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Suggestions for a $200 over the ear headphone, mostly for EDM/Dubstep

  1. Unit
    Hello everyone. I've been looking for a new pair of headphones since my IEMs recently bit the dust. The only experience I have with headphones is the Pioneer MJ51, which had terrible build quality - one the speakers actually broke off the headband :mad:. So I had to turn to some IEMs that came with my Galaxy S2. And now, the cable for those has been damaged.

    So, here I am, in the market again. I've been doing a lot of research, and it seems $200 is a really good price point for someone who wants to transition into audiophile world. I listen mainly EDM, dubstep, quite a bit of R&B, and the extremely occasional rap, rock and dancehall. I've managed to narrow my list of headphones to a not-so-small list.

    To add to that, I think I'm going to go for a closed headphone, since I'm going to be using it in a dorm. I'd also very much like a detachable cable, since all of the IEMs I've had so far have died due to some damage to the cable (not sure if this is a problem for Over the ears though). So without further ado:

    The List:

    Logitech UE 6000 - Going for really cheap right now ($100 or less!) and I hear it sounds pretty good. But I've also read about a lot of persons getting defective units unusually often. that's worrying.

    KRK KNS 8400 - Really cheap as well (120), but the plastic build worries me. (It was a plastic part that broke in the MJ51)

    Philips Fidelio L1 - I've heard it's extremely good at its original price, and now it's a steal at $130. Problems: It's semi-open so I'm not sure how much sound it leaks. Also, the L2 seems to be right around the corner. And I hate that little cable dangling out of the earpiece.

    Shure SRH840 - A good one too, but I've read complaints about it's weight. And it has a COILED CABLE! I've had too many bad experiences with telephone cords. I don't want that stress again.

    Audio Technica ATH-M50s - Ah yes, practically the most popular pair of headphones. Heard it's quite good at around $140, but it doesn't have a detachable cable. Also heard some people saying that it's over hyped. Would've checked out the M50x, but at $170 for the same sound quality, I don't think it's worth it. Again, I deduced this from research. Also, plastic build worries me, even though most have said build quality is great.

    AKG K550 - Currently at $200. Heard it's a balanced / neutral pair of headphones. Only problem is the non-detachable cable, and whether or not I can get something better for cheaper.

    Brainwavz HM5 - It's on good standing in terms of sound quality, but I hate the way it looks.

    Creative Aurvana Live - Build quality. And it looks terrible...

    Would have been great if there was a massive sale and I could get a Focal, PSB or NAD for $200, no?

    So, build quality, relatively good looking, slightly bassy headphones are what I'm looking for. Comfort is also important.

    All that I've said above is based purely on research. I have no actual experience with any of those pair of headphones.

    I'm living in the Caribbean (St. Vincent to be exact), and I'll be buying from the US. So a 'buy-and-return if I don't like it' is potentially troubling. Also, there are NO stores down here where I can try out any of the headphones above. All they sell is Beats. The occasional store might have something different, but just worse.

  2. xkonfuzed
    Well you have some better options:

    Beyerdynamic Dt770: plenty of subbass, very comfortable, built like a tank, but not portable and comes with a non-detachable coiled cable.

    M Audio Q40 (my personal favorite): plenty of subbass and mid bass (more than dt770), folds up, portable, detachable cable, but comfort and build quality are a step down from the Beyers.

    You can also ask for help at the Basshead club, people there will help you out more. The headphones you listed are not bassy expect for the UE600's and the CAL!.
  3. grizzlybeast
    +1 a lot of those options are not ideal for what you mentioned. 
  4. Unit

    I'm currently checking out the M Audio at the moment.

    The Beyerdynamic though. I thought it was hard to 'drive', and required an amplifier?

    And what are your thoughts on the AKG K545? (Although it's $50 more than my budget).
  5. grizzlybeast
    the bass doesn't have good impact and its not ideal. Its a pretty good headphone all around but the bass will leave you wanting. 
    If going into that realm I would seriously look into dj headphones. usually the treble at loud volumes on them are subdued enough and tuned for easy listening with lots of bass. 
    A pioneer hdj2000 can be had at a very affordable price now. But seriously look into dj headphones and one that has a good midrange.
    Tyll at innerfidelity recommends the vmoda m100.
    The yamaha pro500 is recommended by others here as well
  6. Me x3
    You could also read about Audio Technica ATH-WS99.
    Best Luck!
  7. xpewpew
    I just ordered a pair of ATH-M50's, I'll let you know how they sound when I get them. Other than that, I would probably recommend the Vmoda Crossfade LP, or the M80's, over ear and on ear respectively. My friend has a pair and swears by them, I rather like them myself but couldn't quite find the budget to buy a pair. The bass is delightful and fun to jam out to. The LP's are currently on sale from Vmoda's website for $199, or from Amazon for about $140.
  8. malibumike
    I just purchased the m50x yesterday. They are amazing paired with e17 dac.
  9. xpewpew
    I was debating if I should get a DAC for my now (aging) Alienware laptop, the integrated sound card isn't that spectacular. Currently eying Fiio E5 or E6, unless someone has a better recommendation.
  10. Unit

    Sorry, but I can't buy another Pioneer. That being said, it seems like the price on that pair is due to the the 'high quality' materials, although it has relatively good SQ.

    The M100 is way over budget, and I don't think any big sales are coming up soon. But it does seem to be pretty good. It's just the price why I can't buy it.

    As for the Pro 500, it reminds me too much of Beats. And I hear it's rather uncomfortable.

    And I did. Seems like a proper pair, even though it's $20 over budget. Things is, the cable isn't detachable, and a few years down the road, I'd much prefer to buy a new cable, rather than purchase a new pair of headphone.

    I've heard nothing great about the LPs. And I'd prefer an over the ear, so the M80 is out of the question.

    One question for everyone though. Am I being too scared about damaging the cables? Are headphone cables more durable than I'm making them out to be, or are they just as susceptible to damage as IEMs?

    I guess at this point it seems like I'm shooting down everyone's suggestions. That's really not the case though. I just want this first purchase to be a good one, seeing as I'm spending a significant amount of money on a pair of headphones. Hopefully something that can last me years, and looks good, is comfortable and has pretty good SQ. Might be too much to ask for at this price though.
  11. grizzlybeast
    Hey I think the m-audio q40 with some beyer pads and that actually might be your best bet for the price.
    everyone in the basshead thread raves about them and says that the midrange is still clear even with the heavy bass.
    I would pick that one. I actually just bought myself a pair. at 99 us plus 20 for pads 120 total it should be the top of your list.
  12. xkonfuzed
    The Q40's are amazing. Definitely a can you should look into. Also, headphone cables (especially ones made by quality companies), are not that fragile. It really depends on the company.
  13. hwkaholic
    I would recommend buying a gently used pair of vmoda m100's. Can be had around the $200 mark.
  14. zunehdrocks
    I haven't had any experience with the soundmagic hp100 but the reviews on head fi are very positive
  15. Byrnie
    I would go for the UE6000 if it were me given the price it's at now.

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