Best IEM for Running/Gym use for under $200
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May 7, 2013
Ive been browsing trying to find a high quality set of IEM's for Gym/Running use for less than $200. I will be using them with my ipod nano worn with an armband. Preferably they would be noise isolating, would have to fit snug and not start to fall out while running, not have any type of touch control on the wire. Ive noticed the new Monster iSport Victory as well as Bose SIE2 but would like to know what you guys thought the best way to go for $200 or less. 
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I've tried about 15 or 20 IEMs in the past few years trying to find the perfect gym/running headphone and I've ultimately decided on the VSonic GR07 Bass Edition (or if you like a flatter sound, the MKII version of the original GR07).  They fit perfectly, isolate quite well and they stay in my ears no matter what activity I'm partaking in (and under 180 bucks usually).  The adjustable nozzles really help you get the perfect fit and the over-ear wear style gets rid of the microphonics that sometimes persists when being active.

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