1. charlie875578

    Best IEM for Classic Rock?

    What are some IEM's that would be ideal for classic rock? Trying to keep it under $500.
  2. jpmaster

    IEM for hans zimmer

    I'm newly on the market for new headphones. I already have a full size headphone for at home. Which iem do you guys recommend for hans zimmer's music in the 100-400 dollar range (man of steel soundtrack is awesome btw)? thanks.
  3. Noobmachine

    Heir Audio 4ai with Magnus Cable (International shipping included)

    I'm selling my 2 week old pair of Heir Audio 4.Ais plus the Magnus upgrade cable. They've probably seen about 30hrs of use in total, since I use my 8.As more frequently than these I figured it's time to find them a new home. They have all the original accessories that came with it when I first...
  4. uglysteve

    UE 900 detail but with more bass

    I've been searching for the perfect IEMs for a long time.  I currently own a pair of UE 900s that are superb but for the fact that they have a very subdued low end.  I am a bit of a bass head but I also love the clarity of the 900s.  I also recently tried out the Bowers & Wilkins C5s which, to...
  5. mummer

    Most comfortable for lying on my side?

    I seek headphones/earbuds specifically for listening to binaural beats and relaxation programs while lying in bed, which will inevitably include lying on my side, head on a pillow. Would you be so kind as to suggest some models with this specific attribute? My budget is flexible and sound...
  6. tyagi

    IEM for someone with tinnitus and hearing damage

    In some ways this is a bit of an alien thread for Head-Fi, where the general trend is towards "audiophile" (whatever that actually means) profile equipment and sound replication. I've been on and around head-fi for a few years and have enjoyed good headphones and music for many more. However, a...
  7. jmwaite

    Aftermarket cables for Heir Audio 4Ai

    Hello, I'm looking to replace the stock cables on my Heir Audio 4Ai IEMs. Thinking of Toxic Cables or Norse Audio. What plugs do these IEMs us?. Is it the same as any of the other major brands? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Poetic

    Spiral Ear Se 3Way Vs Heir Audio , Unique Melody Miracle, Tralucent Audio

    Lately I've been looking around at IEM threads, and I haven't been able to find which IEM would best fit me. I even bought the Hifiman He-6 with the Emotive Mini xa100 because I couldn't decide which IEM. Well im down to my last amount of music spending Money and I want an IEM that Covers all...
  9. shadowspine

    What IEM Should I Buy? Under $500

    I am looking for a new pair of IEM. I listen to alot of classic rock, some acoustic, jazz, country,metal, classical.. so pretty much everything but the majority is the classic rock. I would perfer them to have detachable cables and be as neutral sounding as possible. Soundstage/Presnetation and...
  10. shadowspine

    Heir Audio 4.ai or 5.a??

    Should I pull the trigger on the 4.ai or just wait for the 5.a? Has anyone tried them yet? Thanks
  11. MRiNiCK

    Need some help choosing new portable headphone

    So i came from a good share of earphones and could never get a good fit, went from v-moda vibe yeah i know it sucks TF10, Fischer DBA-02, RE-0,GR07, and now using 1964 T CIEM which i love the sound but with 3 refits from InEarz the fitting would never be GREAT. It was just Ok but i dealt with it...
  12. SixthFall

    Heir Audio 4ai For Sale

    For sale I have a pair of heir audio 4ai's. I am the first and only owner. They come with the stock cable, all tips, carrying case, cleaning tool as well as A NEW AFTERMARKET SILVER CABLE by Chris_Himself. I am asking $360 OBO for everything, Not including shipping. Will ship to Canada and to...
  13. Doralikesmath

    Westone 4s for Heir Audio 4ai

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for a pair of Heir Audio 4ai. If anyone of you interested in trading for a pair of Westone 4s, please PM me. Thanks.   Cheers.
  14. qqexpress

    looking for Heir Audio 4Ai

    Looking for a Heir Audio 4Ai, price that I am offering isn't firm as I don't know how much a used one goes for.    Hit me up if you have one for sale!   Thanks for looking at my ad.
  15. WinterCharm

    Heir Audio 3.ai/4.ai vs Apple Ear Pods

    Before anyone kills me and eats me, I know they are worlds apart. But, I'm focusing on sound signature here and have a question.     I just got my hands on apple ear pods, and I really liked their sound signature for the most part. They have basically exactly the sound signature I'm...
  16. xaddictionx

    Westone 4R or Heir Audio 4ai

    Hi guys, appreciate your suggestions and opinions between these two IEMs! Coming from a TF10, UM3X, Westone 4R. Currently using a Westone 4R but finds it lacking in clarity slightly though bass and treble are good! There is also a slight veil in the lower mids. Instrument separation in UM3X is...
  17. zach915m

    Heir Audio 4ai

    For consideration is a very nice set of Heir 4ai IEM's.  Selling because curiosity has gotten the best of me and I want to try out the Tzar 90's.  These are fantastic as you may know, and I'll probably be looking for another pair at some point.   Comes with otter box, headphones and cable...
  18. enoyletoj

    WANTED: Heir Audio 4.A/4.Ai/3.Ai

    Hey all,   I'm REALLY looking to grab a Heir 4.A/4.Ai/3.Ai if anyone is willing to let them go.   PM me with offers! Or just to indicate and availability and we can work something out~ I also had a JH11 for trade if anyone's interested (:   Thanks!
  19. mikek200

    WANTED: Heir Audio 4Ai

    Wanted, The above,must be in perfect working order & if possible,Mint condition with all accessories.   Please PM me if you have it. Tnx Mike
  20. gigtcj

    Heir Audio 4Ai w/ magnus cable

    I have a heir audio 4ai with the magnus cable for trade for a Grado PS500. I will add cash to the trade.  If you are looking for a great universal iem and are willing to give up your ps500 send me a pm.  They sound great and i enjoy them much but i would really like some larger home only phones...
  21. audionewbie1

    Opinions for IEM

    Recently my UE TF10 socket connector spoilt, so I am thinking of reshelling it and adding a mid driver. However the price of it including doing an ear impression will be around the same price as a Heir Audio 4.Ai. Just wondering how will a custom TF10 with added mid drivers compared to the...
  22. Saint Henrik

    Best iems for under 450$ ?

    Hello all so i'm planning to buy some iems that can be driven unamped from my Sony Walkman Z Price range: under 450$ I mostly listen to rock , alternative, classical, soul , indie and sometimes country and pop. I don't listen that much electronic , techno , trance, dubstep or metal. I...
  23. puffmtd

    Westone 4R or Heir 4ai?

    I'm interested in these two but couldn't find any direct comparisons.  These will be used to listen to classical music with some classic rock thrown in for a change of pace.  Currently I've been switching between the GR07MK2, REO, TDK BA200 and the meelec A161p and love all of them for changing...
  24. HeroicPenguin

    [Review] A Brief Comparison of 6 Mid-Centric IEMs (UM3X, RE262, SM3, and more!)

    This is my first IEM review, so bear with me on this one. It isn’t very technical and it was more of an exercise for me to help me eliminate some IEMs from my collection. I currently own two ~$200 IEMs and two ~$350 IEMs and couldn’t justify keeping all of them, so I wanted to compare them and...
  25. sheldonkreger

    Ready to Step Up from the Etymotic Research Hf5 - But Lacking Experience/Knowledge

    Hi Everybody,   A few months ago I broke my Hf5's for the third time and the warranty was over. I really liked the sound but I'm not willing to buy another pair because they keep breaking despite my best efforts to treat them nicely.   To replace them temporarily, I bought a pair of...