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Turn my back on Apple? Looking for a new phone/source, advice.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by urhyns, Sep 23, 2012.
    Hey guys,
    The contract on my iPhone 4, runs out in a couple of weeks, so I will be getting a new phone. I've had iPhone's for a while, and whilst I do like them, I'm not too sure whether I want the new iPhone 5, or branch out and try something else. I have access to Sony, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Windows Phone.  I love the simplicity and quality of the Apple product, but if there is another option which meets the same quality, I might just give it a go.
    My decision might be swayed by how good the new phone is as a source for my cans. I'll be running Ultrasone Pro 900's through it (waiting on the cans to arrive), not sure about amping yet, I'll decide after burn in.
    I'm wondering, what options are there?
    How good is the music player?
    Storage size?
    Quality of Hardware? (+aftermarket hardware like LOD connectivity and the like)
    Quality of the player software?
    Ease of use? (I find the iPhones music app to be perfectly designed)
    Should I just stick with the iPhone5?
  3. lee730
    If you love the phone so much then stick with it. Why not wait for more impressions on the iphone5. There are some threads up regarding it right now. Just do a search. If you are considering a really good amp look into the UHA6 MKII.
    I love the Apple product, but not so much as to never look at anything else.
    I'm after some advice on what else others have experience with, specifically what is good to use as a source. 
  5. lee730

    Well I use a Studio V 3rd ANV and an ibasso DX100 as my sources on the go. I generally don't carry around an amp with me while I'm out and about. When at home cooking or generally around the house I'll pair my Tralucent T1 or UHA6 MKII with my DX100. I've long since moved on from my iphone4 (still own it but only use it as a phone and internet). The sound is quite good for a phone but is mediocre at best compared to my current equipment.
  6. SennHI808
    I'm using the Galaxy S3 and the Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII thanks to lee730 and I love it! You can transfer FLAC files directly to the phone and it plays without any other apps. You can also bypass the DAC of the S3 pretty easily. The Leckerton's DAC is so transparent its crazy, definitely the way to go for a portable amp!
  7. Andrew P
    I am looking at the same option - can you tell me whether you can connect the S3 to the coaxial input on the Leckerton? - I want to play 24/96 files & you cant do that through the Leckerton's usb input
  8. zachchen1996
    I don't believe you can connect the s3 to the leckerton's coaxial input. I can attest that the leckerton is awesome, really great for the price, you won't regret it.
  9. lee730

    Hmm weren't people doing something like this or is it the USB they are using?
  10. zachchen1996

    People are using usb lol. Maybe I'll need to get a dx100, the dac on the uha-6s mkii is really disappointing me. Should probably wait for the hm901 though and see comparisons.
  11. lee730
    Yeah I'm also looking forward to impressions on the 901. Still having my doubts though it will beat the DX100 after 1.2.7 firmware update. It took this DAP from being great as a portable rig on 1.1.7 to competing with my DACport LX home rig. It's like having a new player. To be honest pairing the DX100d with my T1 Amp I am preferring this set up even to my DACport LX and Triad with my IEMs. I haven't stopped listening yet and I'm at home where it would be more feasible to use my desktop rig instead.... Just something about the 3D sound staging and qualities to the overall sound that keep me attached to the music. I think it's quite a feet to be able to combine warm, neutral, detailed and non-fatiguing (organic) into a sound signature.
  12. zachchen1996

    Hmm so this update finally fixed all the annoying bugs huh? Got to listen to the dx100 for like half minute at a meet in July. Didn't sound ground breakinging good or anything. But then again it was on old firmware and I didn't get to listen for that long. Getting good impressions on something takes days and days.
  13. lee730

    Yeah to be honest it is really hard to walk away with good impressions on short listening sessions. I honestly wouldn't have been able to appreciate even the AKG3003s if I didn't get to spend a couple weeks with them. But I was going to sell my DX100 up until 1.1.7 firmware was released. It just didn't offer enough of an upgrade over my Studio V at that point to warrant keeping it. But oh boy is it sure worth keeping now IMO. The fact that I am even comparing it to my desktop rig is insane. Never knew that was possible.... Looks like it's time to start upgrading my home rig in the near future.... [​IMG]
    FYI there are still a couple bugs that need to be addressed. We're all hounding ibasso on it so I have a good feeling it will be fixed soon. figgie and Sorrensiim are the android experts and are gonna help ibasso to get things sorted out. Basically my only qualms left with this player is having my music automatically alphabetize instead of having to sync them in the order I want them to show up in. This is apparent to me in playlists which is my main way of accessing music (plus the fastest and smoothest). Lastly the slight fade-in when manually changing tracks. I don't find this acceptable and it needs to be fixed. Other than that this player is quite formidable and very usable. The UI isn't apple quality but then again its not a night and day difference either once everything is working properly.
  14. zachchen1996

    Too true, which Is why one should always take with a grain of salt peoples impressions at meets, way too unreliable. Really interested in the dx100, but with all the options, so many options coming soon. Do you think the dx100 as of now is the end all rig for portable?
  15. lee730

    I'm honestly not sure yet. I'm gonna wait on the 901. The iRiver got my hopes up but the output impedance is a complete joke considering its $600.00 price tag. I'll pass..... But as of now I feel the DX100 is the end all especially in the portability segment. The fact that one of the owners of the DX100 is now selling his CLAS after the update is saying a lot. I'd take a single unit over a 3 piece bomb any day. Especially if that 3 piece bomb doesn't sound as good as the single unit :). If Hifiman continues its legacy sound signature it will likely be more mid-centric with some serious bass texture (at least that is what I gathered from headphone addicts impressions of the unit). Not sure if detail is gonna be its strongest suite. But until then its all speculation :).

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