1. Nauglanch

    E17 Firmware download - download page is in chinese - how does one reasonably actually download firmware for Fiio devices?

    I have an E17 . I was trying to get the ASIO andFirmware download from the E17 page.   The link takes one to a download page in chinese. I've tried all the apparent buttons and they spin loading a lot and then do nothing. One of them wants me (seems to) log in but won.t   How does one...
  2. ActiveTechREV

    DT-770 Pro 's Love Them and hate them - Clamping force

    At first the dt 770 pro's were too sibilant.  It hurt my ears.  Then when I EQ'd them towards base, wow, what a sound!  The sound is so good! Yesterday I was for sure going to return them, but then I shared them with my wife and she loved the sound.  They said they make her feel good.  Mind you...
  3. TheHarizAzahar

    Upgrading M50

    Hey guys, as the title says, I'm looking for a good upgrade for the M50. I listen to a lot of trance, indie and sometimes rock. Well I listen to quite a lot of genres. Please leave some comments and the strengths of the cans. Thanks a lot. :-)
  4. Corcorac

    Looking For Some New Cans

    I'm trying to find some new audiophile cans. I don't have a lot of requirements, but the ones I do have will be deal breakers. I'm looking for over-the ear, preferably closed back. Comfortable is helpful considering I'm always listening to music at class and at home. (Well and in the car but...
  5. ActiveTechREV

    DT 770 and an in-ear headphones that sounds similar?

    I get that I'm comparing apple to oranges but I want to get an in ear headphone that's similar sounding to dt 770.  I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that has own a set of dt 770 for a while but also owns a comparable in ear, or as close as you're going to get to them.   thanks.
  6. Jim McC

    What are some headphones with the LARGEST ear space?

    I'd like to get your info on this, about full sized, circumaural "open" or "semi- open" cans that you've actually tried or own. I'm talking about the ear opening size and depth. I have average size ears, but I hate when the driver or pads touch my ears. I just received the Panasonic HTF600 a...
  7. Slatexx

    Upgrade for M80s

    Hello!     I wrote a post about the same topic but anybody answered yet . I bought a pair of M80s about a year ago, I am very happy with these but since I am starting to learn about audio I would like to experience better sound if possible. Any ideas for an upgrade for the M80s? I listen...
  8. ryan2196

    First serious closed headohones reccomendations needed!

    Hi,   I just created a profile on this site so that i could find some help in picking out headphones. I listen to hard rock and metal. I like Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, FFDP etc. I also like to listen to classic rock like Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin. I originally blindly bought Beats...
  9. jm722

    Best IEMs or earbuds for working out/ running under $150

    I am new to the whole audiophile game and have a pair of DT770s that I recently bought and need some IEMs too.  This forum steered me in the right direction last time.  I really enjoy the sound of the DT770s and would like similar bass or V shaped sound. So, I run on treadmills and lift weights...
  10. djdakine

    replacing my DT-770 250ohms with what?!?

    SIGH   lets just put my stupidity in quick recap   had a baby - so wanted something portable sold my DT-770 picked up ATH-m50x - felt it really lacking at home picked up a AUNE T1 MK2 regret not having my DT-770 at home   I cant get myself to buy the 770s again, especially paying more...
  11. godriah24

    Another recommendation for a newbie.

    Hey, Long time lurker, first time poster!  A topic that has been covered hundreds of time, but please bare with me!   I've decided that I want to take the plunge into mid/hifi headphone listening.  I currently own a pair of Sennheiser IE6 and Sennheiser HD202, but recently I've been listening...
  12. Kalavere

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 250 Ohm.

    For sale are my Beyerdynamic DT 770 250 Ohm, I've had these since the 3rd of December, I bought them thinking I'd buy a few 'cheaper' pairs of headphones before maybe making my way to something like the Q701 or K702's. I recently went to a local headphone store and I've convinced myself to buy a...
  13. IhateZumba

    Suggestion needed: Headphones to block out music and female screams

    Hello dear members,   I like to work out and do this between 5-7 times per week. Currently I am getting my 245pounds into perfect shape through a combination of heavy lifting with cardio at the end every second day.   For the regular workout I was using Jaybird Sportsband II, which is...
  14. tshearman

    My dive into the world of head-fi...

