M6 PRO Impressions
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Sep 3, 2010
Just got my M6 Pro's today and I thought I'd race to be the first to add my opinion on these IEMS.
I'm updating this after 1 week of listening.  My updates are green.
Presentation: Warm (read:  bass)  - Or so I initially thought.  Honestly after a week I think the bass is slightly recessed.  They have more bass presentation than the A151's and A161's, but I think there is a drop off in the lower end.  These present themselves as a slightly warm earbud and I DO NOT find them lacking in bass only that in the lower spectrum it seems recessed.  I think they are natural sounding with a hint towards "fun".
The tips that are included to have quite an affect on the sound.  I do not think they sound as good with the silicon tips because the silicon does less to dampen the outside world.  I think comply and the tri-tips sounded the best - most likely because they sealed better.
Comfort:  Really, Really comfortable - but if you have small ears they may be a little large.  I have tried a few of the various tips now, each for an extended period of time.  The previous impression was written with the Comply tips.  It still holds true.
I tried each rubber tip and they either felt good and didn't seal or felt horrible while sealing great.  I wear these to zone out sometimes, and I can't have that.  The comply tips are the only thing I would try before forming an opinion so my recommendation is to forget about the other tips.  
Isolation:  As good as anything else I've tried.  Using Comply tips - the isolation is on point.  I sound like a real comply fan-boy now.  The thing is - I had a hard time getting the silicon to seal in my ears.  The tri-tips do isolate well but I can't wear them without discomfort.
You can only expect a certain amount of isolation with dynamic drivers.
Sound Stage:  I punted on this before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk9Evqi4rqo&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 This sounds awsome.
I'm not really qualified to talk about the soundstage of the earbuds.  I can tell you what I hear and that is "pretty good", "natural sounding" instrument separation.  Reference my quotes if you disagree with me :)  I listen to music all day long while I code - so it would be annoying if the soundstage was always lopsided.  I like how these sound.  
Microphonics:  none.  This is one thing I thought was amazing about the A151's.  The A161's really disappointed me here.  The M6 PRO's are on par with the A151's I think.
Ask yourself: What is the point of a good sounding earbud that has horrible microphonics?  None IMHO.
Build Quality:  Typical Meelec quality.  You get what you pay for - for $49, these are as good as I'd expect.  Quick update to elaborate.  They have *as good* of build quality as the A151's, and better than the A161's.  
They also have a lifetime replacement program: http://www.meelec.com/LR and http://www.meelec.com/Articles.asp?ID=363  (same link just incase the shortened URL changes).  
If you visited the links you can see these are the only earbud (presently) that has this offer from Meelec.  They are really standing behind their product with this one.
Pros:  Comes with 2 cables.  Both are exceptional.  LIFETIME REPLACEMENT PROGRAM!!  Read the fine print - its really cool.
Cons:  Slightly cheap feeling plastic on the housings.  The filter is glued in and looks like a thin piece of paper/fabric over the ear nozzle.  Its obviously not paper - it just *looks* like a thin piece of *something*.  Its fine though and I am being nit picky to be honest.
Overall I am satisfied with this purchase.  This is actually a decent upgrade over my A151 and A161's.  The 151/161 were more precise and analytical while lacking in bass.  These have a lot of bass, which I like.
These would make a great fun IEM for anyone on a budget.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHXzZePkL8o  These really shine on this song.  The instrument separation is seems pretty good.
This IEM is really starting to 'break in' and the more I listen the more I don't want to stop listening.  The song queue is a mile long right now.
Pretty sure these just became my goto.  I can wear them and they are cheap enough I won't freak out about them if something happens.
OH and this too!
And the porn:




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Well, great first impressions! Hope you can post some pictures and do a full review on these, as im planning on grabbing these, but im not too sure if im going to like the sound signature, kinda like my IEM's neutral to slightly warm or bright, not a basshead by any means, and also if you found some connections issues with the detachable cables, thanks!
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Perhaps I mispoke by saying they have a lot of Bass.  I was comparing them to the a151/a161 - in comparison they do have more bass.
I'd say they are not a basshead headhphone - they just feel warmer, especially at first.
After listening to them more I'd say they are more on the neutral side of things.
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The cables on these are one of the best features of the headphone.
Connection issues: 0
I don't even know what to look for in connection issues because there is no obvious flaws.  They plug in securely and would take some effort to disconnect.
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Thanks for posting your impressions!
Would you say they are more on the balanced / neutral side of the spectrum? Wide sound stage?
How's the details and notes separation?
Can't wait to hear more impressions! These IEM's seems to be my next purchase! :) 
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  Perhaps I mispoke by saying they have a lot of Bass.  I was comparing them to the a151/a161 - in comparison they do have more bass.
I'd say they are not a basshead headhphone - they just feel warmer, especially at first.
After listening to them more I'd say they are more on the neutral side of things.

How is the improvement overall now?after a week past.....
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Workhorse and Daily driver are practically the same: basically meaning that the IEM it's going to be used on the go, or used for the most part of the day, the only difference (apparently, no Oxford PhD in English language so probably i could be wrong) is that a workhorse is used on the go AND treated quite rough, that it could take a beating. 
Hope that helps, thanks for the Semi-Review again! 
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Thankyou for this mini review, i have some questions that hopefully you or someone could possibly answer for me.
I bought MEElectronics in the past but always had issues with the (wire part of the cable by the earphone) - sorry for my explanation of this part but hopefully you know which bit i mean.
I ended up cutting it out which invalidated my warranty. has this improved at all from before or is it the same?
On a related point, does anyone know what type of connection is used (for the case of a 3rd party cable being made)
kind regards
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Sorry I have not had the experience you have had with the strain relief on the cable next to the earbud.
I am also not sure of the type of connector - Meelec customer support is pretty friendly maybe they will tell you?

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