1. werthan

    RBH EP2

    Hello, New to forum - an overwhelming, but great, amount of info. I was reading a review of the RB EP2 and wondered if anyone had experience with them.  I did a search and didn't find anything.  I was just about to pull the trigger on the GR07s, but the review has made me interested...
  2. .Sup

    Earphones with remote for an iPhone (Recommendations please)

    Hey guys, this is my first thread within this portable headphone forum which means I really need you help and expertise. I often ride to work with my bicycle and slightly less often I get calls while I ride. Stopping on the road and taking the phone out is awkward so I would like something that...
  3. DrunkPimp

    Question about GR07 Recabling

    Hi everybody! I am interested in these headphones and want to buy them, but the lack of a remote with at least a pause button, preferably volume controls, is bothering me. Is there any way to get it recabled or rewired to include a remote, and if so, how much would something like that cost...
  4. L

    Having trouble deciding

    I am currently attempting to decide whether I should purchase the AKG k550/545 or the Vsonic Gr07. I know we are comparing two very different devices, however I was wondering if anyone has remarks on what to expect from the two. I am looking for something with good instrument separation, not too...
  5. iamloco724

    Anything better than the GR-07

    I listen to mostly hard rock and metal, is there anything in the price range $100-170 that is as good or better than the GR-07 i have the classics right now just looking at possibly trying out others
  6. Rush-n-crush

    Whats your go to sub $120 IEM?

    I'm literally swamped in IEMs and what to choose its driving me bananas.. From vsonic, to fidue, to tepeos, to TTPOD, to more known brands I just cant make my mind up.   My criteria is simple, durability and sound quality.. mostly listen to hip hop.. So I'm going to see what the majority pick...
  7. nuno91

    decibullz custom molded

    hi and first of all happy new year to the headfi boarders!:)   i'm living in france and here is very difficult to find special things like you have the chnace to have in usa:) i'm owner of vsonics gr07 BE i'm very happy with but not with the different foam or silicon i'v tried so i found the...
  8. Polar1

    Do these IE 80's look fake?

    I would be grateful if you guys could share your opinion on whether those Sennheiser headphones seem to be fake or not.    IE 80: http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/OTYwWDY0MA==/z/ARkAAOSw0vBUhXYX/$_57.JPG http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NjQwWDk2MA==/z/0oQAAOSw2XFUhXYX/$_57.JPG   IE 7...
  9. MRiNiCK

    Need some suggestion on headphones

    So i came from a good share of earphones and could never get a good fit, such as the v-moda vibe, TF10, Fischer DBA-02, RE-0,GR07, and now using 1964 T CIEM which i love the sound but with 3 refits from InEarz the fitting would never be GREAT. It was just Ok but i dealt with it for 1 and a half...
  10. genzeleam

    Quick question

    If an IEM is designed as an over-the-ear cord style IEM, does that mean that it won't sound right if you were to listen to it with the cord hanging straight down? In other words, with the speakers themselves turned to a different orientation.   I originally returned the GR07 Bass Editions...
  11. Gorktastick

    TTPOD T1-E Impressions thread

    I have only found a handful of posts regarding these babies.  Hisoundfi, I took your advice and ordered a pair from amazon the other day (gotta love that Prime shipping, as I recieved them next day), and I have to say that I think they are fantastic.  I currently have the Pistons, the Tenores...
  12. techtonic

    Am I just unlucky or do high end IEMs have bad cables?

    I recently purchased a couple of higher end IEMs and have just been experiencing problems with the cables within days of using them.   Astrotec AX60: left earphone was a little bit quieter and then barely audible. Hifiman RE-600: right earphone not audible when the cable is in certain...
  13. Nusho

    How many db of a bump is there on the 07be?

