NOCS NS800-001 In-Ear Earphones with Remote and Mic Stainless Black

General Information

The NS800 is one of the most compact and exclusive in-ear headphones in the world. A high-fidelity headset with the most revealing sound in an incredibly small stainless steel housing. The Micro-Armature speaker is designed to deliver a well-balanced and superior sound quality. The NS800 provides precise and detailed acoustics throughout the entire sonic spectrum, backed by a natural bass, revealing the most amazing details. The sound is natural, warm and precise, with solid vocals and well-adjusted highs and lows, made for high demanding music lovers. The NS800 is designed in Stockholm, Sweden, with the minimalistic mindset of contemporary design, with focus on exclusive materials and quality. The NS800 is one of the smallest in-ear headphones in the world, made of stainless steel and using a world class micro armature that only enhances the user experience. The discreetly small housings and soft noise isolating silicone sleeves secure an ergonomically and comfortable fit, after a while you will not even notice that they are there. The build quality is as exclusive as its materials. Every part, from the stainless steel housings and Kevlar reinforced cables, to the noise isolating silicone sleeves have been carefully designed to offer state of the art durability and comfort.


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