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Jun 20, 2011
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February 19
Mess with people.

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Dsnuts Send PM

You guys can call me a JVC (or AT) superfan, Male

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    February 19
    Mess with people.
    Gaming and listening to my Cans while I work.. Yes I am the boss.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Beyerdynamic DT1990 pro, Fostex TH-X00, Sennheiser HD58x, HD630VB, Fidelio L2,SPH9500, Fidelio X1,Shure SRH1540, ATH-MSR-7, HD595, HD203, HD238, Audio Technica AD900X AD700, A900X, M50, WS55 solid bass. WS99, Onkyo ED-HF300, ATH-ES700, Thinksound ON2, Beyer DT1350, Kicker Hp541, Panasonic Rp-HT770, RP-HT21, Rp-HX50 slimz, RP-HTF890 Technics 1200, Denon D2000, Hp500,Hp700, Hp1000, AKG 518 LE, Shure SRH440, Pioneer Se-390, Se- Mj5, HDJ500, Jvc HARX500, HARX700, HAS600, HAS700, HAS500, HAS400, HAS160,

    IEMS= CA Solaris, CA Andromeda S, Ibasso IT04, Fiio FH5, NiceHCK DZ12, NiceHCK NK10,NiceHCK HK6, Oriolus Finschi, BGVP DMG, Sony Z5, Yinyoo HQ6, LZ A5,Rhythmos SD7, Rhythmos SD7 plus, Ibasso IT01, BGVP DM5, DMG,TA Hunters, BGVP DS1, EDC MD, MeeAudio PX, Phantom Master 4, Phantom Mater, Dunu 2000J, Titan 1, JVC FX850, FXZ200, FXZ100, FXD80, FXD70,FX40B,HAFXC51, HAFX67, HAFX1X, HAFX3X Sony EX41B, XB90EX Monoprice 8320X3, Sony EX600, TT isurus, Gr07, Philips S2,SHE3580X3, SHE9700, SHE9750, SHE9551, SHE9501, SHE2650, SHE5105, Panasonic HJE160, HJE180,HJE350,HJE450 Pro2 E132,SoundMagicPL30, UE500,ATH-IM03, ARH-CKR10, ATH-CKR9,ATH-CKM50, ATH-CKM33, ATH-CKM55,ATH-CKM77, ATH-CKS77,ATH-CK303, Pioneer CL-721, ATH-CKM99, Velodyne Vpulse, ASG-1, ATH-CKS55, ATH-CKS90,ATH-CKS1100, ATH-CKS1000, ATH-CKM500, ATH-CKN50, ATH-CKN70, Panasonic HJE355, TF10,NuForce NE650, NE700, NE750, NE850, Primo 8, HEM8, MMDT Brainwavz Delta, R3, Kinera
    Zero Audio DuoZA, Doppio, Singolo,Basso, Tenor, Ecobox Fender X1

    Philips SHL8800, Crative Aurvana Live, Acoustic Research ARW300, Ultrasone HFI-780, Dj1, Nuforce UF-30, Sony MDRZX300 MDRZX700, Piiq, Samson SR850, Allen & Heath Xone:XD-53 returned these are the same as the Denon HP1000.. Same driver.. Koss porta pro, Dj100,Maxell AMP-Heavy Bass. JVC HA-S4X.. HA-M5X . Maxell HP-550. V-moda V-80s custom plates.

    Favorite fullsized= Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro, Fostex TH-X00 , Sennheiser HD58x, Shure SRH1540>Philips L2, Philips X1, Denon D2000, Onkyo ES-HF300, AD900X, WS99, A900X, MDR-1R, D2000, HD595, UE6000, Fischer Fa-011

    Fave portable= Thinksound ON2> ATH-MSR7> Beyer DT1350> HPH200=ATH-ES700>>>>JVC HA-S500>, Beyer DTX 501p.HA-S400,

    Favorite IEMs= CA Solaris, EE Zeus, Andromeda S, Ibasso IT04, NiceHCK DZ12, HQ12, HK6, Sony XBA Z5, Rythmos SD7, FX850,Nuforce HEM8, DN2000J >IM03, ATH-CKR10, ATH-CKR9,

    Best Cheapos+ BGVP DM5> EDC Massdrop, Audio Zero. Tenors, Bassos. MH1C.

    Best Bass earphones= CKR10, FX850, CKS1100, CKR9,FXZ200, CKS1000, XB90EX, EDC
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    ICAN Micro
    Ibasso PB3
    Cayin C5
    Fiio E12A
    Fiio E11K
    Line5 A970
    Source Inventory:
    IDSD Black Label
    Geek Out 450
    Nuforce ICON
    Meridian Explorer
    Audinst MX2
    Centrance dacport slim
    Fire Phoenix
    Ha-Info U2
    Cable Inventory:
    A bunch of copper and a bunch of silver cables.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Shanling M5s,Sony ZX300A, Shanling M3s, Cayin N5ii, Fiio X5iii, Pono, IBasso DX90, X3, X3ii, X1, DX50, Sony Z1060, S545
    I like big music and I can not lie.
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