B&W P7
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Jul 27, 2013
I have the B&W P5, but is no  fan of the sound. It's kinda too dark and I don't like the bass at all. I really can't enjoy songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit or Losing my Religion when I use them because of the dark "unpleasant" sound. 
So my question is ... how does the P7 sound compared to them?  Is it a huge difference or is it just overpriced? 
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Yes, they are far better balanced than the uninvolving P5. More up top with a little air and a tighter better balanced mid to upper bass. They also have better resolution through the mid.

The only area that stops me liking them is the deep bass overhang. They have an underdamped low bass register which to me stops them sounding tight and the music from being syncopated.

Try the AKG K545, K550 or the KEF M500 for alternatives that are more musical, if that is your priority.

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