1. L

    Having trouble deciding

    I am currently attempting to decide whether I should purchase the AKG k550/545 or the Vsonic Gr07. I know we are comparing two very different devices, however I was wondering if anyone has remarks on what to expect from the two. I am looking for something with good instrument separation, not too...

    AKG k545 vs. AKG k550 (and a k545 question)

    i had the AKG k550, but they didn't have "any bass". so I took them back and got the sennheiser HD650. they fit so tight on my head, so I took them back as well. now, I have the AKG k545 and I am so happy with these headphones. they have enough bass. there was a little bump in the upper mid...

    Best Portable over ear

    Im looking for a pair of portable over ear headphones. I am currently looking at the Shure SRH440, Sony MDRXB600N, and the skullcandy crushers. I just want something with good sound quality and portablility(foldable). My budget is around 50 the 100 mark.
  4. wildreef

    i have 449.00 to spend on Harman audio.com what should i get

    I was thinking the akg q701 for gameing and the k 545 for portable and witch ever i like better for my vinyl / music collection or should i look at something else i wanted the k 712 but that is the pro line and it has to be off Harman audio.com i need help quick please and thank you
  5. bourdieu

    AKG new headphone K545?

    Hi guys, I was checking the red dot design award website and found this.   AKG K545 http://red-dot.de/pd/online-exhibition/work/?lang=en&code=2013-17-7438&y=2013&c=165&a=0   Anyone ever heard of it?   I am not sure if it is the problem with the image or what, it seems to has a...
  6. BRSxIgnition

    Does it exist? Earbud or IEM ATH M50 / AKG K545 Equivalent?

    A pretty self explanatory title.   Are there any buds (or IEMs [Non-Custom]) that seal well to most ears, are built well, and have a similar sound signature to the above? I've found that I've been using my Apple Earpods quite a bit more than my M50's recently due to their highly portable...
  7. ohmicide

    AKG K550s broke and AKG wants to replace them with K545s, now what?

    so my AKG K550s broke under warranty and AKG will only replace them for the K545, rep said they were "much better" but since he was a moron (insisted that the K550s cable was detachable for one and that I should twist and pull it) I went to Best Buy's Magnolia to try them out and... no   the...
  8. Btd31

    Best setup for a trucker?

    As the title mentions I am a truck driver. I drive over the road and I am home maybe once to twice a year. I need some suggestions for some headphones that sound great but are very durable and if possible have folding ear cups like on my sennheiser hd8 djs. Having wireless or bluetooth...
  9. tumtuter

    AKG K550 v K545 Soundstage & Spatial detail

    Hello Headfi'ers,   Please could someone with the knowledge/ experience tell me if upgrading from the K545 to the K550, would improve a lot on the soundstage & spatial detail.   The reason I ask is because the K545's soundstage sounds quite small to my ears. Primarily would be using the...
  10. GustavMahler

    Best app for making headphones sound flat, brilliant and natural?

    I need such ios app and also windows software. I want to listen to classical music with the most neutral sound, as close to a real orchestra as possible. The sound with my AKG K545 is not transparent and neutral enough
  11. GustavMahler

    What is the most efficient way to burn in AKG K545?

    What is the best and quickest way? Thanks
  12. YoshiokaKiyoe

    Can you guys help me choose between these headphones?

    Hi.   Well i´m from Peru, and i do not really have a music store where i can try some headphones, so i was reading a lot and i´m still very confused.   The other problem is that the headphones on my country are so damn expensive (like 150-200$ more than us stores), so i can only choose from...
  13. Agony

    [Review] AKG K545: A new benchmark in portable audio

    AKG K545   Things you should know before we begin: I've been a user of warmer headphones all my life, so use that for a reference point of bias. I will also be using the HD25 as my main point of comparison as they are in similar price ranges now and it was my previous gold standard for...
  14. Letchy

    Help choosing my first "decent" over ear headphones?

