1. BusinessMan

    Looking to Upgrade Headphones.

    I've been using my V-Moda LPs as my daily portable headphones since December 2011.  Last year I went on a fruitless journey to create an elaborate PS4 headphones/mic setup for some reason.  I ended up buying the Beyerdynamic MMX 300s and they didn't even work for the purpose I had bought them...
  2. godspanther

    Need Audiophile Advice

    I am trying to decide between 3 microphone headsets. I am usually very good at picking hardware based on tech specs but audio is a little outside my realm of experience. I need some experienced audiophiles to examine my 3 choices and give opinions of how they compare to one another...
  3. philip697

    Best quality headphones with built in mic

    Can anyone tell me if there's any headsets out there with a built in mic (+ mute button) that are genuinely good sound quality? I'm replacing some old Creative Fatal1ty's and it's only since I've purchased some good quality in-ears for my phone that I've come to realise how bad they are. I can't...
  4. jmb

    Beyerdynamic MMX 2 Gaming Headset

    I just put an order in for these babies. They are basically a pair of 235s with an integrated boom microphone and a small usb soundcard/adapter. The only review I have seen on these is here: Macworld | Game Room | Review: Beyerdynamic MMX 2 I have been looking for a gaming headset, but I...
  5. goodsongs

    Could you recommend a headsets that doesn't hurt your ears?

    And also has good audio quality and good mic quality?
  6. D

    Headphone Mic Buzzing Feedback Issue (Computer not grounded?)

    So between last night and today my microphone started producing a low frequency feedback noise. I want to say it's because something isn't grounded but I don't know what could have changed since last night with that being a possible cause.   When I touch my computer case, the noise level...
  7. magnavox

    Top of the line headphones?

    Im looking for headphones that I can use for both music/gaming, mainly gaming. Ive been looking at the sennheiser 363d and the beyerdynamic mmx 300 Im leaning towards the mmx 300 based on reviews and research. My question is I dont care for the mic (headset) im looking for headphones that are...
  8. SmOgER

    Is clipping bad for HP's?

    Let's say I  EQ them JUST below clipping. Although on some tracks with very strong bass it goes beyond that to slight clipping (which doesn't sound so harsh to ears when they are vibrating and music is loud, lol). So the question is, apart from music distortion, can HP's be damaged by driving...
  9. magnavox

    Mmx 300? For pc gaming?

    So I just bought my asus essence stx card and astro a40 + amp. I was getting an odd echo/sewer effect when I had them using DD live setting ( with anyheadphones using spdif) so I connected the headphones to the analog instead. Any idea why? isnt DD live recommended for gaming instead of analog...
  10. ubs28

    High end headphone + mid DAC / Amp vs mid-fi Heaphone + high end DAC/AMP

    Which setup would sound better? - High end headphone + mid DAC / amp - mid-fi headphone + high end DAC / amp
  11. CafuR

    Sennheiser PC350 Special Edition ($150 + tax) vs Beyerdynamic mmx 300 ($289 + tax)

    I recently tried to buy the beyerdynamic mmx 300's off of ncix, however, the payment got messed up and didn't end up going through. Now i found i can get the sennheiser pc350 SE for $167+ tax and it seems like i'd save quite a bit.    Is it worth spending x2 the price on the beyerdynamics or...
  12. lpkdoop

    Beyerdynamic MMX 300 - No Stereo Separation

    Recently my headphones are playing both left and right channels over both ear phones. I was wondering what the cause is and possible fixes. They are no longer in warranty.   I tried using both on board Realtek HD as well as a usb sound card (ASUS Xonar U3), and running spdif out to my blu ray...
  13. Darkkugan

    What headsett is best for gaming, need help!!,

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, i am really confused and need hrlp(nohomo). I am going to buy a headsett and do not know which one to choose:, i have come to a conclution between these headsets: 1 - Steelseries Siberia Elite 2 - Razer Blackshark 2 - razer Kraken 4 - Logitech G35 I need these...
  14. Quacksnooze

    Beyerdynamic MMX 300, worth it?

