Earphones with forward vocals (under $200)
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Oct 6, 2012
I'm looking for earphones that are very intimate with forward vocals and good bass. Currently I have Bose IE2 headphones but the vocals don't stand out to me.

I tried the GR07 because it had great reviews but it sounded dull and distant in comparison

Also, IjokerI recommended the JCV HA-FXT90 but I'm hesitant to try it out since it has some mixed reviews and I'm curious to see what other options are out there.
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Maybe look for a sweeter IEM?  Something like the MEE A161, Phonak PFE 1xx, Moshi Vortex Pro, Nocs NS800.  Something like an Etymotic has forward mids, but may not have the type of bass you're expecting.  But I did want to at least mention it. 
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I too am looking for this sound signature but am looking at sub $170 iem's.  I 've settled my search between two offerings: EPH-100 and RE-262.  From what I gather if providing the RE-262 the power they need from a separate amp the mids are un-touchable for anything priced anywhere close to them.  "Fluid, Lush, musical" are key words that are luring me in.  Next best from what I can gather are the EPH-100 but they seem to get better reviews in comparison to the RE-262 for their bass performance while still performing above the other competition in regards to the mids.  Apparently both of these give up some top end sparkle compared to well reviewed GR07's but that's ok with me as long as they are more musical and never suffer from the occasional sibilance the GR07 do even after burn in.  So reading reviews for the past few months it seems these two are on my short list now. 

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