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$100 ~ $200 IEM Recomendations

  1. Kashin
    My Bose IE2s died, so I need new earbuds, but it's very hard to figure out what would be the best choice for me.
    What I'm looking for is nice, clear and balanced sound, as well as a sturdy and comfortable design within or close to the 100-200 price range.

    I have yet to find a pair as comfortable as the IE2s, but anything that gets close would be great.

    Please move this thread if this isn't the right forum. Thanks.
  2. Zalithian
    Tough one. If you're truly looking for balanced sound here are some ideas:
    ER-4 is sturdy and balanced, but not very comfortable.
    RE-400 is balanced and comfortable, but I question it being sturdy.
    Rockit R-50 is supposedly balanced, but no idea on if it's sturdy or comfortable. Worth looking into, I suppose.
    GR07 should probably still be a contender. It seemed pretty solid for the short time I owned it.
  3. Schokolade bar
    Westone UM2. Really great IEMs for the price, prefer them to the Shure competitors in the price range.
  4. Ezio
    I dont know much about IEM's, but i'll give you my recommendations:
    Philips Fidelio S1 or S2
    Marshall Minors
    Klipsch s4 or s5
    Sony XBA-10, XBA-20, XBA-30 or XBA-40.
  5. Kashin
    would any of you recommend the yamaha eph-100sl? the reviews seem good and I like its form factor
  6. Berkovajazz
    Shure SE215, Vsonic GR07, HiFiman RE400
  7. hi-fi amateur
    Add the TDK BA200 to that list as well.
  8. Mooses9
    Tf10 is a great all arounder for the price
  9. Ezio
    Havent tried it yet. sorry.
  10. thugangel123
    What about brainwavz b2. I'll get a pair soon.
  11. Spastic
    Yes I would definitely recommend the Yamaha EPH-100's, they have a good transparent and balanced sound. They also have very good isolation and come in 5 ear piece sizes for your convenience. My pair has done pretty well enduring trips to the gym. 
    Definitely worth the 100$ (AUD) I paid.
  12. D K A
    Try Shure se215 SPE and Yamaha EPH-100
  13. Kashin
    Does anyone know if there is a difference between Yamaha EPH-100SL and the EPH-100? I can't find what SL is supposed to stand for and their prices / images are identical.
  14. Spastic
    The 'SL' stands for 'silver', there is no difference between the EPH-100 and EPH-100SL, they are essentially the same thing. Hope that helped. 
  15. Grayson73
    Have you heard the XBA-10?

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