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Need help deciding between JH16 pro and Unique Melody Miracle

  1. IA64
    Hello guys,
    So I have decided to register after literally spending the last 17 hours reading this forum ( took day-off at work - haven't slept yet ) looking for an answers to how does the JH16 pro compare to UMM.
    I read all 274 reviews ( http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-274-iems-compared-hifiman-re-400-added-03-14-13-p-650 ) but sadly the JH16 is not listed.
    I currently own a Shure SE535 since two years but decided to go the CIEM route. I am not really attached to my Shure. I don't like the sound they produce to some extent. 
    I don't know how to describe it, it's very clean and neat, well articulated and instruments are nicely spaced but very analytical, neutral, flat, artificial and lifeless. Mids are too forward for my liking and it feels like it's playing deep inside your head.
    The minute I unpacked the SE535, my reaction was totally the opposite of " WoW ". I was like " That's not what I wanted from a 400 Euros IEMs ". Tried different sleeves but that did not get me rid of the mediocre performance for this price tag. Bottom line is, I don't like their sound signature.
    I'd rather have a monitor that produces a slightly more colored - fun to listen - natural sound for everyday's music but with the excellent built quality, sound isolation and microphonics of those Shure.
    The mentioned review above nominates the UM miracle as the best CIEM today with a 10/10 for the sound quality; but again the JH16 Pro is not there. If they were, there's a chance they could have won the gold medal. 
    Music genre is not limited to but includes : 
    Classic ( 10% )
    Latin Jazz ( 50% )
    Drum n Bass / Dubstep / Chillstep ( 30% )
    Hip-Hop / House / RnB ( 5%)
    Other ( 5%)
    Price is not a problem; I am aware that I will end up paying around $1700 for a perfect fit customs ( $1149 + artwork + Audiologist fee + earmolds shipping + 20% customs )
    Unfortunately CIEM are not popular the place I live and there are no demo units around. I do realize that it's a matter of taste and SQ is subject, but given the data above, which custom should I go for  ? JH16 or UMM ? 
    Last but not least; does CIEMs sound any better than a  top tier IEM like Shure and Westone with lossy codecs ? ( 256-320Kbps Mp3s ) 
    Appreciate your advice .
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Mimouille
    There is multi ciem thread also, with the jh16 but not the Miracles. I owned 535 and own Miracles and the latter are much better though I did like the 535. The Miracles are more balanced, have huge soundstage, great detail, awesomely textured bass which is NO boosted or just slightly. I do not know the Jh 16 but there are tons of reviews out there saying they are brighter with very quick and dynamic bass. There are many others now such as Fitear, Heir, spiral ear, etc. Miracles kick ass but read reviews of others too. And get good impressions by an audiologist who knows about CIEMs.
  3. IA64
    Hey, thanks for your feedback mate. I find it a bit strange that such a huge database and forum doesn't contain a head to head comparison between the mentioned models as if it was done on purpose [​IMG]
    I could find the JH13 vs JH16 vs anything else... Miracle vs Merlin vs anything else.. but what about JH13/16 vs Miracle ? 
    Come on guys I know that some of you have had them both [​IMG]
  4. IA64
    Well, i am ordering the JH16 Pro. it's a tough call but I had to make up my mind.
  5. Mimouille

    Hope you like them.
  6. IA64
    Honestly, I did not.
  7. Nyanman
    what happened? 
  8. IA64
    Somehow it takes time for this thing to burn in. Sound is good but bass is somehow much more than what I wanted. I hoped for some additional low bass but the midbass is what's all about.
  9. KimChee
    Really either one are a great CIEM, but you couldn't have chosen more opposite ends of the spectrum.  I love my JH16, it is end game for me, and I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have.
  10. Advert
    Read the review of average_joe

    I heard umm, jh13, acsT1, acsT1live

    I think acs could produce low bass better, natural, and fun for long time listening
    Silicone fit is very comfort
    Sound signature is not boring...

  11. Deviltooth
    The JH16 has too much low end for you?  Do you feel it's overshadowing the mids or sounds artificial?
  12. IA64
    To be honest it depends on the amp section. When I connect it to the High headphone output of my DAC the sound is somehow boomy but when it's connected to the low one, the bass quantity is lower and more controllable. 
    From phone headphone jack, the sound is definitely not neutral. If i had to pick again, I'd go for the 13's. Too much mid bass, not covering the mids but your eardrum has its limit... when everything is vibrating it's harder to enjoy the details.
  13. Deviltooth
    Thank-you very much.  I'm leaning towards the 13 but it's hard to say no to 2 more drivers.  I wish they were purposed for sub-bass.
  14. goodvibes
    Check innerfidelity.com.
  15. SoundFreaq
    I find one common denominator in your description about lifeless. Balanced armature IEMs. My reaction was the same as yours. I would highly suggest looking at some IEMs with a dynamic driver in them instead of, or in addition to the BA driver. 
    Check out the UM Merlin, and if you want top-shelf sound quality and want to skip the fuss of customs, check out the Tralucent 1plus2. Guaranteed fun. Rhapsodia is also making some cool hybrids. There is lots of stuff out there. 
    JH16 and Miracles are just a couple popular ones, but they are also all-BA-driver earphones. Nothing wrong with that, but it's the dynamic drivers that are known for fun. 

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