1. Basifrisk

    Volume When Plugging Directly Into Laptops

    So I currently use a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-770 M's, that have an impedance of 80Ω. I plug them directly into my Macbook Pro (late 2008 model), and I find that instead of being too quiet, I have to stay around the 4/16 volume area on my Macbook as a maximum. (This is with the in-line volume...
  2. Silentium

    Requesting Recommendations for Noise Cancellation Headphones

    Hey there!   As the thread title implies I am looking for a recommendation for noise cancellation Headphones.   Now the Circumstances are the following: I am working in an open office with a lot of people. Problem is: I am a extremely sensitive to significant background noises. I couldn't...
  3. joker97

    Which Beyerdynamic DT-770?

    I am after a closed can with sound signature as close to HD650 or Fidelio X1 as possible, under $300.   After months of looking the only thing I can come up with is Beyerdynamic, which is quite bright, I think I can stand it as I have owned the DT-990 250Ohm before and after burn in (not sure...
  4. ev13wt

    Freak accident involving BD DT-770 and a vacuum cleaner o.O

    So as it happens, I'm pretty dumb. Washed my earpads. Taped away the crud from the driver covers. Thought it a grand idea to very carefully vacuum them off. Went around the sides on lowest setting. Was thinking: "Don't go over the middle where the driver is!" Went over the middle and heard a...
  5. Unit

    Suggestions for a $200 over the ear headphone, mostly for EDM/Dubstep

    Hello everyone. I've been looking for a new pair of headphones since my IEMs recently bit the dust. The only experience I have with headphones is the Pioneer MJ51, which had terrible build quality - one the speakers actually broke off the headband :mad:. So I had to turn to some IEMs that came...
  6. kui30

    Headphones with isolation as peltor optime 3 hearing protector

    I do have the Beyerdynamic DT 770 M which claims 35dB noise isolation, and the peltor optime 3 hearing protector which claims also 35dB. But by fair the DT 770 M not isolation so good as the Peltor. How this can bee? Also do know one a normal headphones that isolating the same as Peltor optime 3.
  7. kaki29

    Best noise-canceling headphones under $150AUD

    Hi, i'm looking for a pair of good quality noise-canceling headphones for my boyfriend who is a drummer. I have absolutely no idea what is good and any help is much appreciated! He would need them for ear protection while drumming (so as much sound cancellation as possible) and for frequent use...
  8. Crunchlab

    DT770 Pros or DT770m

    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole world of headphones, and recording, so please bare with me. :P I've narrowed down my search for headphones to DT770's as recommended by a friend who is studying audio engineering. I'm slightly leaning towards the DT770m's due to the noise isolation, but I've...
  9. manveru

    Review: Beyerdynamic DT770M

    Explanation: I realize that this will be of very little interest to most Head-fiers. Most probably have no reason to ever consider the M over the regular DT770 models, and in fact a good number probably haven't even heard of them. But that is not my reason for writing this review. Quite simply...
  10. Ronion

    Beyerdynamic DT770M, help requested

    I've read many a head-fi post, but have always felt to ignorant to post any commentary. Anyway, I recently signed up so go easy on me please. In my night life, I play guitar, cry, and sing. ;) about a year ago I bought the DT770M in order to track recordings of myself. A few months ago I was...
  11. mazlix

    Looking for very good noise-isolating comfortable over-ear cans

    Hey everyone I'm a programmer. I work in a shared office space so it's very noisy with people talking, moving around etc. I've been scouring this forum and the internet in general in search for the right pair of headphones for me. I'm looking for headphones that are:   comfortable- to...
  12. cdstamper

    Headphones With NO Leakage

    I'm still on my search for the perfect headphone. I want an on-ear (portable) style that sounds very good, but doesn't leak AT ALL.   I work in a quiet office, and I don't want to annoy my coworkers.   So far, I've auditioned dozens of headphones. I've found several that sound good, and...
  13. what?

    Absolute quietest headphones?

    id like to be able to enjoy music while i refinish/sand floors. (i do about 15 a year with my work)   its a pretty noisy job, would active noise canceling headphones work or do i need to diy/custom build myself a pair of really isolating headphones? 
  14. Gully


    I'm confused... I've been recommended a couple headsets for gaming and i'm really wondering whats best for positional accuracy from what I've heard AD700 - really great positional accuracy but low base TAD500 - pretty good positional accuracy for 50$ less and more base DT770 - closed...
  15. maladjustdeath

    m50 /srh840/ k24x/ ??? again (coming from dt770 pro 80 / sr80)

    Hello, Havn't visited this great site for long time. I'm looking for headphones again, so here I go: I'm tired of carrying around my dt770 back and forth to work, so I'm looking for additional set. budget:  150$ more or less. Not looking for extreme audiophile level, mostly intended for...
  16. mmart1e

    Do DT770/880/990 earpads fit on the Samson SR850?

    I've had SR850s for a while now and I really enjoy the sound so I thought I'd get some velour pads to replace the stock ones that get a bit uncomfy after some usage. I've done my research and checked a lot of SR850 earpads threads out there, and some people said that DT 770/880/990 pads fit them...
  17. blu3ness

    So I broke my DT770 driver during recabling

    Man, this feeling sucks. I did the recabling mod, it went fine, but today I discovered that the left earcup sounds a little different from the right earcup, so I went and re-soldered the pins on both cups.   BUT, my fat fingers made the solder melt through the thin copper wires connecting the...
  18. scandolous0

    Headphone <150$ for tracking/ casual music listening

    I wanna buy a headphone for under 150$, but I could go to 200$ if necessary. I'll be mainly using it for drumming practice and tracking, so I do need some isolation, maybe a bit less than ath-m50 because they gave me a slight headache. Music I listen to are usually rock from the 80s(Guns N...
  19. Beyerdynamic DT 770 M Monitoring Headphones for Drummers

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 M Monitoring Headphones for Drummers

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 M Monitoring Headphones for Drummers feature excellent ambient noise attenuation, superb audio quality with high sound pressure level handling, and extended frequency range for realistic, dynamic sound. A single-sided cable with volume control, high long-term wearing comfort...