1. Yellowgoesfirst

    First pair of headphones.

    Hello Head-Fi!   Within the next week I'm looking to purchase a fantastic pair of headphones with your assistance. Lately, I've been getting into music, and iBuds aren't cutting it. Taking my listening experience to a whole other level is what my goal is.    I listen to a small variety...

    New Headphone

    Hello guys, i'm new in here and i would like your opinion helping me decide what headphone to buy =). I live in Brazil, and there are a few variety of headphones to sell, and most of the shops overprice the products, so I don't have many options to buy ahhaha. I had a Beats Studio, then I...
  3. D

    Amplifying my HDJ-2000 with Asus Xonar

    Hey Guys!   I just bought a Pioneer HDJ-2000 together with a Asus Xonar DG sound card. This sound card has a built-in head-phone amplifier which has 3 pre-defined options:   VOIP Mode for < 32Ohms headphones Pro gaming mode for 32~64Ohms headphones Exciter mode for >64Ohms...
  4. John Culter

    Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2 new Pro-DJ headphones

    The next generation pro-DJ headphones have arrived as Pioneer DJ launches the HDJ-2000MK2: with optimised audio quality, enhanced sound isolation, ultimate comfort and an even more robust build to withstand the rigours of professional use.     The flagship HDJ-2000s have been the pro-DJ’s...
  5. jukebox

    I can't decide.

    I'm looking to buy a closed can, very noise isolating, with good bass.   I'm looking to spend around 200 and i have came up with a few choices but am not sure which is best in terms of overall sound quality.   So far I have been interested in the:   Sony z1000 Pioneer hdj 2000...
  6. JamesM

    Metallic theme California Headphones, any opinions?

    finally, i got to see Tyll for real at CES 2012.       It is my frist time to encounter a set of headphones with entire metalic ear cups. i wonder how well it performs. any reviews on this yet or in line with such genre?? 
  7. takeshibeat

    difference between dj and hifi headphones

    when i will have enough money i want to buy a cd player, amplifier and headphones i want to buy components because i listen to jazz my main problem is the isolation, even when i listen music with my headphones the other parts of my family which live in other rooms complain that they...
  8. melanaster

    Where are the Pioneer HDJ 2000 reviews?

    For such a widely-used DJ headphone, it seems like Head-Fi would have a handful reviews and ratings, but I can find only one. Maybe I'm missing something, or not looking in the right place?   I'm asking mainly out of curiosity. I just spent a couple days trying out five of the most popular...
  9. Unit

    Suggestions for a $200 over the ear headphone, mostly for EDM/Dubstep

    Hello everyone. I've been looking for a new pair of headphones since my IEMs recently bit the dust. The only experience I have with headphones is the Pioneer MJ51, which had terrible build quality - one the speakers actually broke off the headband :mad:. So I had to turn to some IEMs that came...
  10. shnjb

    GOOD-LOOKING speakers for bedroom or second livingroom? (Airplay enabled)

    I would like to get some speakers for bedroom and maybe also for second livingroom.   I have Pioneer reference speakers for my "  theater" so I don't really want those types of speakers that connect to amps for livingroom and bedroom since I don't want to get amps for everywhere.   Any...
  11. milk

    Best headphones in my budget?

    Heya guys, I've been searching everywhere for a decent pair of headphones but this time am using a Lower budget for my next pair! I understand nobody is a fan of these questions so I apologize. I just want to make sure I make the right purchase. I will be using these headphones with an iPhone...
  12. hgaara

    What to get for a basshead?

    I have the Sennheiser HD335 and while they sound nice and clean, I realize I'm missing any kind of omph I am looking for. I listen to a lot of Skrillex and Deadmau5, along with the fair amount of hip hop. These earphones don't really kick my face in like I want. I tried my brothers Skullcandy...
  13. ixampano

    Harman Kardon CL Review (Updated after burn Review)

    Hello, guys. Originaly I was going to buy some AKG K550, Sennheiser Momentum or Sony's MDR-1R... Unfortunately this weekend was "El Buen Fin" (the equivalent to US Black Friday in Mexico) and, when I went on Sunday to buy my headphones On Bestbuy the AKGs K550 were Out of stock </3. So I had to...
  14. Matt*S.