    Well, I'm here.   I just ordered my "first set" of headphones---apart from the complementary pairs which accompany your everyday source.  Unfortunately, I'm so new that I'm not sure the appropriate questions to ask.  I've spent some time silently reading the forums and lurking in the...
  15. TheGreat

    Closed headphones for a dorm

    Hey there,   I'm looking for a pair of headphones for when I go off to college. I currently own some Ultrasone Pro900s and some M80s, and while I do enjoy them, I want something more.   Basically I'm looking for headphones that a very, very comfortable that I can listen to for hours at a...
  16. CrakkerJakk

    Closed & Open Complimenting Headphones

    I want a pair of amazing closed headphones for when i travel on a plane or want isolation while gaming. I also want a pair of open headphones for those warmer days and when my house is actually quiet while I am playing Battlefield on my desktop. So I have ordered both the Audiotechnica M50s and...
  17. Johnstephen95

    Don't let me buy these, need help with lightweight suggestions (around ear headphones)

    I need some suggestions for around ear headphones. I just purchased the ATH- M50s from Audio Technica a couple days ago, but I don't find them very comfortable. What I am using them for: - Listening for long hours - Small amounts of video editing (less important to my purchase) What I am...
  18. JensL

    A Hifi-version of the Beyerdynamic Headzone is coming

    It's a simpler and (hopefully) more affordable consumer-version of the Headzone Pro (well over $2000). Apparently available in October 2007. Now it's got a digital in, so you can connect a DVD-player directly to it (the Pro only have Firewire and analog 5.1 inputs)...
  19. Auvarus

    Wanted headphone drivers. But what in this case?

    My Brainwavz HM5 died right channel. Here in Brazil there is nothing similar. I bought 7-8 months ago from Portugal. Some sites say the drivers are 42mm. Other 43mm. What would happen if I put the drivers (L and R) 40mm some other headphone? Or adapts 35-45mm? 1 - The sound would be weaker...
  20. KStreetSounds

    External DAC/AMP for PC with no installed drivers?

    Currently my only DAC/AMP is a Fiio X5. It works great on the go and as an external DAC/AMP for my PC at home. I have Beyer DT770 80-ohm.   Problem is at work...   I sometimes like to play Spotify Premium while I work during the day. There is no wifi in my office and I don't want to use cell...
  21. xctfeuph

    Advice on first pair of over ear headphones

    Hi Everyone,    I've been looking for a good first pair of over-ear headphones, and I'm just wondering if anyone has some good suggestions. Here's basically what I'm looking for (sorry for my lack of experience, I'm pretty new to this.) They would be used with a laptop and iPod touch. Listed...
  22. Fer921Pro

    Best $200 headphones??

    Hey I just want to know wich headphone is the best for $200 I want to buy a pair of $200 so i want to know wich one is nice for that price   I listen to:  Rap  Hip-Hop Rock
  23. Abovetheair

    My Dog has Caused me a Heart Attack (Picture inside)

    So, Head-fi. How would you like it if you bought some Dt880's a month ago, and have them ruined by your dog? This is what I was greeted with today, how lovely, right? The headphones were on my dresser. He knocked them off and completely chewed through a cord. I think I can repair it, I'm not...
  24. Waveboy

    Which 'Closed' Cans produce the least amount of sound in the $100-$250 range?

    As of now, I own a pair of Sennheiser HD595's which i absolutely Adore. The sound that they produce is absolutely amazing. BUT i no longer have the desire to use them for gaming(Total NintenFreak here hehe) because of the ridiculous amount of sound leakage which isn't exactly ideal considering...
  25. hirtmic

    Trying to decide on some full size headphones for at home.

    So I have recently ordered the V-Moda M-100 because I thought i would use them for more portable use (such as going to the library and such). I do like them but how ever I'm thinking maybe I can get more bang for my buck buy getting a less portable headphone since I really only use them at home...