accounted for, a top CIEM (i.e. Fitears and UERMs) can cost in the kilobuck range. For my usage it thus doesn't make sense. For home use, I would vastly prefer a speaker rig. In fact, one of the challenges I set myself in building a great speaker rig was to come in lower than the Fitear 334 in price :p. I am an ardent fan of the presentation of speakers, especially excellent small ones. The coherence, texture and staging is something even top CIEMs can scarcely match simply due to the laws of physics, though I may stand corrected by some here. BTW, I am looking at the KEF LS50s. Of course, your mileage may vary and our opinions naturally differ.

    Of course, the elephant in the room would be how to define a 'top CIEM'. We have seen from Joker's thread that some of the best CIEMs he has ever tested are mid-range in price, such as the Alclair Reference and the CTM. Do you want to define 'top' by price, or by performance?
  12. kimvictor
    I should have clarified that. Who gives a crap about the price if the performance is good. I meant top performance. Also, I see your point about wearing customs outside.
  13. Spyro
    It takes an audiologist 10 minutes to make molds for customs. Mine cost $25 which is a pretty good deal.  Well worth my money.
  14. pekingduck
    JH10X3: Build quality not so good
    ES5: One of the earpieces had a loose connector
            Bass a bit loose compared to the JH10X3
            Highs a bit recessed
  15. kimvictor
    I payed closed to 70 for my impression. I feel ripped off.
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