1. egonza24

    Best heavy metal headphones

    Hello every one I am wondering what would be the best headphones for heavy metal, my price range is $200-$350. I like bass in my music and I would prefer to have a single sided cable for the headphones, what would you recommend?
  2. gollawolla

    IEM hunting

    Hello! I´m looking for a good pair of IEM. My budget is around 100$. I need some help to find some good in the pricerange with my priorities?   The sound quality is of course the highest priority. I´m mostly listening to electronic music, but also some other genres, sometimes   I´m...
  3. Zi0P4tch0

    High-end iPhone/office setup

    Hi!   I'm looking for some good full-size (closed) headphones that I could use whilst walking around in the noisy London and, at the same time, in the office.   Mobile Gear: - iPhone 5   Office Gear: - Macbook Pro Mid-2012   I mostly listen to: - Rock - Blues  - Symphonic metal -...
  4. crispchicken

    Budget IEM's with remote for android...

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking to buy a headset to go with my galaxy s3, that I can use while I'm out and about, and not worry too much about keeping in nice condition or losing. I have only a couple of requirements. I need an in-line remote that works with Android and has volume and pause...
  5. tripsteady

    Best Inner Ear for Galaxy S3 ?

    Hi Guys     So im sure you get alot of these questions asked all the time , but an unable to find a sticky answering this so here goes :   What is the best in ear earphones for under $100? I will use this for commuting   They must have the following :   - Clarity is important ...
  6. vontokkerths

    Advice on portable rig

    I'm kind of new to this forum (Long time user, first time posting) and I'm looking into improving my portable rig which consists of mainly an android phone such as Samsung Galaxy S3 as media player and Note 3 (soon to be replaced for a note 4) but I will be using the s3 as the media player in...
  7. krohm

    IEM with Mic for Samsung Galaxy S5

    Hiya,   wanting some recommendations for an IEM with a mic that works with the samsung galaxy s5.  Seems everything is made for apple (yawn).  so yea any recommendations...    wanting to spend around $100-$200, not using a portable dac or amp but music is almost always lossless.    Advise...
  8. talleyrand890

    CHX5 sounds crappy with unmodified video soundtracks

    These buds sound good to my not-golden ears for .m4a music files (Violin Sonata No. 1 in A Major, Op 13, by Fauré) on my Galaxy S3.  But when I listen to music videos (.mp4) taken from YouTube, the buds sound like crap.  My airpods sound good for both types of files.   I'd rather not have to...
  9. DR650SE

    Better DAP? Next Galaxy or iPhone?

    So I'm deployed at the moment. When I get one I'll need a new phone and its audio quality will play a big part on my choice. Currently I have a 1st Gen Galaxy S Captivate. Great Wolfson chip. I also have Motorola Droid RAZR which I'll give to my nephew for gaming. My main portable DAP is a...
  10. akong

    Help finding a cable

    Hey guys,    The cable that came with my iBasso D42 portable amp which connects it to my Samsung Galaxy S3 just broke, and I can't find a replacement. I tried emailing iBasso, but not response. I've attached pictures of both ends of the cable. Samsung S3 end    iBasso amp end     Does...
  11. ultimoamore

    Best android phone for audio: Wolfson DAC only?

    I'm looking for an android phone to upgrade my old Huawei Sonic. I'm upgrading for "regular" phone performance (CPU, RAM, display) and audio performance.   I'm not an audiophile by any means, but my understanding is that only the phones with the Wolfson DAC are worth buying if you really want...
  12. FGondim

    Audio In/Out over a Micro Usb

    Hi,   Is it possible to connect a usb cable to my mobile (in this case a GalaxyS3) and use it to audio in/out? For example, use my headset (mic+sound) to use skype on my mobile or take a call.   I'm asking it because I want to build a dock where I would have everything connect on the dock...
  13. gattari

    android phone as source

    I have a note 3 and a galaxy s3. Both perform extremly well with my two dac, an asus muses and a chinese custom board with xmos usb. In my home I have also 2 pc, a portable sony and a nuc intel with dedicated linear power supply, but the quality is not the same as my android source + UAPP...
  14. rdlhifi

    Phone's (built-in) DAC's and their impact on the soundquality of USB-Dac's?

