1. Scotshner

    AKG K545 vs NAD VISO HP50

    I’ve done my best to A/B these headphones as I have been unable to decide between the two and have been scouring this site for opinions. In the end I ruined my bank balance and ordered both with a view to returning one set.   I have been listening to the 545 for nearly 2 weeks but I have only...
  2. SonusAudio

    Review: AKG K545

    Product in Review: AKG K545     Specifications:   ·         50mm drivers ·         2D Axis folding function ·         99.99% oxygen-free cables ·         10Hz - 25kHz frequency response ·         97dB/mW sensitivity / 32 ohms impedance ·         1.2m Cable with + 1.2m w/o remote...
  3. greenEK

    Asking for help in search of portable headphones

    I'm trying to find a pair of portable headphones that will suit my needs. First I'll mention I'm not an audiophile, but I love music very much and I'm used to exellent sound quality since I currently own the Vsonic GR01 IEM's, which I listen to daily a couple of years now. I just LOVE the...
  4. lecco

    Warmer and warmer and warmer Headphone

    Hello, I'm searchin for an open headphone and my priority is its musicality.   I actually have a philips x1; it's beautiful, very comfortable, musicality and treble as i like, just mid bit too recessed, but the problem for me is the too wider scene: i often listen live of Dave Matthews Band...
  5. nero45

    Some Help for a pair of Cans

    Hey everyone!   Looking into getting some cans for my commute and for home use. My music collection is very eclectic and I'm in no way an audiophile, although I do appreciate good quality sound. I'm looking at the AKG K545 and the Marshall Monitors currently but am open to suggestions. I don't...
  6. marcink99

    Please help me decide on the headphones.......I've spend too much time and cant make up my mind

    I own monster turbine pro gold and MDR-XB500.   I like how my turbines sound. I prefer warmer sound that they give. I listen to club/hip hop/pop pretty much everything.   I narrowed my choices too   MDR-1R   Sol Republic 1601-30 Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones (I like how they fit)...
  7. Kiyoflame

    ATH M50 vs V-MODA M80 vs Ultrasone Pro 550 vs Suggestions?

    Hello, Head Fi Community! Please help, because I'm in quite the predicament most first posters have: buying a new set of cans. Now, first of all, you see me asking about the M50s. Just bear with me please, I have read the reviews here, and I have scoured the interwebs and the YouTubes for some...
  8. Ph3nom88

    did i make the right choice? i hope i did...let me know and what you think

    i listen to a lot of different music from all ranges, but mainly listen to edm (trance and house mainly) and all kinds of rock music. some hip hop here and there..   im somewhat still new to headphones and i want one i can use at home and on the go with great music. i like my highs and mid to...

    no joke...which has more bass, akg 545 or apple ear buds?

    wondering if the new akg 545 headphones would have at least as much or more bass than the simple little ear buds that you are supplied with when you buy an ipod? because i had the akg k550 and they had no bass, i swear my little apple ear buds had more bass. and for those of you reading this...
  10. drgrey

    Looking for comfortable headphones sub $200

    Hey guys, I'm looking for headphones for use strictly at home. I'm looking for something that is very comfortable, I'm going to be using them for gaming (not FPS games, strategy games so surround sound doesn't really matter to me), and for music (I like to listen to pop, house, rock, and...
  11. TheFlash93

    Over-the-ears for my portable rig.

