1. channend

    which headphones are best for me?

    soo i need a good all rounder. i like my bass, but not soo much thats its over powering. i listen to club/dance music and todays modern pop music. i like them to be comfortable and keep sound out and dont want them leaking soo much. i want headphone that are good overall sound quality, my price...
  2. redarecoba

    The Best 100 $ IEMs

    Hi , i want to buy a new IEMs , so what is the best ones with 100 $ , i listen to electronic music , hip-hop , pop ect   The HIFIMAN RE-400 is a the best solution ?   Thank you and sorry for my english
  3. Barra

    Best Sub $450 Value CIEM for clarity, detail, extension, and slam: JH5 vs. Cosmic Ears BA3 vs. Alien Ears C3/CFR3 vs. 1964 Ears V3

    Reading through the forums to try to compare these value CIEMs is torturous, so I was hoping to start a discussion here to gain perspective as well as add new options. The threads hold very few actual reviews or comparisons to provide prospective, mostly chitchat and speculation. If anyone owns...
  4. Razgorth

    Looking for Classical CIEMs

    Note: This is a blatant repost from the advice thread.   Recently I've been thinking about upgrading to a set of customs, and I'd like some recommendations as to what would suit my tastes.   My budget is in the $200-600 range, although I am willing to go higher if the sound is right. I...
  5. Justlog

    Just got my Brainwavz B2's!

    Hey everyone, so last night(about 12PM to be precise) I checked the fridge to see if I can find anything to eat, and then I noticed a note that I assumed came in the mail that day, And I asked my mom "When did this arrive?", "Today" she said, I snatched the thing from the fridge ran to computer...
  6. mechgamer123

    Where to buy IEM cleaning tool?

    I have 2 pairs of IEMs, the Brainwavz B2 and HifiMan Re-Zero, and it seems as if the B2s have sucked up a bunch of earwax, and I've searched everywhere for an IEM cleaning tool to buy, such as one that's included in other IEMs such as the TF10s and I have yet to be able to find one for sale...
  7. shadow82x

    I have two pairs of the same earphone....But they sound different?

    I'm not sure if I'm going crazy here or not. But I recently tried out and briefly reviewed the Klipsch R6M. I ordered a second one with the intention of returning the first because the remote was acting funky on my original. So I open up this second one, without burning in, and it sounds...
  8. thedocdetroit

    Best IEM for the gym?

    Vsonic GR01 vs Westone Adventure vs Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII vs HiFiMan - RE 272 vs Brainwavz B2 vs others   What would be the best IEM that provides good lows, mids, and highs with good isolation and durability for a gym environment?
  9. BakaPhoenix

    Analytical Headphone under 100$

    Hi! I'm searching for a headphone with a sound signature like my brainwavz b2(crisp highs, mids not recessed, higly detailed, with fast bass, i don't mind some bass rumble but they don't have to me overwhelming). I saw the offer of the hm5 at 99,50 from mp4nation but in the hm5 thread the...
  10. bogalog

    IEM advice for e4c fan

    Hi all, it's been a while since I've been on here and my decent IEMs have finally died I've previously had the e4c and the se530s and I loved them both in different ways. Anyway, my se530s seem to have died (one about 20% quieter than the other which is annoying), and my e4c's have cracked...
  11. Dougeefresh

    X-LARGE tips?

    I am having a hard time finding correct tips. I just got the Sony Hybrid and even the large ones are too small. Can anyone tell me where I can get tips that are larger than the conventional "large" sized tips? Just silicons, not looking for the foam type as they hurt my ears. There are for...
  12. O

    Looking for Clarity

    i  want an iem under 150. i do no really care for the sound signature of the headphones since i like to manipulate the sound with an equalizer anyways. what iem has the best clarity under $150? ive had a re-400 and i liked it a lot but it broke. im looking at the vsonic vc1000. would this be good?
  13. roughington

    astrotec ax7 vs other stuff around 150 USD

    I was wondering if anyone has given these a go because there is pretty much only one english review on them and it's mostly positive but it uses the same drivers as the fischer dba 02, and other TWFK if I read it correctly. So I am wondering how they stack up against he competition as I have...
  14. slowpogo

    BASS SHOCK: Am I crazy???!

