Triple Fi 10 Broken Right Earpiece, Swap or Buy

    Gday guys I sought out this forum after I unfortunately broke my right ear piece.   I pulled my solder contacts right off the silicon board when changing my headphones out with a new earbud. (to many weat-bix)    So if anyone has a right ear piece im interested in purchasing it  ...
  2. seunghoyoum

    TF10.... and now what next?

    Owned the triple fi for a year, and I recently lost them. I was so pissed I was out of the head-fi community for a while but not I really can't stand average 10 dollar earphones anymore, I'm back to head-fi now :)   My first thought was to get an upgrade from TF10. I have done my research...
  3. subseasniper

    Aaaaaargh! Help me get my IEMs to fit

    Hey guys,   I am the happy owner of a pair of Sennheiser IE80s but I can't seem to get them to fit really well.   This isn't a problem with the Sennys, I have had this with my Denon and Klipsch earbuds too.   I am using the large foam tips and for a few minutes the Sennys fit well...
  4. M

    A fun exercise (I hope): Which IEMs best define each sound signature?

    Hi folks.  Let me freely admit that I come to this question with more than a casual interest.  My firm designs and installs custom listening and viewing environments in homes.  Joining this site has led to a brainstorm with my partner about how to help our clients understand what sort of sound...
  5. FightBrothers

    What's the best IEM under 200?

    i'm looking for a IEM that is under 200 with good soundstage good mids and highs, bass is not my biggest concern but it still have to nice and clear. i'm not an audiophile so i'm hoping for some opinions.
  6. koven

    need some advice on $300-$400 universals

    looking at either the heir 4.ai or maybe westone um3x/4r..... prefer a warm rich sound that does well with vocals and bass   im not keen on waiting a month+ for the heir's though... westones look like a good alternative... been out of the audio scene for a while just using my RE0 + TF10 for...
  7. Jethro10

    Wanted - On-Ear phones with a sound like UE Triple-Fi 10's

    Hi, I'm looking for comfy on ear phones. Tried about 3-4 months ago, but failed and gave up for a while.   I bough the Wife some UE Triple-Fi 10's for christmas and she loves them, I've tried them and love the liveliness and attack, the enthusiasm of them. I've tried V-Moda Crossfade...
  8. silvercats

    Has anyone blamed you for spending too much($200) on headphones?

    Has anyone blamed you for spending too much on headphones? I am not talking about $500+ ones. Just the ones around $200
  9. willpayne

    Best replacement cable for UE TF10?

    Hey guys, I've been looking around for a new replacement cable for my TF10's. I have to admit, the stock cable isn't that good. My budget is around $30-$40! I am not really looking to 'improve' the SQ (I love the way the TF10 sounds as is :)), just for an all-around good replacement cable...
  10. razor5cl

    Future Sonics Atrio M5 or Yamaha EPH-100?

    I have seen a lot of people here on Head-Fi recommend both these IEMs, and I don't know which to get. I listen to electronic music like house, dubstep, drum and bass etc. Any thoughts?
  11. gollawolla

    IEM hunting

    Hello! I´m looking for a good pair of IEM. My budget is around 100$. I need some help to find some good in the pricerange with my priorities?   The sound quality is of course the highest priority. I´m mostly listening to electronic music, but also some other genres, sometimes   I´m...
  12. Aznboy1993

    Want to custom mold TF10. Best source?

    I am looking to get my (hardly used because super uncomfortable) TripleFi 10 custom molded, but I haven't the slightest idea as to where I should get them done. Any suggestions? Also, any input on getting a replacement cable in the process as well?
  13. thornygravy

    Resistor adapter, have you tried one?

