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Trying to decide on some full size headphones for at home.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hirtmic, Feb 7, 2013.
  1. hirtmic
    So I have recently ordered the V-Moda M-100 because I thought i would use them for more portable use (such as going to the library and such). I do like them but how ever I'm thinking maybe I can get more bang for my buck buy getting a less portable headphone since I really only use them at home since lately, I have not been using on them at all due to me actually going to the library with groups of people. So I was thinking maybe I should return them since i have a 1 month return policy with amazon. Lately I have been looking at getting some full sized cans for at home and get a amp along with them. I will use them mostly for music but I do some gaming and on skype as well (though most of the time I turn of the game sound and just have music).
    There a few catches to this:
    1. I can not go over the total price of the M-100s... maybe a little but not much ($300).
    2. I like to have a pretty nice kick to my bass since I do listen to a lot of house music, rap, and DnB (how ever I do have days where i wanna just listen to some rock and alternative.)
    3. I can go with open ended but I would prefer closed since I do have roommates I live with
    Some Headphones I looked into were the Beyerdynamic DT990 250 OHM Pros since they are less the $200 at the moment and the DT 770s.
    If you have any suggestions on what headphones to get let me know same as well with what amplifiers to get.
    And if you think I'm crazy for getting rid of the M-100s let me know as well. I know a LOT of people here love them.
  2. fir3dp
    what about denon d2000. Fun sounding headphone
    Suits your music :)
  3. Atilio
    I would recommend D2000 too :)
  4. calipilot227
    D2000 would be good, DT770 would be alright, but not quite as good.
  5. ev13wt
    For home listening I recommend the 880 or 990 over the 770. While the 770 is an awesome entry to audiophile sound, it is a closed can and as such has a different sound signature than open headphones. While the sound stage is very nice, it doesn't approach the quality of my 880 in terms of width.
    Only choose closed cans if you need the sound isolation aspect.
  6. jiggahwhat
    I would normally also recommend the D2000 but I don't think it is wise to be spending ~$300 on that headphone. The D2000 is a great buy for $200-$230 (new, as the prices used to be). Granted, there may not be another option in this price range that is better, in which case it probably behooves you to up your budget to $399 for the HE-400s (or $350 for used ones).  
    hirtmic likes this.
  7. hirtmic
    The D2000s look interesting but they seem to be a bit above my price range but maybe ill splurge a bit and spend a little bit more. But are the DT770s really better than the 990s?
  8. MalVeauX
    Mr Speakers Mad Dog (and equalize it to your taste)
    Beyer DT990 PRO
    Hifiman HE-300 r2 (and equalize to taste)
    Ultrasone HFI 2400
    Beyer DT770 PRO
    AudioTechnica PRO700MKII
    Very best,
  9. calipilot227
    Since OP wants bass impact, I would be very hesitant to recommend the DT880.
  10. FlyingInABlueDream
    DT-770. I needed a pair of bassy cans and they really rattle my skull at times. Plus they sound nice beyond the bass.

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