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IEM Recommendations Please

  1. eskimo
    Couldn't seem to find the recommendation thread, if there even was one.
    Anyhow going travelling in 2 weeks so need some half decent ones and i'll be doing allot of long journeys. 
    I raised my budget to £200 as IEMs are easy to keep safe and i won't be taking any form of DAC. The source will be my laptop or Cowon J3 which i guess i'm gonna take with it's huge battery life.
    I like brightness, bit of soundstage, high extension, smooth vocals, quick bass. 
    I had the Sennheiser IE80 in the past but didn't like it's Sennheiser darkness and uncontrolled bass. Their soundstage was amazing though! Can't remember anything else about them.
    I also had some Shure 215s. Those were unimpressive. Everything sounded so soft. They were pretty boring too. That's all i remember about them too.
    I love the sound of my Beyer DT1350, but can't take them with me. Great vocals, and highs. About the right amount of bass when burned in.
    Also love my dt990 premiums. 
    I'm a Beyer fan.
    But the Beyer IEMs aren't that great it seems?
    So i've looked at quite a few and think the:
    Musical Fidelity EB50
    Hifiman RE400
    Probably not a good match to my description?
    But they seem to be good.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
  2. lwien
    Well, the RE-400s has, "bit of a soundstage", "high extension", "smooth vocals" and "quick bass", but I would not consider them "bright".    If anything, they are a bit on the warm side of bright.   VERY balanced in that they really don't favor one frequency over another.    If you want a balanced sound sig in the 100 dollar range, I don't think there is a better choice than the RE-400's.
  3. eskimo
    Thanks for the reply.
    That's exactly what most reviews do say, hence me listing them. It's good when reviews agree with each other, cause you know you're on the right track. 
    I couldn't find the RE600 anywhere, as the RE400's are half my budget after all.
    I've just noticed the Recomendation forum link at the top! WHOOPS! Sorry.
    Where's a mod to move this when you need one?
    Or a report button even still?
  4. kkcc
    Agree on all counts.  And if the OP is not using balanced amp, RE-400 should make much more sense than RE-600.  I also like the RE-400 over the EB50.  In fact RE-400 is bright enough that I have never seen anyone describing it dark.  A tiny dash of warmth in vocal track, yes, but far from a warm signature.  
    You can consider ER4 if you really want bright (well many would say they are neutral but I find few IEM that is brighter without sounding frill/harsh).
  5. tinyman392
    I'm going to say an Etymotic should fit the bill. 
  6. eskimo
    Thanks guys. I've read that ER4 can be quite analytical? I do listen to allot of electronical based music but also instrumental music like punk or classical. So i do want something that is fun and non fatiguing to a certain level. Unfornunately i can't buy more than one as these for travelling so i can't take a dac either. But the Cowon J3 is alright and has a very good equaliser.
    The ER is £250 and RE £100. But am happy to pay the difference if it's worth it!
  7. styler Contributor
    the etymotic are by far the best bang for the buck. they are not analytical. they are well balanced, relatively affordable, have good tips and sound fantastic. i listen to my etys virtually every single day and i also own shure 535s... i also like that the ety cable isnt ridiculously long. there is no better iem at their price.
  8. kkcc

    Given the price difference in EU I would have gone for re400 if I'm you. We can get the ER4S for less than usd200 from japan and that made the choice more interesting.... also Classical is a strong suit for re400. Compared to er4 you would get a fuller and bigger sound from orchestra works, and more lifelike timbre for more instruments especially brass.
  9. labrat
  10. styler Contributor
    i could not disagree more with the claim that the etymotic are "bright," obviously there is a subjective quality to judging sound but i would vociferously argue that etys are NOT bright - in fact i would argue that they are very neutral, forgiving and not at all fatiguing.
  11. eskimo
    Hmmm. The RE400's seem like a deal. But i can't help think i'd like something "better". I've reconsidered my budget to £300.

    I rang hifiheadphones and the guy said he liked the DT1350 too and wasn't a fan of the IE80's if i remember rightly.
    He said about the Audio pfe112, Etymotic er4pt
    and the Earsonic SM2/3 or Westone UM2/3

    Now i'm just confused.

    I don't fancy an ebay job to save time and hassle and am kinda put off by Shure IEMs.
  12. kkcc
    $300? Easy, T-PEOS H-200.
    Great vocal, exciting treble, fast tight deep bass. You can check out the H-200 threads. Hybrids is really the way to go.
  13. eskimo

    Can't seem to find that one on sale in the UK. Hybrids do appear to be a great idea.

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