How is K550 different from K545?
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Aug 21, 2014
I am listening to classical music. Iv'e had the K545 and they were absolutely horrible for classical-Muddy, distant sound with no brilliance-As if i am standing outside of the concert hall. After them i got the M40X which has a really nice and accurate sound-But so narrow soundstage that symphonies sound like they are played in a 4X4m room. I now want closed headphones (for noise isolation) that have the brilliance and accuracy of the M40X-but with a bigger soundstage-As big as it can get for closed cans. Will the K550 be good? DOes it have a similiar sound to the K545? I absolutely hated those phones. Do you have any more suggestions? 
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The K545 are considered a little more bassy then the K550, but otherwise they should sound alike.
What sources (DAC/Amp) do you plug the headphones into?
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If you can find a good pair of sennheiser hd 250 linear II's (kind of hard to get now as they're discontinued), they would do a great job. I haven't heard a better pair of closed headphones for classical music. They have a very nice soundstage and should be within your budget.
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Do you have any more suggestions? If you also suggest a pair that is already mentioned on this thread, Please give a +1 so i"ll now more people recommend it. To sum up my experience: First i bought the K545: Horribel for classical-Muddy, distant sound. Not brilliant and exciting. Boring without body. Next i bought my current pair-ATH-M40X-It has a great accurate, brilliant sound and really detailed but an awfull soundstage. Please base your recommendations on my experience and thoughts.
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K 545 is actually quite great for classical and jazz, but it looks to me that you are looking for a more "fun" signature for your classical preferences, with a good soundstage.

My initial recommendation would be the Ultrasone HFI 780. Give it a shot.

EDIT: Oops. He's banned for being a criminal. Recommendation still stands for whomever stumbles upon this thread.

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