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Apr 13, 2013
I´m looking for a good pair of IEM. My budget is around 100$. I need some help to find some good in the pricerange with my priorities?
The sound quality is of course the highest priority. I´m mostly listening to electronic music, but also some other genres, sometimes   I´m watching movies. I want them to deliver good and deep bass but I don´t want them to be bass heavy and rumbling. The midrange sound and the treble should still be very good and don´t disappear in the sound. Summarized a balanced sound with a little punch in the bass. The more balanced the better it is. In worst case I can always use the equalizer for my preference.
I´ll mostly use them when running, training and travelling. Therefore I want low microphonics and great build quality. 
The comfort is subjective, but I don´t want them to go very deep into the hear like earplugs. But still the fit should be good and the amount of tips included shouldn't be few. I don´t know the size of my ears, but medium i think. At the moment I´m using the normal tips of the included Samsung Galaxy S2 IEM and I don´t want them bigger, rather smaller. I want also to use the IEM both over the ear and the ''normal way'', with the cable straight down.
The isolation is not a big concern but at least I don´t want them to leak so much in public areas.
I care also about the looks of the IEM. I want a good aesthetic looking ones and don´t look stupid in public areas.
I´ve been looking at the MEElectronics A161P. The only thing I found bad was the build quality, which bothers me.
Also note that i live in Sweden and some IEM could be hard to buy here. I will probably have to import them but some stores does not have a worldwide shipment.
What are your recommendations for my priotiries within the pricerange?
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The JVC FXD80, TF10Pro, Klipsch Image X10 are balanced yet bassy and fit for almost all genres music.

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