    First off my rig is a iPod 5th gen with imod and my amp is a Fiio E11. Now I need help finding a good set of Over-the-ears headphones to complete my rig. I've been looking at the DT770's both the 80ohms and the 250ohms. I'm not sure if I'm a 100% sure set on those. Can I get some help please...

    how is the bass... HD650 vs. AKG k545?

    i liked the amount of bass in the sennheiser HD650 but they didn't fit my head quite right. looking at the AKG k545, wondering if it has at least as much bass as the HD650.thanks, john
  13. C

    Philips Fidelio L1 or AKG K 545 or Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear

    I need help deciding between these three headphones:   Philips Fidelio L1 AKG K545 Sennheiser Momentum On-ear   I noticed that the L1 has gone on sale on Amazon for $122. I'd preferably want to keep my budget under 200, but if the AKG K545 ($210) or the sennheiser momentum on-ear ($199)...
  14. TheJesusGuy

    New AKG K545 and AKG K845BT

    My first thought was that these would be a more portable replacement to the K550, hopefully the sound will follow. The links show that the K545 will be available in black, white, black/turquoise and black/orange while the AKG K845 BT will only be available in black and white. Thoughts?  ...
  15. jihyeu

    Got my new AKG K167 today~~

    I just got a new AKG K167 today from B&H. Some quick thoughts:   1. Price has been reduced a lot to $104 and including the taxes it is $113. Amazon is selling it for $98 but I don't want to wait for shipping.   2. I opened the box immediately after I checked out. I was nervous about the...
  16. Semont

    2.5mm male to 3.5 male cable?

    Does anyone know of good ones? I might be thinking of a non remote/mic cable for an AKG K545.   Thanks in advance!
  17. chaza01

    AKG 545 vs Focal Spirit Classic

    AKG 545 vs Focal Spirit Classic   Leaning towards the AKGs at the moment as i'm concerned about the Focal's comfort - what do you guys think?   Thanks,   Charlie 
  18. innerfight

    Looking for a portable amp/dac combo under 200$

    Hi, as the title suggests im looking for a amp/dac combo under 200$ that i can use with sansa clip zip and AKG 545 , ill also be using this with my laptop.I took a look at the fiio X3 which looked really good for portable use , but can it function as a amp/dac for my pc as well? Also thoughts on...
  19. daanh

    Looking for headphones for alternative rock

    Hi! I currently own a Galaxy S3, Fiio E07K headphone amp (digitally connected) and a Denon AHD-1100.    I listen to a lot of Alternative Rock, and that is generally not the best recorded/mastered music on this planet. ;) I like how the Denon 1100 is very warm and forgiving on a lot of music. I...
  20. MEJazz

    Onkyo ES-FC300 vs AKG K545

    I purchased a pair of AKG K545, my first AKGs, and absolutely love them for their sound quality + build + style. I like to have some bass and the bass response of these AKGs is just perfect. Recently i came across Onkyo ES-FC300 which looks VERY similar to the K545 but the reviews suggests they...
  21. chimp4me

    Advise On New Headphones! Bose Quiet Comfort 15's Vs. ATH-M50's

    I am new to this forum and would like your guys opinion on something. (Yes I already know your opinion on Bose)   I am looking for a pair of every day all around over ear listening headphones.   I was given a old pair of Bose QC2's from my friend. They are now heavily used and I need a new...
  22. Tweezy

    [Review] AKG K545 Portable Headphones

    Hello guys,   This is actually my first post here at head-fi.  I recently purchased a set of AKG K545 portable headphones and wanted to give my impressions/review on the unit as there is not many already on the web.   First and foremost, I do understand that this site is for "audiophiles" as...
  23. Minstrel711

    Good Closed Headphones for Electronic Music?

    Looking for a good pair with a budget of about $200, want it to sound good with electronic (house,electro,etc.) but not to the point that there's so much bass that that's all it sounds good with.
  24. A

    Sound quality difference between AKG K551 and AKG K545?

    I'm not totally new to headphones - I own a HE-400, which I use with Schiit Modi + Vali.   I'm looking to buy my second headphone, and it will be an AKG - I'm considering the K551 and K545. I'm aware that the K545 is more portable than the K551. I would prefer a portable headphone, but only if...
  25. AKG K545 Portable Over Ear Headphone

    AKG K545 Portable Over Ear Headphone

    AKG's new portable headphone based off the design and technology of the K550 with enhanced bass, smaller size, iphone, and android cables.