    Hey guys, i'm new, so if this goes in the wrong section or something like that, let me apologize :)   So, I am able to get a slightly used Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset for about 85$, should I go for it? I have read some good things about this headset, but still not sure if that's a good deal...
  15. slair76116

    Beyerdynamic MMX300 vs Sennheiser PC 363D

    I've done some research and these seem to be the top pick for PC gaming that comes with a mic attached which is important to me.   Beyerdynamic MMX300 $399 vs Sennheiser PC 363D $299   Which would be the best ? or is there a better headphone mic combo out there? Only for gaming, I have other...
  16. keens

    Broken Headphones From Amazon?

    So on January,10th I received the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 gaming headphones from Amazon from the seller "Wireless For Less" after wanting a good gaming headset for a while, but prior to that I had bought the same ones from the same seller but had exchanged them a week later for buzzing in my left...
  17. keens

    Returning/Exchanging something to Beyerdynamic?

    I bought the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 from an Amazon seller a few month ago, while I've been enjoying them just recently the sound in the left ear has cut off completely and I don't know why as I take very good care of my stuff. So I contacted the seller and he said that they have a 2 year warranty...
  18. thobel

    Beyerdynamic Headzone Game 5.1 Surround Sound Amplifier & MMX300 Headphones Gaming System

    Can anyone tell me if the Beyerdynamic Headzone and MMX300 is a good combo for FPS gaming only   also I have an Asus R4E motherboard will the onboard Audio's Optical out to the  Beyerdynamic headzone be ok?
  19. keens

    Mic wont work with Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (SOLVED)

    I purchased the MMX 300 with the Astro Mix-amp and tried to talk on Xbox Live with them but it would only show my mic and not allow me to talk. I then returned them for a new pair a couple days later for other reason, fast forward to now and they still won't allow me talk however I can hear...
  20. Silvaren

    Would MMX 300 be an upgrade over Audio-Technica A900X in my situation or is it worse than what i already have ?

    Hello everyone.   I'm currently using A-T A900X with a zalman microphone. I am happy with my A900X but i am not happy with the quality of my microphone and i don't find it comfortable so i am planning to get a new headset.   I checked beyerdynamic's website and it has a ''New'' tag for MMX...
  21. keens

    Are my headphones broken?

    I bought the beyerdynamimc MMX 300's only a couple days ago and hooked it them up to my PS4 with a Astro Mix Amp everything was going good until they started to make little crackling noises if I turned music up too and got to a certain part of a song. Now even if I turn them significantly down I...
  22. PeaceKeeper

    Bayerdynamic MMX300

    Hey guys I am going back to University in 2015 and in the meanwhile I have a very high paying job. While I can I am building a computer as future proof as possible. I picked up the MMX 300 to round out my audio. However...the 2013 model for 450 dollars didn't include a amp to power these...
  23. keens

    How to set up MMX 300?

    Hi, I just received my MMX 300's from the mail and have a Astro Mix Amp, however I have no real idea how to set these headphones up for my PS4. Do I need an adapter or something? There is a large jack with green circles and a smaller one with pink circles. Any advice is appreciated.
  24. keens

    MMX 300 with Astro MixAmp

    So I was settled on the Astro a40s until I read how superb the beyerdynamic mmx 300 were supposed to be compared to other gaming headphones. I figured I may as get a nice pair as they are something I would be using for years with my PS4. I'm not at all an audiophile and do not know much about...
  25. xquzic

    Amp/External soundcard for Beyerdynamic MMX 300

    Hi,  I'm tired of the Astro Mixamp, so I want to buy something as a replacement. I've been looking at the ASUS Xonar Essence One, but it is quite expensive, so what other opportunities to I have?   I'm using a laptop. I am looking for a device with really good sound quality and the option to...