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Looking to Upgrade Headphones.

  1. BusinessMan
    I've been using my V-Moda LPs as my daily portable headphones since December 2011.  Last year I went on a fruitless journey to create an elaborate PS4 headphones/mic setup for some reason.  I ended up buying the Beyerdynamic MMX 300s and they didn't even work for the purpose I had bought them for and I wasn't even able to return them.  Some hygiene law.  Anyways,  I've been stuck with them and a lighter wallet for a while now.  But it turned out to not be such a bad thing after all.  I began using them as my at home headphones, since my V-Modas are in my travel bag.  I've come to realize that they actually sound nicer then my LPs.  I would like to use them more often, but they're much larger and they have a mic on the side, so I wouldn't be caught dead wearing these in public.  To my understanding, the MMX 300s are Beyerdynamics DT 770 headphones with a mic slapped on the side.  I suppose that's enough back story.  
    I'm looking to upgrade from my V-Moda LPs.  The natural route would be for me to go with the M-100s.  As I understand it, the M100 is just a better sounding, more balanced LP/LP2.  I don't know a whole lot about "Portable" headphones.  I'm inclined to buy them because I've always liked the way they look, but would you recommend anything else?  
    I'm terrible at categorizing music genres, but I mostly listen to electronic, hip-hop, pop and to a lesser degree, classical.  
    If you'd like some samples:
    Madeon - Literally all of his songs (Imperium)
    Kill Paris - Everything as well
    Kavinsky - Nightcall
    Laserhawks - So Far Away
    Zeds Dead - Lost You
    Seven Lions - Keep it Close & Polarized
    Document One - Clap
    Pharrell's Remix of Wanderlust
    Danny Brown - 25 Bucks
    Childish Gambino - 3005
    Tove Lo - Habits
    M83 - Midnight City
    If I had to categorize my music tastes, I'd probably say that it's comprised of Up-beat electronic music and hype-y hip-hip/rap.
    Price Cap: Around $600
    Thank you for reading through my wall of text.  
  2. BusinessMan
    I don't really know where the proper place to post this thread is.  
    I made a similar one on the Introductions, Help and Recommendations board.  

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