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Brainwavz B2 or HifiMan RE400?

  1. jpalenzuela
    Im looking for a nice pair of IEMS. I narrowed my search to these two. I dont want to spend more than $130. I will use them unamped or with a Fiio E6 mini amp. Source is a PC, macbook and a Galaxy S3. I mostly listen to indie alternative rock like Radiohead. Which one should I buy?
    Thanks in advice.
  2. jpalenzuela
    Any other recommendation for a nice IEMs good for this music around $100 will be appreciated.
  3. jpalenzuela
  4. cswann1
    Sorry but I have no experience with either.  So why am I posting?  
    Just to say that going by customer reviews on Amazon looks like you can flip a coin, choose on styling or ask which one your girlfriend likes (you can then use that to your advantage later:  "I do care about your opinion. Remember when I asked you to help me pick my IEMs?")  and probably be happy.
    However, it looks like neither of these are designed to be worn over-the-ear, which is something I won't consider in an IEM.  
    Out of curiosity, have you considered some other models in this price? Like the Westone 1, or Shure SE215?  There are tons of ~$100 IEMs to choose from and I don't envy you in having to weed through all the choices.  But if you've done a lot of research and narrowed it down to these two...kudo's! You're almost done.
  5. jpalenzuela
    Thanks hahaha. I took these two from the head fi Headphone Guide. I might prefer the B2 because it comes with more accessories
  6. jpalenzuela
    Does the RE400 comes with a carrying case? Any recommendations?
  7. cswann1
  8. zamorin
    I don't think RE-400 is suitable for rock. I suggest you look at Hisound Audio BA100, Vsonic GR06 and Rockit Sound R-50.
  9. jpalenzuela
    Just checked out the R50, they look like the B2s. Which one is more suitable for rock (specially Radiohead) at this point? What about the GR06? They look like a very good deal.
  10. jpalenzuela
    Add Shure SE215-K to the candiates list. Do they fit nice for rock?
  11. zamorin
    Best is to check the R50, GR06, SE215 appreciation thread here. The SE215 should be good for rock. Or HisoundAudio B100. It has remote functions for android.
  12. PapaThrust
    I have experience with the B2, the RE 400 and the R50 - I kept the RE 400 over the other 2.
    I listen to rock, blues, jazz, classical & ambient.
    What part of the music, if any, do you like to be emphasized or de-emphasized? That might help you reach a surer conclusion.
    I feel the the B2 leaves out too much in the bass end and can be overly bright.
    For me the R50 has great bass representation, okay mids and sometimes irritating highs
     I really liked the R50s, they would work well for Radiohead yet when I heard the 400s I smiled.
    The 400s sounded more like my big speakers than any of those others. 
    I feel they leave the original signal the most intact without adding or taking away
    The vocals and guitars are never behind the rest of the music- at least in line or slightly in front
    I use the Fiio E07K and on some tracks I'll put the bass up one notch - on some others I may put the treble up a notch - mostly things stay at zero.
    I would not make a buying choice based on the accessary pack because you can't listen through accessaries.
    Sound signature and comfort then accessaries.
    The 400s came with a case and a bunch of tips (including comply 400s) - I went with the Complys - comfy fit, good bass response and easy highs. Zero listener fatigue even after hours of use.
  13. zamorin
    Really? because I tried the RE-0 which is supposed to have the same signature of RE-400 and I found it totally lacked bass and had a very flat SQ. Maybe they don't sound the same afterall.
  14. PapaThrust
    I think you reasoned out your own question.
    I haven't heard the RE-400  was supposed to sound like the RE-0 or anything else for that matter.
    Marketing wise that makes little sense.
    The Comply tips made the difference for me with the bass.
    The med bi-flange tips allowed bass as well but I didn't like so much the mids-highs with those tips.
    If there is bass energy present in the mix- the 400s represent.
  15. Axesd
    If you are still looking, I will say the RE400 do lack of base. I am no huge expert with IEM/headphone, but bass is flat. It makes hip-hop sounds boring. Other than that, just about anything would sound great. I was using a Yamaha-EPH100 beforehand. While I did miss the happy sub-base from the EPH100, but I would use the RE400 as my main without a doubt.

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