    I've been using my Sennheiser HD201s and a pair of gaming (Creative Fatal1ty) headphones to listen to music for a long time now. I want to upgrade, I guess you could say.   Usually I listen to a variety of genres, though I mainly listen to music which can be rather bass heavy - the type of...
  15. AllahLover69

    Best Headphones Under $200 (Bias Free)

    Hey I'm looking for the best headphones available for $200 or less. I'd prefer them to be over ear, but on ear is also okay, however I'm not looking for IEMs. The main genres I listen to are: Alternative, Rock/Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, and Various EDM genres. Keep in mind, I'm not using an...
  16. GustavMahler

    How is K550 different from K545?

    I am listening to classical music. Iv'e had the K545 and they were absolutely horrible for classical-Muddy, distant sound with no brilliance-As if i am standing outside of the concert hall. After them i got the M40X which has a really nice and accurate sound-But so narrow soundstage that...
  17. person123

    B&W P7

    Hi  I have the B&W P5, but is no  fan of the sound. It's kinda too dark and I don't like the bass at all. I really can't enjoy songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit or Losing my Religion when I use them because of the dark "unpleasant" sound.  So my question is ... how does the P7 sound compared...
  18. jobio

    DT880 vs NAD HP50: Apples vs Oranges?

    A newbie observation here... So I currently have paris of AKG 545, NAD HP50, and DT880-250 that I'm auditioning. The setup is: iPad Air w/ FLAC files -> USB hub -> Maverick Tubemagic D1 plus -> headphones In my neophyte opinion the AKG are outclassed by the NAD and Beyerdynamic; flat with...
  19. Pandaclocker

    Upgrading from SONY MDR-1R - advice needed! Max budget 400$.

    I currently own the SONY MDR1-R, but I'm not really satisfied with it, mainly because it doesn't extend deep at all in the bass. So I'm looking for an upgrade. I listen to many genres, but mostly electronic (all kinds: trance, house, dubstep, vocal trance, trap, alternative, and many...
  20. pastormoser

    Begginer's Thread to Driver Flex

    Hello people of head fi!   I'm quite new to the world of high end headphones and I have a question that I'm sure a lot of beginners have: driver flex, is it normal? The amount of information online about this is enormous, but I only seem to find information about IEMs.  I recently bought the...
  21. ades

    Need help picking out mid-range headphones (HD598, K545 and the likes)

    I've now been reading review after review and comparison after comparison, but am still having trouble deciding on which choice to go for. I'm looking for a new set of headphones in the 200-300$ range (I live in Sweden though, so this is a rough estimate).   Currently, I've limited it down to...
  22. ovoxtopszn

    Trying to decided between...

    im having a hard time deciding between the psb m4u 1's and akg 545/k551/k845 my budget is around $300 so i was wondering if the psb's are better than all three akg's i listed or if any of the akg's are better than the psb's would you mind giving your reasoning too? some qualities id prefer...
  23. messi

    ATH-M50x vs AKG K545 vs Sennheiser Momentum

    Hello, I'm looking for quality sound and stylish headphones and would rather have sound over style, and it's good to note that I haven't owned over-ear headphones before. I want headphones that aren't too hard on the bass and would like the bass to be above average (not exaggerated), plus...
  24. Unit

    Suggestions for a $200 over the ear headphone, mostly for EDM/Dubstep

    Hello everyone. I've been looking for a new pair of headphones since my IEMs recently bit the dust. The only experience I have with headphones is the Pioneer MJ51, which had terrible build quality - one the speakers actually broke off the headband :mad:. So I had to turn to some IEMs that came...
  25. Scotshner

    AKG K545 vs NAD VISO HP50

    I’ve done my best to A/B these headphones as I have been unable to decide between the two and have been scouring this site for opinions. In the end I ruined my bank balance and ordered both with a view to returning one set.   I have been listening to the 545 for nearly 2 weeks but I have only...