1. sofastreamer

    Upgrade for UE6000

    which would be the better upgrade regarding sound quality alone? m100 or yamaha pro 500? i need a portable solution with some bass and really like the ue6000 for that, but sometimes i wish better layering and soundstage and a tad more oomph.   so which would be the better choice?
  2. Big C

    Yamaha HPH-MT220 Vs. PRO 500

        If the moderators believe this thread to be useful and valuable, please move it to Equipment>Headphones (full-sized).       At this very moment, I use the Yamaha RH-5MA 40mm closed back headphones because of their strong ultra-low bass presence, and the Pioneer SE-A1000 50mm open-air...
  3. NirvashUltimate

    BASSHEAD headphones but also good enough for soundtrack

    I own a pair of beats studios and after 2 years of feeling bad for making a big mistake I finally have the oportunity to buy a new pair of cans. I am a BASSHEAD I can never get enough of bass but I also like to listen to soundrack, some pop, alternative, electronic and ambient type meditation...
  4. big mac

    best headphone for 300-400 dollars?

    which headphone to buy sennnheiser momentum or mad dogs.
  5. chromecarz00

    looking for the headphone with the most bass being driven by my cell phone

    Hi guys, I've had the ATH-PRO700MK2 and the Yamaha Pro 500, both being driven from computer, iPod or HTC M8, and while I like the sound of the MK2 and love the 500, I find myself wanting a little more bass. I know I could get an amp for cheaper than a new pair of cans, but for convenience I...
  6. Hawaiibadboy

    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    What are the best bass headphones? This is the hunt for the "Top 10" Bass headphones on the consumer market. The list will be compiled and based on identical set-ups (or similar) and tracks with identical Eq sloping/boosting...
  7. sexhero

    Fidelio X1 vs V-MODA M-100 as basshead can?

    Hello,   A newbie here. I recently purchased DT 880, HD598 and Centrance Hifi-M8. Only DT 880 has arrived, the other two are on the way. I heard that DT 880 and HD598 are great for many genre, so my plan is to keep the one that I like and return the other one.    At the same time, I am also...
  8. Giray

    Ow. men i need some help.. Is it me or ..? (basshead)

    I've tried out the Beats pro's, crossfade - M100's , sony xb800's and Yamaha pro 500's Beats pro : i was disappointed with the overloaded bass of the Beats-line, so i decided to try this more (balanced) clean out of the house. I don't get that nice vibrating rumble bass that i want.. Sony...
  9. Unit

    Suggestions for a $200 over the ear headphone, mostly for EDM/Dubstep

    Hello everyone. I've been looking for a new pair of headphones since my IEMs recently bit the dust. The only experience I have with headphones is the Pioneer MJ51, which had terrible build quality - one the speakers actually broke off the headband :mad:. So I had to turn to some IEMs that came...
  10. Primetime86

    V-Moda M100 vs Yamaha Pro 500

    I'm stuck between these two, I owned the M100 before but thinking of rebuying. I want big Bass, lively and musical with good build quality. Sound has to have clarity but the bass needs to be massive lol
  11. ruthieandjohn

    Battle of the Bassy's: Beats Pro, Yamaha Pro 500, and Beats Studio 2013 Compared

    This is the tenth in my comparisons of three headphones, all using a group of 10 tests and scored by ranking their performance on each test as first, second, and third place.  I call this the "Battle of the Bassy's" -- each is a closed headphone with enhanced bass, yet not quite to the threshold...
  12. mark2410

    Yamaha HPH-Pro 500 Review

    Yamaha HPH-Pro 500 Review   Thanks to Yamaha UK for the loan.       First Impressions:  Well the box is certainly fancy enough and they are very well packaged in multiple levels of protection including a rather nifty case.  I note that they come with two different cables.  That...
  13. sid12345678910

    Looking for new headphones around $500 with good sub bass extension

    Hey guys,   I've been away form the forum for a while and in that time sadly my old Shure 440s broke which I am uber sad about, so yeah the title kind of says it all.   Music preference is mostly electronic music but I do listen to a lot of different things.    Sound signature...
  14. tcgc

    Closed-back's for gaming and portable music - Beyerdynamic DT-770 80 Ohm vs Yamaha PRO 500

    Hey guys,   Since you all have great amount of experience on any type of headphones, perhaps you might help a fellow who:   Plays xbox 360 in general with big love and special effects, i.e. not only foot-step oriented FPS player; Listens to bassy two-step, garage, dubstep music through...
  15. classics

    Best can for up to $300 ?

