1. phinael

    Looking for a pair of IEMs, $50-$150 range - need advice, the variety is a bit overwhelming.

    I have tried to do my fair share of research but in the end I would much rather decide based on people's opinion than my own limited understanding.    Now while I understand that some headphones sound better on different types of music and source material, there is also a subjective "sound...
  2. d3njiR1

    Choosing some "nice" cans under $100.

    I would like to buy a nice (at least as nice as you can get <$100) set of cans. I don't really care whether in-ear or over-ear. I mainly listen to instrumental/classical music (ex. ThePianoGuys, Beethoven, Mahler). Right now I am using a pair of Apple earbuds (ick) and I am really getting tired...
  3. gollawolla

    IEM hunting

    Hello! I´m looking for a good pair of IEM. My budget is around 100$. I need some help to find some good in the pricerange with my priorities?   The sound quality is of course the highest priority. I´m mostly listening to electronic music, but also some other genres, sometimes   I´m...
  4. TunneLVisioN42

    $100 - SE215 / Philips Fidelio S1 / MEE A161P

    I have been wanting to get a solid value IEM for some time but have not had the time to sit down, research, and come to a decision. I was hoping people that have some personal experience with these could share opinions etc. Maybe help me come to a decision. Most of my listening will be...
  5. ArchDragoon

    Good bass In-ear not over 100$ with microphone for android

    any suggestion ? i have 100$ for budget and look for new portable headset with good bass.   condition : With one button and microphone (3 button don't work with my xperia ion )
  6. calvin1

    Why is my new headphones picking up radio signals?

    MCC A161P headphones picking up radio signals.   PC with extension cable + headphones = can hear random radio station PC + headphones = fine Smartphone with extension cable + headphones = fine Smartphone + headphones = fine   I just bought these last week, should I just return...
  7. nightwalkere

    IEM under $75

    Im looking for a new IEM,under $75(USD) , preferably one that is more accurate, rather than bassy, Any suggestions?
  8. Inks

    Meelec A161P Thread: *Review* Part 1: General Ergonomics & Sound Summary 7/28/12 [Review list by others on Page 1]

    Meelectronics ordering link / Google Shopping My Review Post#1: Intro // Post#2: Packaging & Accessories Post#3: Build Quality & Cable Ergonomics // Post#4: Fit & Isolation Post #5: Sound Evaluation [Temporary Summary Provided - Complete Evaluation Coming soon]   User Info Post #6: User...
  9. localredhead

    M6 PRO Impressions

    Hello,   Just got my M6 Pro's today and I thought I'd race to be the first to add my opinion on these IEMS.   I'm updating this after 1 week of listening.  My updates are green.   Presentation: Warm (read:  bass)  - Or so I initially thought.  Honestly after a week I think the bass is...
  10. veruvius

    How to deal with volume in Android and on flights

    Odd pairing of issues, I know. I have a pair of A161Ps (which I am really enjoying - burn-in made a HUGE difference). I am about to go on a trans-Atlantic flight, and from previous experiences would low impedance headphones, I know that the lowest volume setting on an in-flight entertainment...
  11. Mikey01

    Able Planet Sound Clarity® SI500 (impressions)

    This will not be a review on the Sound Clarity® SI500. However they deserve one. This is moreover to bring some enlightenment to HeadFiers.. Recently I made a comment in another thread about buying a pair of Meelec M-Duos with dual dynamic drives after falling for Amazon review hype. I wanted...
  12. nightfury

    A161P broke <1yr help me decide what to do next

    Hello, I've been using the A161P headphones for almost everyday now since I bought them. I chose them based on comprehensive reviews from this forum. They sound great however I should have paid more heed to the warnings about the wire quality. The headphones have very thin and weak cables that...
  13. anonymous4a

    alternative for a161p

    I've been using Meelectronics a161p for the past year and really loved them but they recently broke. Are there any other IEMs that sound similar in that price range ? below $80.. 
  14. igbee

    Question about MEElectronics A161P In Ear Monitors' Analytical sound

    I got the A161P IEMs on the cyber monday promotion and have just started to use them at work - just with a desktop computer. I have heard these IEMs described as "detailed" or "analytical" but it seems to totally alter music i know very well. I've tried MP3s all the way up to DSD files.   Do I...
  15. TakmaN

    MEE A161P Hissing Noise?

    I recently received a pair of MEE A161P IEMs and when I first plugged them into my phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII), they sounded fine from what I remember. I proceeded to burn them in for about 4-5 hours and now I hear an audible hissing noise when listening to music on my phone and laptop. Did I...
  16. keanex

    [Review] Meelectronics A161p, the most satisfying IEM I've ever heard

      I would like to thank Mike at Meelectronics for the review sample of their new flagship IEM the A161p. These are currently available for pre-order on Meelectronics website for $99.99, with the first batch shipping in a little over a week. Pros: Excellent balance and clarity, good...
  17. Icicle666

    Advice needed on some IEM's

    Hey all :)     I am busy searching for a decently priced set of IEM's that will last me and fit what I need from them ...     I will be using them to listen to music (Everything from classic/jazz to rock/metal and even dubstep) and watching movies ... ... I will also be using them for...
  18. oddysee

    IEM upgrade from Meelec A161P

    I've recently lost my Meelec A161P and am looking to replace it with an upgrade. I enjoyed the neutral tone of the A161P with its touch of warmth. My budget is around USD 200. My preferences are for an IEM with multiple BA drivers and/or hybrids with good isolation as I listen at fairly low...
  19. tman1

    JVC HA-FXD80 vs. MEElectronics A161P

    Has anyone been able to listen to both of these, other than joker? Looking for more opinions comparing these two 'phones (dynamics, bass/mid/treble response, isolation, etc). I had the A161s but they have somehow disappeared along with my Walkman. Now I have a new Clip Zip and need new...
  20. ruleof72

    Suggested budget in-ear or earphones under $50

    Hi all,   I almost never use earphones or in-ear stuff so I'm pretty much clueless in this area and I'm asking for some help here.   My wife is looking for something with decent quality for listening to streaming radio (Slacker, Mog) while at work. She's definitely not an audiophile but...
  21. Boosh96

    Audiophile buds?

    Now I'm thinking I should purchase a pair of audiophile earphones for on-the-go listening, possibly in addition to a pair of cans. I'm looking for audiophile buds that cost $150 or less, have good noise isolation, and are good for listening to classic rock. Any suggestions would be great!
  22. JDoeA

    100 dollar range earphone with detailed precise sound reproduction?

    Hello community,   I am looking for a earphone priced around 100 dollars that has detailed, precise sound reproduction, do you have any suggestions?   I listen to classical music and soft music; I rarely listen to music that has strong bass so I don't have any requirement for it.  ...
  23. BangOn

    Looking for similar price/quality as the HiFiMan RE-400 but with a remote control/headset

    Is there such a thing exists?
  24. Inks

    Etymotic HF3 [With Extras!] / Meelectronics A161P [SOLD]

    HF3:SOLD // A161P:SOLD           cover Paypal fees, or pay via gift International shipping cost can be given once requested via PM. 
  25. anonymous4a

    recommendations for tips for a161p

    hey guys, I'm not satisfied with the ear tips included with the a161p. Any recommendations on other tips that would make these sound great? I was thinking foam tips but don't know which will fit the a161p