    So I got my new Triple.fi's about a week ago, and I noticed that when I played them out of my laptop vs my portable rig, that the laptop sounded more pleasing to me. I noticed that my ipod/lod/ibasso t4 sounded very harsh in the highs and lacking a bit in the bass area.   I bought this 32...
  14. A

    Life expectancy of IEM Drivers

    Hey guys,   I just wanted to ask if anyone knows the average life expectancy of IEM drivers?   I'm getting reshells+additonal drivers for a pair of TF10 and a pair of IE8. They're still working fine but they're at least 2 years old now, should I be worried about the original drivers...
  15. Barra

    Best Sub $450 Value CIEM for clarity, detail, extension, and slam: JH5 vs. Cosmic Ears BA3 vs. Alien Ears C3/CFR3 vs. 1964 Ears V3

    Reading through the forums to try to compare these value CIEMs is torturous, so I was hoping to start a discussion here to gain perspective as well as add new options. The threads hold very few actual reviews or comparisons to provide prospective, mostly chitchat and speculation. If anyone owns...
  16. furryhead

    New to high end headphones...

    Hi there! Here just recently, a friend of mine got a pair of Beats headphones, and let me listen to them - and they sounded amazing, compared to the $5-$10 earbuds I usually wear... So this kicked a fire under my keester, I want to get a better sounding headphone. But I don't want a cheap piece...
  17. yufeng23

    (ADVICE NEEDED FOR CIEMS) TF10 x 6, UM Miracle, LS6 or JH13?

    Hi guys,    I've been surfing this forum for the past 2 days for at least 12 hours and I found many of the reviews on CIEMs extremely useful. I've read up on average_joe's reviews as well and I'm really thankful for his critical and constructive feedback.   Now I'm faced with a...
  18. betudontbet

    Help !!! to choose a powerful earphones

    Hello , its my 1st post so i dont know if this is the right section , anyway   Can u suggest me a powerful earphones with good quality for max 300 $   I looked for Klipsch x10i , but i dont rly know if they are rly powerful , i like to listen to trance/harstyle with good bass , can u...
  19. Audio-Phile

    Pin broke off in TF10 socket...what to do

    The absolute worst-case scenario that's always replayed in my head but never come close to happening, now has happened with no rational explanation as to how.  As I posted in my cables thread, I must have somehow bent the driver as it sat on the loose left side pins on the cable, and when...
  20. enyls

    New Pair of Earphones

    Hi,    I've been using beats in ear earphones(I'm not sure exactly what model, they don't seem to have it anymore on their website), but they have broken. I didn't even really like them in the first place though. I mostly listen to hip-hop/rap, alternative, rock, and some of the new pop...
  21. hongyi

    Looking for a pair of CIEM with good mids

    I am looking for a pair of CIEMs that can really emphasize on the artists' voices since I listen to ballads normally. My current pair of IEMs is a pair of tf10 reshelled and my DAP is a RWAK100(bought 2 weeks before they released AK120 ): ). Looking at the Miracles or JH16 but open to any...
  22. sanmyself

    Logitech UE Guarantee / Warranty claim related question.

    Hello Friends,   I have a doubt to clarify from you all here. I am currently possessing a UE TripleFi 10 in perfect condition. I had bought it directly from Logitech online more than a year ago. Here in Germany/EU Logitech provides a 2 year guarantee/warranty. So I have almost a year still...
  23. rantrile

    UE 900 mods

    After reading I understand that the most mentioned mod is blocking the pinhole. However, I'm still confused, does it increase the amount of bass or actually makes them more neutral? Another mod is to saw off 1.5mm from the nozzle's business end to restore the TF10's snap and PRaT as per a...
  24. slowpickr

    The "IEMs That Significantly Perform BELOW Their Price Point" Thread

    I started a fun thread several months ago about headphones that significantly performed ABOVE their price point.  Thought I would do one now for IEMs that are extremely over priced for the sound quality.  Not so much concerned about build quality or accessories.  A general example would be a...
  25. harrysjoyce

    Difference between Dunu DN-2000 and Shure SE215?

    Hi everyone,   Yesterday I purchased the Dunu DN-2000 online for $305 AUD and am waiting to receive them in the mail. I currently own the Shure SE215 and have been using them for a bit over 5 months. The reason i chose to upgrade to the Dunu DN-2000 was because they have a more natural and...