    Hi, im looking into getting a set of headphones for listening to my ipod and traveling with. I know the full size cans might be a little big to travel with but I will just keep them in a backpack for easy access.I dont really want the open cans even though I think I would really enjoy listening...
  16. Wintersxx866

    Audio Technica Pro500 MK2

    So while I was on amazon yesterday I bought a pair of Pro700 mk2s but I also saw a pair of Pro500 mk2s I was planning on getting the girlfriend... I don't know why but the Pro500 mk2s seem to be neglected as I have found barely an reviews about the thing besides that its quite balanced unamped...
  17. androidisbest

    Best headphones under $300

    I have a pair of M-50 and want something new, under $400-$200, I like to listen to pop (mostly), rock, alternative, Rap, and bassy music so please give me a list or a pair Thanks
  18. jayp266

    Sennheiser Amperior: The Rivals?

    New to Head-Fi, so greetings to all and Happy Chinese New Year!   I have had the Sennheiser Amperiors for a whole three days (post 50 hour burn in) and pretty sure i have found my perfect partner. I am addicted to headphones (not quite qualified as an Audiophile) and although i am convinced...
  19. GCastro

    Any good headphones for Rap/Hip Hop/Other Genres?

    Hey guys!  Glad I joined the community...I recently picked up a pair of AKG F550's. I've watched a few reviews on youtube, read posts on this forum and I was sold on them. I got my package today, gave them a listen and they sounded incredible...I just want a little more bass. I returned them...
  20. whupdeedobasil

    Yamaha Pro 500 vs. Sony MDR 1-R

    I'm going to be making my first decent headphone purchase and have been reading countless reviews that have lead me to these two choices. I have about $400 give or take to spend and prefer closed headphones. Which pair between the yamaha 500 and the sony 1r would best in your opinion?
  21. Johnstephen95

    What will blow me away?

    I am looking for a pair of headphones under 200 dollars. Currently, I have a pair of bose ae2's, and I genuinely enjoy them;however, the sound doesnt wow me. I had ATH m50's but they were uncomfortable. So my focus is on comfort and sound. What do I listen to? Electronic, rock, folk, indie...
  22. DPCyric

    How does the V-Moda Crossfade M-100's compare to the Yamaha Pro 500 Premium's?

    The Premium's are currently setting at the same price as the M-100's on Amazon right now and I am interested in both pairs... I need something with great bass for Industrial music mainly (symphonic metal is the other genre I really enjoy) and $300 is probably the most I am willing to spend right...
  23. campj

    My full sized closed headphone nightmare

    I have been looking for good circumaural full sized closed headphones for portable use with a budget up to about $600 for quite some time now... as in almost daily for months. The problem is that whenever I am seriously interested in a pair, I read about a glaring flaw that prevents me from...
  24. tseliottt

    Yamaha PRO Headphones.

    Has anyone tried these yet? I know they look a bit like Beats, but Yamaha is known for creating the most legendary studio monitors in the world: the NS10. Their IEMs have a very strong following as well. I'm curious to see if their expertise translates to full size headphones.      ...
  25. kjk1281

    Yamaha Debuts PRO Series Premium Headphone Line

    On August 27, Yamaha Corporation of America announced a new line of mainstream portable headphones. These include the $199.95 PRO 300, the $299.95 PRO 400, and the $399.95 PRO 500. The PRO 300 comes with a fixed cable with inline mic, while the larger PRO 400 and PRO 500 come with detachable...