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Some Questions on the Beyerdynamic DT 990s

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dieforsurviving, Jan 23, 2015.
  1. DieForSurviving
    I had JUST purchased The DT 990 Premiums. (in shipping ATM)
    (i wanted to get the 600 Ohms but they were sold out, got the 250 Ohm instead - Dayum sales make things go out of stock FAST!)

    I'm pretty sure these are headphones I am going to love, but i have a few questions, like what are the inner and outer diameters for the ear cushion. the most i ever find is "So and so's ear pads fit on so and so headphone". If someone could just measure that and reply with those numbers, i would appreciate it.

    Additionally, I gather the higher impedance versions sound better. Between the 250 Ohm to the 600 Ohm, how much of a difference is it? barely noticeable? or is it "Wow" worthy? Or does it depend on what im listening to?

    (I May or may not later start a thread looking to trade my 250 Ohm for a 600 Ohm. Depends...)
    I can't say which version sounds "better", but I can tell you that the diameter of the ear pads are about 4 inches. I can't imagine Beyer headphones' pads ever being uncomfortable for anyone.
  3. DieForSurviving
    @cCasper TFG Thank you. The ohm versions are not that important, i was mainly curious as to the size of the ear cushions.

    Still though, My Fiio E12 Should be able to drive the 600 Ohm version. (is pretty powerful)
    if I can get the 250 Ohm version ear blisteringly loud, I will probably look for trading my 250 Ohm version for a 600 Ohm version.
    I loved my 250 ohm version. The only reason I sold it was because I bought a T90. I thought I would keep it forever.
  5. DieForSurviving
    @cCasper TFG Well i do intend to get higher end headphones like that eventually, but i need stepping stone headphones first. I intended to save and get something of that tier, but the DT990s were on sale for only $199...
    Oh I was just saying that they are really great, and that (IMO) for what I was using them for, they were the best I could get out of an open headphone under the price of the T90. 

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