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Another "Help me" Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dyno0919, Jan 23, 2013.
  1. dyno0919
    Hello everyone,
    So I recently bought some Audio Technica ATH-A700X headphones and while they sounded great in the highs and mids, they were very lacking in bass. I would like to find a pair of cans that are full and rich in the mids and highs but that also provide a punchy and strong bass. 
    I've been looking at tons of reviews and almost ordered the A900Xs, but many reviewers said they sounded similar to the ones I had previously. I've seen the DT990s, D2000s, and various other headphones show up in my searches as well, but I'd like the input from you guys.
    I listen mainly to rock and classical with a little bit of pop. I don't want the bass to be so overwhelming that higher frequencies are drowned out, especially because I listen to classical. I also game a lot so I would like a pair with a larger soundstage (I don't really have a preference of open vs closed). When I listen to music I want to feel the bass, I want it to have an impact, which the 700s just didn't provide at all. After all that narrows down the choices, I would also like to remain ~$250 or lower and low impedance cans are preferred. 
    I have also seen a lot of mention of German Maestro 8.35D Monitor headphones, but there are very few reviews on them. Does anyone have any knowledge of their classical performance or their soundstage for gaming?
    Thanks a lot everyone [​IMG]!!
  2. MalVeauX
    The A900X has great bass, it can get monstrous too. I've enjoyed plenty of dub/electro/trance from my A900X's with a Fiio amp with the bass set to maximum. Loved it. Reminded me of some Denon bass actually.
    Otherwise, look into the Beyer DT770 PRO and/or AKG K167.
    Very best,

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