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Please help me choose a headphone.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pro1137, Feb 10, 2013.
  1. pro1137
    I've ultimately had no help from the recommendations thread, so, I'm turning to both Supremeus members and the general forums.

    Copy-paste of my post 

    I listen to a lot of EDM and other misc electronic genres, such as breakcore, speedcore, noise, and happy hardcore. Sometimes some rock, experimental, and classical. 
    I was discontent with my Custom One Pro, because it was too dark and bassy for me. Plus, I found it too difficult to drive with anything other than my phone.
    I want something that is somewhat bright, like the DT770's level of brightness, with balanced sound the rest of the spectrum. No bass emphasis. Detailed. I'd prefer to have mids that aren't too horribly recessed. Soundstage must be better than something like the ATH-M30 (okay width, but basically zero depth)
    I'd prefer it to have at least 32 ohm impedance. 64-80 is my ideal range though. Higher may be even better, but I've not had experiences with anything over 80 as of yet.
    I'd like to use it to produce on a PC with Realtek audio, but that isn't a big necessity. I already have headphones for that. So, that'd just be a bonus, honestly.
    Must be portable to an extent. Closed back. Detachable cable is a HUGE plus. 
    I have a cMoy BB V2.03 amp.

    Budget is around $200, but can go a little higher (up to around $225) if need be.
    I'm limited to whatever Amazon has, unfortunately. 

    KG Jag told me that the SRH840 are probably not good for me, due to recessed treble. 
    He also said that the KRK KNS 8400 may be good, but he ultimately couldn't help much due to his lack of experience with EDM.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. hodgjy
    Sennheiser HD598.
    You said closed back.  Nevermind.
    Beyerdynamic DT1350.
  3. bareyb
    The only closed back Can I know of with the spatial characteristics you are after is way out of your price range. If you can go up another hundred bucks, get the Ultrasone Pro 900. They are my go-to can for all things Dubstep, EDM, and Electronica. They have Low Impedance, great Bass slam, extremely detailed highs without being harsh. The highs are pure audiophile and have the best spatial qualities of any closed back headphone I've ever heard (and that include a lot of them).
    For that extra hun, you are getting into a very high end Can that comes complete with a hard carry case, a test CD, two different kinds of Cables (coiled and straight) and an extra set of earpads. If you can afford it, you'll never regret it. It's on a whole 'nother level.  [​IMG]
  4. hodgjy
    The above post reminds me.  Consider the Ultrasone HFI-780.
  5. bareyb
    Wow. That's a hell of a price on those! At 150 bucks, if they sound anything like their big brother it would be a steal. 
  6. pro1137
    I said no bass emphasis. How, exactly is it that the HFI-780 doesn't have bass emphasis? I've been told that it is one of the bassiest cans out there.
  7. hodgjy
    It isn't boomy--it's very tight and controlled.  And drop the attitude.
  8. pro1137
    Sorry, I guess I just worded that in a way that sounded kinda aggressive.

    What about the PRO 750 or PRO 550?
  9. hodgjy
    Do you see what happens when you don't use words like, "Please" and "thank you," and you have a little attitude?  No one wants to help any more.
  10. scuttle
    Would HD25-1-ii's scrape into that price range in the US? The frequency response takes a dive at the very top of treble, but otherwise they are flatter than most, have very high isolation closed backs, detachable cables, exactly the impedance you want. There are also the cheap 25-sp - you could find a freqeuncy graph for them and compare if the "real" 25s are too much. They're designed for sound engineers and a dj standard, which sounds like the sort of thing you want.
    My other thought would be the Fostex T50s - not sure if they have a detachable cable, but a VERY flat frequency response once they are modded with some plasticine and new earpads:

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