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Headphones for Asus Xonar STX

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by boardin087, Feb 22, 2012.
  1. Boardin087
    This card specifically: 
    I have it and desperately need a new pair of headphones with it. Looking for something that has a good price/performance ratio. I mostly game and listen to electronic music.
    Also could really use some help configuring this sound card. Confusing for me
  2. stv014
    This card can be used with a lot of headphones, so you need to be somewhat more specific (price range, open/closed, etc.).
  3. Boardin087
    Well I was doing a few research and I was deciding between the Senn pc360's and the Premium DT880. The DT880 are 250 ohms so I think I would need an amp. leaning towards the PC360's as I use my mic often and would rather not buy a seperate mic/amp
    Any thoughts on these? If it matters. I currently use nuforce 700x earbuds and I love them, probably my favorite purchase of all time. But I use them mainly at work to listen to music on my MBP or at the gym. Want something a little better for gaming and non earbuds
  4. MalVeauX
    Beyer DT880 - Neutral, good for everything (250ohm is fine).
    Beyer DT990 - Bassy with bright treble, good for everything, just more oumph for fun (250 ohm is fine).
    Fischer FA-002 - Neutral, good for everything.
    Sennheiser HD600 - Neutral, good for everything.
    AKG Q701 - Neutral, good for everything, phenomenal for gaming
    Denon D2000 - Neutral, mega-sub-bass, good for everything.
    Check 'em.
    The Xonar STX has enough amplification to cover things, you don't need an external amp.
    Very best,
  5. Boardin087
    Thanks. Strongly considering the Q701. Likely will be ordering shortly (amazon prime overnight makes me happy)

  6. MalVeauX
    The Q701 is a fantastic headphone. The sound stage is as big as it gets in the headphone world. It's a warmer AKG so it's not as thin/shy on the low end as the others in the line. The STX will power it perfectly fine. It has great imaging for spacial use like in games, and is also just great for music. It's more neutral than anything else, but it's capable on the low end. It's by no means a sub-whoofer, like a Denon, but it will give you great linear audio with a touch of warmth. Great headphone. You'll love the imaging in games/movies and it's just great for all music too (maybe not perfect for dub-step, but hey, that takes serious subwhoofer ability anyways, few do it right).
    Very best,
  7. Boardin087

    Went with the q701. Will have them tonight. I do listen to some dubstep but ironically don't require insane base on my heaphones since I listen to it while gaming and too much means I cant hear in game sounds. Will report back later tonight. Now if I can only figure out a way to configure this damn confusing Sound Card Software
  8. fabio-fi


    I can say they are pretty good for picking up details on games. They have depth, clarity and great soundstage. 
    not as fun as the beyers though. 
  9. PurpleAngel Contributor

    Feel free to post questions about the Asus Audio control panel.
  10. camerri


    Install the Xonar Audio Center, make sure all of the DSP modes are turned off, select your sample rate, analog out etc. The sound is quite good. The only thing that sucks about this card is you have to switch from headphones to speakers manually. Kind of a pain. One thing that I didn't notice right away is the headphone gain options based on impedance. There are three options, normal +0dB for <64 ohms, high gain +12dB for 64~300 ohms and finally extra high gain +18dB for 300~600 ohms. Once you choose Headphone for the analog out a little hammer like icon shows up next to the drop down box to chose your option.
  11. fallingreason
    Huh, woulda thought the D2000 would have been the no-brainer choice.  Easy to drive with the STX soundcard amp and great for electronic music.  AKG's usually aren't meaty enough.
  12. Boardin087


    Well I got the AKG's. I'm going to return them though. You are right. Not meaty enough. Now to get the beyer or D2000
  13. Boardin087
    Hrm after listening to some rock on them I can see how awesome they are. They look amazing too (green). Burning them in this weekend but I really think I'll be returning. I need more bass!
  14. jackwess


    Definitely akg is not for bass lovers. 
  15. fallingreason
    I'm not sure about other Beyer models, but I compared the a DT990 pro 600ohm to my D5000 at a meet not too long ago.  I listen to a lot of house and progressive electronic music and I prefer my Denon's hand's down.

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