    B&W C5 Brainwavz B2 NAD HP20 Polk Nue Voe RHA MA750i HiFiMan RE-400 RBH EP-1   These are the in-ear headphones I've auditioned over the last 10 days or so. I listened through my iPhone, to 320k+ AAC files or lossless with the EQ "off" or "flat." All of them, other than maybe the NAD...
  15. slowpogo

    B&W C5, Brainwavz B2 impressions (the search continues)

    I just spent a few days with the B&W C5, and Brainwavz B2 in ear headphones. I want to give my impressions and see where others might agree or disagree, because I'm still searching for "keepers."   B&W C5 - I was really curious about these because I owned a pair of B&W 602 loudspeakers for...
  16. jonnyp11

    ~$60 In Ears

    The deals thread itself isn't really the place for the details of this discussion so bringing it here. I'm looking for a quality in ear around $60 (if it's a huge difference I might squeeze a little more). I missed it but might be able to convince amazon support to give me the Aurvana IE3 for...
  17. Unreal88

    Replacement for Sunrise SW-xcape.

    I'm looking for some new IEMs to replace my Sunrise SW-xcape. They broke down a long time ago and I have bought a lot of IEMs since but none of them really pleased me. I'm looking into:    Branwavz B2, Vsonic  GR07 Vsonic VSD1       Or the new xcited or xcape IE?   Any tips?  I...
  18. BakaPhoenix

    Buy or not to buy Vsonic GR07

    Hi! I found this buds for 100€ Everyone here speak really well of them. I have some other IEM but at the moments the brainwavz b2 are my favourite and i really like their sound signature. Considering that I'll be using them with a nexus 4 (Probably unamped) is it worth the buy? Also I don't...
  19. janoslc

    some help ! IEM for CLIP ZIP, ROCK

    Hi,    need some help choosing new headphones,    wich is better with rock ( Oasis, Jet, Red hot, Pearl Jam, The strokes, The killers, U2, foo fighters..)   fischer audio dba 02 mkii  vsonic gr01 vsonic vc1000 astell kern akr01   i hear the brainwavz b2 and i feel it so brilliant...
  20. naveen

    Getting Brainwavz B2.....:)

    HI All,          After a lot of research, I have finally decided to go for B2(I'm Analytical Listener). Just placed my order in MP4Nation.           I will update soon as soon as I have B2's........:)
  21. shotgunshane

    Universals Modded with Recable or Removable Cables! ***Sony MH1 Recable added! (Fischer Audio DBA-02, Brainwavz B2, UM3X, Sleek Audio)

    Recently I made a trade and acquired an older set of Fischer Audio DBA-02's.  It still had it's original twisted cable, which had become unruly and obstinately stiff (a previous owner had re-terminated it with a straight Neutrik connector) but was still in good working condition.  Due to the...
  22. jpalenzuela

    Brainwavz B2 or HifiMan RE400?

    Im looking for a nice pair of IEMS. I narrowed my search to these two. I dont want to spend more than $130. I will use them unamped or with a Fiio E6 mini amp. Source is a PC, macbook and a Galaxy S3. I mostly listen to indie alternative rock like Radiohead. Which one should I buy? Thanks in...
  23. PeterCheng

    $100-150 iem for pop, country and r&b

    I cant choose between dynamic drivers and balance armatures. Dynamic drivers have fuller body on the mids and bass where ba have better clarity and highs. Which kind of driver should i choose for these genres? Thanks =]
  24. Ovreel

    Replacement for Klipsch Image X10s?

    Hi all.  I've been using my X10s for the past couple years and they're finally dying on me.  The sound goes in and out between each ear and sometimes just stops entirely.     So I'm looking for a replacement in the $100-200 range.  I've been using the Klipsch S4As but the sound quality is such...
  25. oleg4896

    GR 07 vs IE 80 vs Brainwavz B2 for rock music

    I`ve been choosing the best IEM for Rock, Jazz and Blues, mostly for Rock under 300$ for two months. I can buy all of these IEM almost for  the same priсe now.  Gonna use it with Cowon J3 without any amps.    I just cant decide between those. All of them have pros and cons   GR07 has...