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Best Inner Ear for Galaxy S3 ?

  1. tripsteady
    Hi Guys
    So im sure you get alot of these questions asked all the time , but an unable to find a sticky answering this so here goes :
    What is the best in ear earphones for under $100? I will use this for commuting
    They must have the following :
    - Clarity is important , perfect mids and treble with average bass( dont want ones that have added bass)
    - Cord design must be tangle free/flat etc
    - Cord must be symmetrical (hate those behind the head ones)
    - Must be fairly comfortable- lightweight and easier to distinguish right/left
    - Must be able to answer call /have mic
    - Would like to have a carry case ( not mandatory)
    - Cant be over $100
    - Will be using with my Samsung Galaxy S3 
    Any recommendations ?
  2. tripsteady
    My choices so far :
    - creative ep630 $24
    - Philips SHE5105PP/28  $22  
    - Philips  SHE7055  $22
    - Philips SHE9005A $23
    - creative ep830 $34
  3. lin0003
    I would go for the Hifiman RE400. Those are neutral with a touch of warmth. 
  4. White Lotus
    This might sound a little silly, but - 
    The stock IEMs that come with the Galaxy S3 fit almost all of your criteria perfectly. Apart from having a "flat" cable and carrying pouch..
  5. lin0003
    The sound is pretty bad though.
    tripsteady likes this.
  6. tripsteady
    any other recommendations? Never actually had another earphone except the stock ones that came with my MP3 players but heard its a night and day difference , and since i use it 3 hours a day everyday , i thought i might invest in a better then stock pair.
    from the choices i listed above , are any worthy of choosing?
  7. lin0003
    You might as well get the Monoprice 8320. They are cheap and sound nice. 
  8. Monsterzero
    I own a Galaxy S3 and an IPod 3g and I have yet to hear any headphone sound good thru the Samsung...I mean its truly awful,so much so I refuse to use it for music and carry around my Ipod for music 
  9. KorkiPoo
    I'd get the Sony MH1C, sure the J type of cable isn't really great but you get used to it. Unlike J-styled IEMs the Sony MH1C stays secure on your neck because the cable is flat and kinda rubbery. Sound is great aswell, great amount of bass which you might not like and very smooth highs with some nice sparkle to it.

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