    Hi there   Great Site! Was a Lurker 'til now, decided to finally post a query (sorry if it was answered before):   I've been using my Samsung GT-I9300 S3 through Usb-Audio for a time now (Great Sonics btw), was wondering if I can replace it with a cheaper Phone (or better a Tablet), SHOULD...
  15. Lateness

    Galaxy S with Voodoo sound or iPhone 4?

    Just wondering which you guys think has better sound...
  16. rantrile

    Best Smartphone for audiophile

    As I understood, the HTC ONE is the best smartphone for an audiophile. How Iphone 5 compares to it? What would be the second best smartphone in the quality of sound?   Also, I'm personally looking for a lightweight (around 112gr or less as Iphone 5) with a smaller screen than HTC ONE...
  17. dfkt

    Samsung YP-R0 RMAA Tests

    All in all, the R0 is a player that measures well enough. It has its share of small flaws, but it's way better than the Sony A845 or certain "audiophile" players that shall remain unnamed. Here are the full results: RMAA Samsung YP-R0 Loads RMAA 16 Ohm dynamic driver comparisons RMAA 32...
  18. wdahm519

    Problem with ODAC

    Hey guys,   I'm having some trouble with my ODAC. When I plug it in to certain computers or sources, it will work, and with others it refuses to output sound. See examples below:   Windows 7 Desktop (works with other DAC's over same USB port) --> USB Cable --> ODAC = "Windows doesn't...
  19. Narside

    Is it worth to buy DAP having Galaxy S3?

    Hi to everyone! i've been reeding the forum for a long time already but still has no decision whether it is worth buying DAP if i already have Galaxy s3 with Neutron player. My priority is only HQ sound (i do not need the colorful display, the monochrome one will be enough). I'm planing to...
  20. headsounds

    Music player for my Samsung Galaxy S3 (Metro PCS)

    I'm hoping to buy the Fiio E18 very soon, but before that, I need to make sure my player has good sound production.   I currently use the "Music Player" app... I don't especially like the sound production, but then again, I'm using headphones that sound much better with amping.   What have...
  21. ralfjai

    Galaxy s3 vs Galaxy note 2 vs Nexus 4 as music source?

    I use se215 and kilpsch image x10 which one would be better? (All gear would be purchase from North America Tmobile) Thank You for answer
  22. doggybags

    Wolfson WM1811 vs. Qualcomm WCD9310 on the Galaxy S3

    I was wondering which dac was better between the Wolfson WM1811 vs. Qualcomm WCD9310 on the Galaxy S3.   If anyone can give me some information on this please let me know.
  23. DGriff0400

    Confirmed List of USB DAC's for the Galaxy S3 (international &US) or Note 2

    Hey guys this is a burning question of mine and might possibly be for other head fiers abt the S3's USB audio capability. I know there are posts in other threads abt some dacs that have been confirmed but could they all be compiled here as to make searching for possible options easier as well as...
  24. Trox

    DAC/AMP for Galaxy S3 and also replace Titanium HD on PC

    I'm looking foward to buy a new DAC/AMP combo for my Galaxy S3, and make sure it´s better than Titanium HD DAC and integrated headphone AMP. I have a budget of ~300; I was thinking in going for this uha-6s-mkii/ but no have idea of others alternatives. I Mainly will be using Grados 325 for...
  25. Boosh96

    What do you all think of Bose?

    If you've read my introduction thread or whatever, you'll know that I'm the owner of a pair of Bose QC15 headphones. I'm just curious-what do you all think of QC15's and Bose headphones in general? Personally, I think the QC15's are excellent, even if on the pricey side. The noise cancellation...