looking for amazing sound headphones under 300.00
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Mar 24, 2013
Im looking to buy a nice pair of headphones under $300.00. I had beats solo hd's. Which sounded ok to good. I mostly listen to rock hip hop and rap. Im really looking for something loud and that sounds good. Most headphones ive come across, the cheaper ones just dont sound good. Any models or manufacturers wouls be appriciated!
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Can you give us some more details about what you're looking for? If you're coming from Solos, I'm guessing you want closed-back and bass-heavy, but I could be wrong. If that's what you're looking for, you won't have to look hard for something that sounds better than the Solos. The best I can think of at that price for a basshead would be the Ultrasone Pro 900's. They've been discounted quite a bit recently, so you should be able to get one and remain within budget.
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Well, Sony XB - 1000's. When i bought mine i had to get them directly from Sony for 300 dollars. But im sure you can find them at much cheaper price since they are now available in the US (assuming you are in the US lol) through Amazon.
They have bass, 70mm drivers. iirc, they are the biggest headphone drivers short of taping stereo speakers to your head. lol
Amazon link
Headphone specs
Says they are no longer available which means they quit making them, and they have something newer (the new X series i dont like,,,). But, ive had them for over a year and they look just as good as they were when i first got them.
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Try these.
V-MODA M-80 ($150-$200), Crossfade LP ($100)/LP2 ($180-$200), or M-100 ($300)
Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii ($200) Adidas HD 25 Originals ($250-$290)
AiAiAi TMA-1 ($200)
Sol Republic Tracks ($90-$100) or Tracks HD ($130)
Sony MDR-XB300 ($50) XB500 ($75) XB700 ($190) XB1000 ($290)
Audio Technica ATH M-50 ($125-$150)
Creative Aurvana Live! ($70)
Pioneer HDJ-500 ($80) HDJ-1000 ($140) HDJ-1500 ($135) HDJ-2000 ($210)
All prices based on current Amazon listings.
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If you become more concerned in how your headphones sound then you regret getting too bass heavy phones. The ATH M-50's have a more balance sound but with emphisis on the bass. Great isolation and not much leakage. And if you want it to get louder buy a Fiio E6 amplifier! $30 and comes with bass boost! Increases quality and will smooth out Mp3 files.
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If you want loud and fun that can handle Rap and rock go with
HIFI-780's from Ultrasone.
The sparkle that they are known for is a bit much at first but once they have been burnt in they calm down quite a bit while managing to keep that extra something that makes them unique. 


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