    Thinking about AKG Q701

    So, I've been looking for a good headphone for work for a while now.  I've gone through several, I brought in my SR325i's, my Meier Corda Aria Amplifier, and I loved it, but it took up too much desk space and everyone gave me weird looks.   So back to the drawing board, I had some Yuin PK1's...
  15. gus522

    V-Moda M100s, Pioneer Hdj-2000s or AKG Tiësto K267?

    I want to buy a new pair of headphones and I'm between the v-moda M100s, the Pioneer Hdj 2000s and the AKG Tësto K267. I have a pair of beats by Dre studios but after a while using them I get tired or uncomfortable, i also don't like too much their sound quality and I've heard of these pair...
  16. ChaseRightOn

    Pioneer HDJ 2000 on sale at Best Buy

    Picked these up yesterday at my local best buy for 139.00$ plus tax the HDJ 1500 were only 71.00$. Just throwing that out there if anybodys interested.
  17. jimdandy

    Pioneer HD-2000 with Asus Xense Sound Card

    Went to Best Buy a few weeks ago and listened to the HDJ-2000s. I left and something told me to go back so I did. I bought them for myself for my birthday. I hooked them up to my Sony receiver and they sounded pretty good. I blow one of my speakers I had hooked up to it. I decided to reinstall...
  18. reset

    Help with modding Pioneer HDJ-2000 for comfort

    Hello, a few months ago i bought a pair of Pioneer HDJ-2000, huge upgrade from my worn out 5 year Pioneer SE-M290 in terms of sound quality but, the comfort is horrible for me.   I have a larger than average head, larger than average ears otherwise i don't understand how others find these...
  19. cizzley89

    looking for amazing sound headphones under 300.00

    Im looking to buy a nice pair of headphones under $300.00. I had beats solo hd's. Which sounded ok to good. I mostly listen to rock hip hop and rap. Im really looking for something loud and that sounds good. Most headphones ive come across, the cheaper ones just dont sound good. Any models or...
  20. shuman0101

    AKG k167 vs Shure SRH840 vs ATH M50

    Hey guys, first time poster here and newbie when it comes to audio equipment. I'm in the market for a new pair of headphones for under 180$ ideally and I've kinda narrowed it down to three choices.    AKG Tiesto K167 Shure SRH840 ATH M50   I listen to a lot of music, but mainly;  ...
  21. korulis

    Pioneer HDJ-2000 prices in Germany and UK. What the...!

    Hi, I am a newbe in this forum and registered just to ask this question, but I hope to get more positive effects from my participation in a long run. Anyways... Have you noticed how different are prices of Pioneer HDJ-2000 on Amazon in UK and Germany? They differ tenfold :O !!! So what the...
  22. HiFiGuy528

    Genuine Pioneer HDJ-2000 Unboxing Video

    Since there are so many counterfeits on the market, I thought I show you guys what a genuine pair should look like and packaged.  Please check out my other videos.  
  23. scott6

    Pioneer HDJ-2000 vs AKG K550 vs ATH-M50 vs V-Moda M-100!

    Title is self explanatory. Looking for a 200$-400$ headphone that is durable, has fantastic bass and clarity, and is one of the better looking headphones as I plan to where these around outside. Not sure which of these headphones would be the best. I understand that the M-100 are not released...
  24. shaun_g

    Pro DJ Pioneer Headphons - HDJ-2000 Quick Review

    Pioneers current range of DJ headphones is crowned by the fantastic HDJ-2000, which are without doubt one of the nicest DJ headphones around at the moment. The range caters for everyone from bedroom heroes right up to the Professional gigging DJ. DJ headphones are often used for a wide variety...
  25. TRDanaa

    A Good Portable Amp For The Pioneer HDJ-2000

    Hi y'all ! So I recently bough myself the Pioneer HDJ-2000 and im using them with my Cowon J3. It sounds very good but I think Im not getting all the juice out of the hdjs. Im thinking of getting a Fiio e7, e17 or the e11 but im not sure which one >.< My budjet is max about 120$ And...