1. jtonzi

    Replacement Tips for Nocs NS800 IEMs?

    I picked up the Nocs NS800 IEMs recently and they sound great, but my goofy ears seem to be in between sizes for the tips. If I go up a size, they tend to slide their way out; if I go down a size, they don't seal well.   I contacted Comply about their tips, but they said they don't have...
  2. daviekatz

    Best thing-that-fits-in-your-ear for $300 (and a basic questions)

    Hello Everyone,   First, a questions about terminology. What's the difference between IEMs, earbuds, earphones, and canalphones?   I'm looking for the best sounding thing-that-fits-in-your-ear (I'll just refer to them as IEMs for simplicity) for $300. I listen to a diverse array of...
  3. aLm0sT

    [NEW] Nocs NS500 IEM

    Nocs just released their latest IEM, the NS500. They are now available for pre order for $79.95 with shipping in late May.  These look quite nice to me. Anyone had experience with their previous IEM's?        NS500 ALUMINIUM   The next-generation Nocs NS500 is a study in evolution. The...
  4. thatonenoob

    [Poor Man Reviews] Nocs' NS-800

    NOCS' NS-800   << Dunu DN-2000              Quick Navigation Panel  Final Audio Design Lab 1>>   INTRODUCTION Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Nocs has been quietly producing a lineup of “high-performance” audio products that include a wide range of IEMs, headphones, and to a lesser...
  5. Tirus

    Earphones with forward vocals (under $200)

    I'm looking for earphones that are very intimate with forward vocals and good bass. Currently I have Bose IE2 headphones but the vocals don't stand out to me. I tried the GR07 because it had great reviews but it sounded dull and distant in comparison Also, IjokerI recommended the JCV HA-FXT90...
  6. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] Nocs NS800: Steel Sound

    Review   Introduction:   Nocs are a Swedish company that makes a range of audio gear that is mainly IEMs but also with a headphone in the range and a pair of bookshelf speakers. They have actually bee round a fair bit but only recently have they updated their range completely adding new...
  7. noah1

    Etymotic HF3 replacement 'phones

    Hello all,    My fist post here, have been reading for a while, and could do with a little advice please.   My HF3s died a cable ripping death yesterday after 18 months of daily use. The kind manager of the Apple store gave me a full refund onto an itunes card (£135). This leaves me very...
  8. NOCS NS800-001 In-Ear Earphones with Remote and Mic Stainless Black

    NOCS NS800-001 In-Ear Earphones with Remote and Mic Stainless Black

    The NS800 is one of the most compact and exclusive in-ear headphones in the world. A high-fidelity headset with the most revealing sound in an incredibly small stainless steel housing. The Micro-Armature speaker is designed to deliver a well-balanced and superior sound quality. The NS800...