    Hi everyone,   I am wondering how much of a bump is there (in db) in the bass on the 07be in comparison to the mk2.    Thanks!   Nusho
  14. blargman

    IEM fitment

    Does anyone else have problems with the off the shelf IEMs that are out there? I've had a handful of IEM's that just boggle my mind the way they are designed. They don't fit my ear canals at all. Generally I notice my ear canals curve backwards toward the back of my head and it seems a lot of...
  15. Solarium

    Best IEM <$150

    I was wondering if you guys can help me decide on which IEM's to get, as an upgrade for my Klipsch S4i. I'm looking for the best bang for the buck IEM's with the following preferences (ranked in order of ones I most value to least): 1. Comfort - I have narrow ear canals and I want to wear...
  16. sdugoten

    The top-tier (USD 300+) "Bassy enough basshead IEM" list.

    I have been trying to search for the best basshead IEM for a while.   I am looking for a earphone that gives the MOST quantity of bass as well as sub bass rumble without using an amp.  I have tried quite a few IEMs, the following (supposed to be basehead recommend IEM) do not give me enough bass...
  17. Basilius

    Good bass with forward, airy mids (max $300)

    I'm looking for a new universal iem for $300 max, but I'm not sure what to get.  I've tried the Rockit R-50 and liked the instrument separation and details, but it there wasn't enough bass and it sounded lifeless.  I also didn't really like the Vsonic GR07.  I'm looking at the RE-400, but it...
  18. WoolyMarmot

    What should I expect?

    Recently, I had to RMA my Brainwavz B2 therefore I needed temporary replacement. After doing my research i bought a few IEMs and headphones that were on sale. Here is the list: Brainwavz hm3 UE 500 Monoprice 8323 Monoprice 8320 Feel free to chime if you have any experience with any...
  19. tehsprayer

    Best IEMs under $200

    I am looking for a new set of IEMs for Christmas. Currently I have the Klipsch S4i and they sound great and isolation is fantastic but I am looking for a little more.   I live in Canada so some IEMs may be restricted from getting   VSonic GR07  Klipsch X10 Shure SE215 Others?   I have...
  20. btym

    Best IEM for ipod 5.5g around or under $100?

    I prefer headphones but I decided I needed something in-ear for listening on the bus and at work etc. Decided to pick up a pair of Pistons because they're dirt cheap. They sound good for the price, but they're pretty bassy and unfortunately I hear constant static from my ipod that I never heard...
  21. nothing4me

    Can someone suggest a CIEM similar to LCD-2 v2 or GR07?

    Hi,   I had the Audeze LCD-2 v2 (had to sell) and currently have a Vsonic GR07 which I enjoy quite a lot. Can someone please suggest a CIEM with similar/enhanced sound? I just really like how smooth both LCD-2 and GR07 were while not hiding the details of my music.   I already have ear...
  22. daanh

    iem recommendation

    Hi, I have a RSA Intruder balanced amp, which I use with a Fostex TH600. It sounds amazing, but I'd like to have IEM's also. What would be a good complimentation to the TH600? I want impactful bass, warm mids and silky highs. Some options: Hifiman re 400 Dunu dn1000 1964 quad Vsonic gr07...
  23. Chevalierr

    Between the Gr07 & Ostry KC06A

    Heya Guys,   Deciding between the two, the Ostry KC06A and the VSONC Gr07 Classic   What i'm looking out for it comfort and isolation   I can geti both for abt $60usd including shipping so which would be the better of the two? or should I wait for the havi b6? Budget is actually ard...
  24. average_joe

    Perfect Seal Custom in-ear monitors

    As some of you may know, I have heard a good number of custom IEMs ranging from top-tier to entry level.  With ever-increasing competition, we are all benefiting from better price/performance ratios.  Perfect Seal is a new brand started by Mike Martinez, who has been in the industry since 1996. ...
  25. raybone0566

    little gems in my hands/yamaha eph100

    I own many,many pairs of iem's, but on rare occasion have a run across a pair that just seems to do everything perfectly. my vsonic gr-7 bass edition came close but still lacks with isolation. my rha 750's are excellent but still lack in the sub bass in my opinion. but these little yamaha's seem...